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There’s no back story worth telling. I found Sculpy, and I made a Feegle maquette. Of course I did.

You can read this in a Soothby’s auctioneer voice, if it makes you happy:

This life-sized (5.5 in, not including the hair) Rob Anybody statuette is constructed of antique Sculpy – dated to at least 2003 and amazingly still malleable – tin foil, and paperclips. The hair was selected after an extensive deliberation over whether it was preferable to use yarn that was technically brick red, or full of sparkly bits. The sparkly bits yarn won on the grounds that what the fuck ever, he’s from Fairy Land. While the sheath is in place on his back, the claymore itself is missing from the right hand because it tips the whole thing over. The artist has so far resisted the urge to glue a dead beetle in his hair, but who knows.


Pretty much Tiffany and Taeyeon's conversation when she called
  • Tiffany: It's Taeyeon!
  • Taeyeon: are you wearing pants
  • Taeyeon: your legs are nice
  • Taeyeon: you're so nervous I can tell in the way you laugh
  • Taeyeon: your face is cute but what you're wearing is sexy

I love how “TAE” sounds in Fany’s voice.


This Awwwwww TAENY MOMENT 😭😭😭😭😭 I just love their relationship 👭💜 soooo cute….she’s still a dork even though she about to cry…..awww the Kid Leader and Patini Unnie 💜💜💜
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This invitation from her older brother to visit him couldn’t have come in a better moment. Tiffany was completely exhausted between balancing school and her job - it wasn’t the easiest task. When she’d have a movie to shoot, it’d take a lot of her time and energy; but school couldn’t be put on pause, and she needed the money - Tiffany enjoyed being independent and not having to rely on anyone, and also knowing her student loan wouldn’t be a problem to her parents. 

Once she arrived to town, young brunette had no problem with catching a cab - she knew William was busy with work so she agree with meeting with him at his house. Excitement grew inside of her as she was about to get reunited with him - they didn’t get to spend as much time anymore, which was a natural thing when it came to growing up. But she missed him, greatly - he always protected her and she loved that feeling; but it was lost for her now and having to fight the world on her own was stressful. 

Reaching his front door, Tiffany knocked and waited patiently until he opened - smiling at him brightly she opened her arms towards him. “— Where’s my welcome hug, big brother?”