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Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Month, and April 2 is the official Autism Day. Everything is colored and lit up blue to represent Autism Awareness. This whole crapstorm started, because Autism Speaks wants to “cure” Autism by making sure Autistic people are not born anymore. They view Autism as this horrible disease that burdens familes and other people who have to “put up with” us. But, you see, that’s where they’re wrong. We’re not diseased. We’re not sick. We’re just built differently. Does it take a tole on our families? Yes! Of course, it does, because they have to learn how to communicate and help us have the best life we possibly can. They have to deal with ignorant people bullying and shaming someone they love for simply being different, and parents and caregivers have to deal with know-it-all douchebags, telling them how to raise their Autistic child, and telling them their child needs to be “fixed.” It definitely takes a tole on our loved ones, but it also takes a tole on us when people look at us as walking diseases, burdens, embarrassments, people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. How are we really hurting anybody, though? We’re just different. We think differently. We feel things differently, and we see things in a different light. Yes, Autism can be a huge pain in the ass for us, because we have to deal with scensory issues, oversensitivity, meltdowns, shutdowns, and so on. However, Autism is also amazing, because it allows us to see the world in a different light. So many good things have come out of my being Autistic. Some people on the spectrum don’t have special interests or talents, but some do. I do, and my special interests are music and writing. My biggest passion is singing. My second biggest is writing. I also know a lot about music in general, and I’m able to come up with creative ideas for, not just my music and writing, but also for some situations, creative ideas that maybe nobody ever thought about. Or, maybe they did think about them, but never tried them. Who knows?

So, instead of Autism Awareness Month, let’s make April Autism Acceptance Day! Don’t light it up blue on April 2! Light it up red instead! Blue is the color of Autism Speaks, but RED is the color of Autism Acceptance! After all, we just want to be accepted! Yes, we need help in certain areas, but we don’t need to be cured. We don’t need to be fixed. We’re not sick! We’re not broken! We’re just… different! So, light it up red instead, and not just on April 2. Light it up red ALL MONTH LONG, and spread the message of AUTISM ACCEPTANCE!


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apparently the rumors of tiffany and gray dating have resurfaced again only after a few months but both agencies are denying it 👀👀

They can deny all they want but thes second Dispatch drops them pics its OVA CAUSE WE ALREADY KNOW~D