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Tiffany’s birthday party on Vapp. Jonghyun said he was also wearing pink but it would be hard to show it 😏..💕

Yandere Theurgist Full Reference
—-Your body is my greatest weapon.. ♡”
[ earlier yandere theurgist concept sketches ]

Full Name: Tiffany Asperia
Nickname: Fifi
Occupation: Tier 3 Theurgist
Age: 19
Date of Birth: June 1
Orientation: Asexual
Home World: Avalon

Height: 5′2″ (157 cm)
Dominant Hand: Right
Distinguishing Features: Psoriasis (rashes + scaly, itchy patches) on her hands
Piercings: Each ear is pierced twice.
Glasses: Are a must. (Her huge circle glasses!!)

Positive Traits: Dedicated, Eloquent, Enthusiastic, Imaginative
Neutral Traits: Absentminded, Dreamy, Uninhibited
Negative Traits: Abrasive, Calculating, Controlling, Destructive, Fanatical
Overview: As a normal girl, Fifi is a huge scatterbrain. She is often daydreaming and even speaks in a halting, dreamy way because she can’t focus long enough to have a conversation straight through… unless you are the current object of her fixation. Though she may seem cute and cheery at first, Fifi harbors in her a highly obsessive nature. She “falls in love” quickly, and has no limitations on her actions regarding said person. Once someone makes it onto her list, it’s game over: Fifi has given herself permanent access and permission to interfere with their life how she sees fit. 

As a Theurgist, Fifi is incredibly violent and ruthless. Though she is an adept healer and does well as support, her aggressive nature makes her a wildcard and a versatile teammate.

Fifi takes part in an underground market where she compounds custom steroids for high paying customers. Because this puts her at risk of losing her license, Fifi goes by her code name Gretchen, and communicates with clients at a distance. She uses the money she gains from her illegal transactions to fund her “habits.”

  • She is a master of biochemical warfare.
  • She has experience working under an apothecary in Avalon, and has plans of doing more official business there.
  • She always carries around a notebook and that’s the only organized thing about her. This notebook actually just serves as a table of contents and she has a lot more at home.. each dedicated to one of her “loves.”

So the robe I picked out doesn’t really have any fancy designs in-game so I took the time to spruce it up for her~ I didn’t do much to reformat it this time other than adding the patterns so I hope that she looks good and unique regardless! I really did think this character was just a joke but she’s become a lot more than that x’D Thank you to anyone who’s read all the way down here!! You know that I sincerely appreciate you giving me a little of your time <3