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THE FLASH & SUPERGIRL: Musical Crossover Set Visit


Tiffany is not very outgoing but she’s also far from being a hermit. She gladly accepts Allegra’s invitation to the vampire night club. Allegra and her “child” Sharon Wirth are the only vampires in Crypt O’ Night that evening, all others are humans, most of them – Allegra’s friends. 


To be filed directly in the category of “awwwwwwwww,” a Penguin editor witnessed this incredible literary proposal last week. Where, you ask? The steps of the Library of Congress, of course. All the best of luck to Dom Martin and Tiffani Hutton, a wonderfully bookish couple. In case you’re wondering, we hated the idea that she wouldn’t be able to read Austen, so we sent them a fully intact copy!

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Hockey Wives - Season 1 Episode 1

some great books with cats! 

Mimi from Kafka On the Shore, Holly Golightly’s cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Cheshire cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Sir Pounce from A Fest of Crows 🐱