tiffany kelly

So I know that Hugh Hefner was a problematic figure

It’s hard to reconcile the shit he was accused of and notorious for.  But it’s impossible for me to pretend like I wouldn’t shoot nude photography if not for Hef’s legendary lad mag.  I’ve come to appreciate some of the 60s shoots more than the rest.  But clearly without the 90s and early 2000s pictorials, I’d have never even had an inspiration for what I’ve created.  I haven’t read a PB mag in nearly 15 years.  I guess that’s the state of things. 

Bruce Wayne? Trans, Dick Grayson? Trans, Jason Todd? Trans, Tim Drake? Trans, Cassandra Cain? Trans, Damian Wayne? Trans, Duke Thomas? Trans, Alfred?? The original trans icon, Betty Kane/Bette Kane? Trans, Kathy Kane/Kate Kane? Trans, Barbara Gordon? Trans, Stephanie Brown? Trans, Harper Row? Trans, Claire Clover? Trans, Helena Bertinelli/Helena Wayne? Trans, Carrie Kelly? Trans, Luke Fox? Trans, Tiffany Fox? Trans, Nell Little? Trans, Terry McGinnis? Trans, Nissa? Trans, Selina? Talia? Vicky? All trans


Broadway Café (Rainy Day Reprise): it’s been a while since I made the original playlist with this concept, but I often find myself writing down new songs to include. Because, really: Doesn’t it seem ideal? A rainy afternoon in a charming café, surroanded by books and the smell of coffee and baked goods, a playlist like this in the background, with the soft showtunes and ballads, powerful overtures, a little bit of jazz, and some songs that seem specificaly chosen to make you raise your head from the book you’re reading, look out the window and daydream. It’s like pieces falling into place, who knows, maybe I’ll end up owning a place like this someday, wouldn’t it be loverly? (Bad pun, good playlist.) Enjoy! (x)