tiffany rowe

Batfamily meeting deadpool

Requested by anon

- Bruce first reaction is strong dislike. He has a no killing rule that Deadpool just loves to break.
- Duke is the least surprise. Like honestly with the family someone coming from another comic universe isn’t even the wierdest thing that month. He just rolls with it.
- Tim is asking non stop questions. He wants to know everything. Like how did he get there. What all happened to cause him to not be killed by bullets.
- Barbara asked no questions because of course she already knows the answer.
- Damian volunteers to spar with him. Yeah they both use real swords despite Dick protest.
- Deadpool is scared of batcow. Damian uses that to his advantage.
- Luke has lots of interest in all of Deadpool gadgets. Like he is already getting new ideas.
- Kate takes him on in marksmen skills.
- Dick and him talk non stop. Like let the chattest batboy go head to head with the mer with a mouth. Everyone tunes them out. Also so much smack talk when sparring.
- Cass is amazed at his fighting abilities but hates all the chatting. She cannot get the fourth wall he is talking to.
- Stephanie finds the talking to the four wall great. She starts doing it even after she leaves.
- Harper is laughing so hard at Deadpools reaction with the family mainly Bruce. She also totally borrows some weapons.
- Alfred just makes him a spot at the table. One more doesn’t make a difference anymore.
- When Deadpool sees Tiffany he thinks of his daughter. He treats her like his daughter Eleanor.
- Selina meets him and thinks he is a little like Harley. Better those two never met.
- Jason. Now these two together is a nightmare or best buddies. Like they disappeared for awhile to go eat chili dogs and chimchangas. They spend a lot of time bonding over being the outside one in a group of heroes.
- They understand where each other is coming from.

Bruce has what all his kids crave on their period constantly stocked in the house. Stephanie craves salty foods, Cassandra craves sweets, Tim and Carrie crave any kind of chocolate, Harper craves cheesecake, and Tiffany craves cheese.

Video game nights

- Okay like the family doesn’t get together often, but when they do it usually ends in chaos right?

- Well that chaos is great when directed at something like say video games.

- Now one day/night someone has the brilliant idea of Mario Kart tournament.

- Four players at a time and winner stays in until everyone has been beaten.

- It took most of the day.

- Luke yelled player one the second the idea was brought up. He wanted first pick of characters.

- He never got over the time Tiffany made him be Peach and play with her pink controller.

-Cass did not know how to play at first, so she was hitting random buttons.

- A time out was called and Dick showed her how.

- Stephanie got so excited when she passed someone that she jumped up and had the popcorn fly out of her lap.

- Harper gets mean with the shells. No one is safe. She will throw them at you in the game while also bumping you from the couch. Like she says there are no friends in Mario Kart.

- Duke is the one to talk to the game as he plays. Yes he knows the person is next to him but yelling at their character is more fun.

- Tim and Barbara were both accused of cheating. They had to explain often that they could not hack into a video game while playing if both hands were on the controller.

- Jason will throw the controller if he loses. Everyone has learn to duck.

- Same with Damian. He did beat Dick though so he takes that as a win.

- Dick is just so glad the whole family is there.

- Lots of colorful words in different languages.

- Bruce threaten to pull the game because everyone was about late to patrol.

- When Kate asked where they were, she demanded to be part of the next tournament.

‘Really?’ said Tiffany.  Now she was angry.  'What’s it a metaphor FOR, Mrs. Earwig?  I’m on the sharp end of witchcraft, which means doing what should be done as best you can.  It’s all about the people, Mrs. Earwig, not about the books.  have you ever gone round the houses, Mrs. Earwig?  Helped a kid with his arse halfway out of his trousers?  Do you even SEE the little children with no shoes?  The cupboards with no food in them?  The wives with a baby every year and a man down the pub?  You have been kind enough to offer some advice.  If I may offer you some advice in return, you will impress me if you too go round the houses–and not before.  I am the acknowledged successor of Granny Weatherwax, who was brought up as a witch by Nanny Gripes, who learned it from witches going all the way back to Black Aliss, and that doesn’t change, whatever you might think.'  She stood up and opened the front door.  'Thank you for taking the time to come and see me.  Now, as you have pointed out, I have lots to do.  In my own way.  And clearly you HAVEN’T.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “The Shepherd’s Crown”
(I swear, when Tiffany had that row with Granny and yelled right back at her as a child, years ago, that was part of what impressed Granny about her.  She speaks up and stands her ground–not looking for fights but willing to finish them.  Granny surely saw a kindred spirit there.)