tiffany evans

Promise Ring
Tiffany Evans feat. Ciara

He said I promise not to hurt you, promise not to lie
Promise to befriend you and defend you with my life
I promise you forever, I promise you today
(He said) would you wear my promise ring
(I said yes)

If you break your promise we breaking up
Gotta couple things that I want
Walks in the park and sweet things
If I rock your promise ring
I could be pretty young thing (young thing)
You could become my king (my king)
I gotta have you by me
Yes, I’ll rock your promise ring

credit: azlyrics


I Have Nothing Tiffany Evans 

Ariana’s was cute but this one right here….

Tiffany Evans should be so much bigger than she is. 

Her and Jojo.

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@MsTiffEvans gives a snippett of her angelic version of Beyonces “1+1”… If you have not heard this yet, you need to get hip to it NOW!!! Beautiful tone, lyrics, matches music very well!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of it!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! HUGE fan!!!!

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