tiffany bui

Playboy, March 1990

Looking beyond his one-billion-dollar Taj Mahal opening in Atlantic City next month, Trump has plenty to consider. There are rumors of his building casinos in Nevada and his buying Tiffany’s, NBC, the New York Daily News or the Waldorf Hotel (“I’ve got to have the Waldorf,” he coos jokingly into the phone. “I can’t sleep without it”). And the Presidency? No, that takes an election, and it is clear that Trump is not that patient.

Dylan wrote me this on Valentine’s Day. I have never had a boy buy me tiffanies jewelry and hide it in my closet and hide clue notes. I’ve never had a boy rent me out a house on a beach just for a night. I’ve never had a boy fly me over to his island every weekend. I’ve never had a boy buy me a necklace with 48 diamonds in it and a meteorite. I’ve never been given so many flowers. I’ve never had a boy go dive to find me a sunrise shell and make it into a beautiful bracelet. I’ve never had a boy fly over for a day to take care of me and help me walk to class. I’ve never had a boy be quiet every morning just so he can get up and make me breakfast when I wake up. I’ve never had a boy smile all day just cause he’s with me. Dylan has done all of this and more. The list goes on. I’m such a lucky girl.