tiffany fuller

the hamptons have long been the playground of the rich and famous. anyone who has the money or simply matters heads into town for a break from the real world during the summer. while it’s a get away for the elite, but for the townies it’s the busiest season and a chance to mingle with the people out of their league. in the words of gossip girl, unlike the rest of us, sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation. instead, they take the long island expressway and head east. to the hamptons.


  • open to mutuals.
  • no ooc drama/make everyone feel included.
  • three characters per mun. if you’d like to ad another, we can discuss it.
  • twins are cool as long as its discussed beforehand.
  • be active.
  • to join send me an ask with the character you’d like, fc, whether they’re a tourist ( socialite, celeb, trust fund baby, etc ) or a townie (+ their job ), and your skype information.
  • after you’ve been accepted track the tag v. summer kind of wonderful.
  • post a short bio, doesn’t have to be fancy. 
  • tbh have fun and be trashy, this verse is gonna be chill.

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