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the list of movies that will never e v e r disappoint you.

1. Dirty Dancing

2. About Time

3. Love, Rosie

4. PS I Love You

5. Psycho

6. The Princess Diaries 

7. Star Trek 

8. Drive Me Crazy

9. Funny Face

10. Good Will Hunting

11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

12. The Fault In Our Stars (you know you loved every sappy second of this film)

13. 13 Going on 30

14. How to Train Your Dragon

15. Notting Hill

16.  Love, Actually (no matter what time of year it is)

25 Best Chick Flick... like ever

Okay, this list only contain the movies that I’ve ever watch. Well, let’s check this out..

Let’s start from 25,  

  • Ghost (1990)
    oh, my love.. my darling.. I’ve hungered for your touch. A long, lonely time..’ -Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
    If you never watch Ghost before, Ghost is a story about a young woman named Molly (Demi Moore) who was left by her boyfriend Sam (Patrick Swayze) that became a murder victim by a mugger. But it turns out the mastermind behind the robbery (that became murder case) is his co-worker Carl (Tony Goldwyn) who planned to commit money laundry at the bank where they worked. Realized that he became a ghost, Sam ask for help to a conman psychic named Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg) to tell Molly that the murder was planned by Carl and she should beware of Carl. I don’t really know why I like this movie so much but maybe because I indeed like a story about two-world love.
    Flick Scene : When they’re make pottery together and end up you-know-what.
    Sad Part : Sam haven’t tell Molly that he loves her until his death. He only say ‘Ditto’ when Molly said that she loves him.

  • Pretty Woman (1990)
    pretty woman, walkin’ down the street.. pretty woman, the kind I like to meet..’ -Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Robinson
    Okay… What I like the most about this movie is because no one died in this movie. hahaahha, joking. But seriously, this movie is like Disney princess story that end up together and happy. This story is about prostitute named Vivian (Julia Roberts) who met a successful business man named Edward (Richard Gere) and then, they are love each other. The story and conflict from this movie is so simple indeed. But I should raise my thumb for their chemistry. King of Wishful Thinking by Go West as opening song also is good enough to be heard.
    Flick Scene : When Vivian went shopping with Edward’s credit card in her purse, perhaps?
    Sad Part : When their business done and Vivian should back to reality. (It Must Have Been Loved by Roxette was played at that moment)

  • A Walk to Remember (2002)
    Well, what I remember the most about this movie is… I really like the soundtracks. I even bought the original DVD movie of A Walk to Remember and original cassette tape of its soundtrack after I watched the movie on HBO, all thanks to Disc Tarra. The movie is about Jamie (Mandy Moore) and Landon (Shane West) who got close after Landon should do community service.
    Flick Scene :  When Landon try to make Jamie reach all her ambitions and makes her happy all the time, maybe..?
    Sad Part : Is it just me or the most sad part is really in end scene when Landon stared at the Lake and say “But our love, is like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it”

  • My Best friend’s Wedding (1997)
    forever and ever you’ll stay in my heart. and I will love you forever and ever we never will part. oh, how I’ll love you. together, together, that’s how it must be. to live without you would only mean heartbreak for me’ -I Say a Little Pray for You by Dionne Warwick
    If you never watched this movie before, I’ll tell you that the movie look exactly like the movie poster. Well okay, this movie is about Julianne (Julia Roberts) who is a best friend of Michael (Dermot Mulroney). Even though they are close, they never had a romance relationship. And then one day Michael told Julianne that he will marry Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Realized that she loves him for so long, she feel jealous because she thinks she is the right one for Michael. Julianne try many things to ruin Michael’s wedding. Her close friend George (Rupert Everett) is the one who listened to her stories and plan. But in the end, Julianne realized that she is the one who act wrong. 
    Flick Scene : When George sings to Julianne in a restaurant, and the Kim’s family follow. I think ‘say a little prayer for you’ is a kind of lovely song. 
    Sad Part : When Michael said thank you and good bye to Julianne before honeymoon with Kimmy.

Start from twenty-five to one. Like the snail I am not done.

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Tiffani Amber Thiessen x Brian Austin Green

Even though they’re not together anymore/are both happily married to other people and have kids, these photos are still everything. In the 90s, together, they were so in love and they were everything. They have since both admitted that they look back on their relationship with nothing but fond memories.

GOD BLESS ROMCOMS VOL. II - the sequel to this mix

  1. L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole (The Parent Trap)
  2. When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating (Notting Hill)
  3. You Don’t Know Me - Jann Arden (My Best Friend’s Wedding)
  4. Wishing and Hoping - Ani Defranco (My Best Friend’s Wedding)
  5. Cruel to Be Kind - Letter to Cleo (10 Things I Hate About You)
  6. Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison (Pretty Woman)
  7. Sono Bugiarda - Caterina Caselli (Letters to Juliet)
  8. What If - Colbie Caillat (Letters to Juliet)
  9. You’re So Vain - Carly Simon (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)
  10. Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris (The Princess Diaries)
  11. Miracles Happen - Myra (The Princess Diaries)
  12. I’m Scared - Duffy (Bride Wars)
  13. Have You Met Miss Jones - Robbie Williams (Bridget Jones’s Diary)
  14. Out of Reach - Gabrielle (Bridget Jones’s Diary)
  15. Jesse’s Girl - Rick Springfield (13 Going On 30)
  16. Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar (13 Going On 30)
  17. Love Makes the World Go Round - Deon Jackson (Something’s Gotta Give)
  18. Love Is Strange - Mickey and Sylvia (Dirty Dancing)
  19. Moonriver - Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

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Brian Austin Green (on before he told Tiffani he was in love with her):
“I thought about her all the time…but I had this reputation as a pickup artist, and I didn’t want Tiff to think all I wanted was a one-night dealie. So I was hesitant to even kiss her on the cheek.”

Tiffani Thiessen (on the time Brian stayed with her during a thunderstorm before they started dating):
“He was such a gentleman… it was then that I knew I wanted to be with him forever.”


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