Let’s not play dumb and act like people don’t have legitimate reasons to dislike Fany. Her flag scandal was ignorant. The Yuri black emoji thing was messed up. The “thanks for making Yuri white” banner she did was messed up. The shady shit she says when comparing TTS to Snsd is not cool. Her blatant Taeny promotion is obnoxious. If you love her great but not everyone is ok with her actions.

Honestly I don’t dislike Tiffany because it’s some ~cool thing to do~ I just can’t stomach, basically, the way she is. I thought she was cute when she was younger, being really bubbly suits a young girl but now she’s just grating. Her shouting during shows, always being loud during interviews etc, to singing way beyond her capability and this fashionista airhead act she’s doing (which resulted in a catastrophe.) I wouldn’t be friends with someone like her so how can I be her fan? I wish I could.