To Tiffany

Tiffany, thank you so much for your sincere apology. As your huge fan, as much as I love you, even though I was disappointed and upset about what you did, I was worried about you and really hoped that you would one day recognize your wrongs and apologize again. I am genuinely proud of you and happy for you. Everything that you said in the apology meant a lot. Please please take this time as an opportunity to learn about the important things that you didn’t know about and to become a more mature and responsible person. Thanks for being brave enough and I am sure through this incident, you will grow a lot and us fans and you will grow to be stronger together. I will always be here for you supporting you. Hope you are doing okay. Love you!

Tiffany was hanging by a thread for me and now I’m SO fucking done with her. I’m an OT9 stan (well not anymore), Yuri biased but the minute she started calling her and Jessi (the rapper) - “JeTi” I was ready to leave this fucking fandom. I mean ?? - to think that Jessica (Jung) and Tiffany used to take so much pride in calling themselves JeTi - for all of it to just be thrown away just like that? What a great “bond.” - Fuck off. I’m fucking done supporting SNSD as a group because of this snake.