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My Status on Each Character after OITNB Season 4
  • Poussey: *cries softly forever*
  • Black Cindy: Your penchant for sadness eating allows me to bond with you on a deep level
  • Soso: Someone give her a hug. Preferably Taystee? Pls? Jesus Christ I'm sO
  • Abdullah: I'm so fuckin here for u and your red hair
  • Nicky: Good u come back but PLS DON'T RELAPSE AGAIN I LOVE YOU
  • Sophia: Where the fuck were you all season fuck you Caputo
  • Red: It was a pretty shit secret but you're the queen so you can get through it
  • Lorna: It's called bisexuality and you need to learn to embrace it sweetheart
  • Maritza: Getting ur backstory was like ascending into heaven
  • Lolly: *never trust Mr Healy should probably be in a manual somewhere
  • Flaca: YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD(this is the same and I stand by it)
  • Alex: Like I'm glad you're alive but...really with Piper again? Back and forth is getting old. mAKE A DECISION AND STICK WITH IT
  • Piper: Um...I'm time pls stay in ur lane for ur own safety kiddo

Okay so maybe I lied a bit in the last post but now I’ll post them!
Tiffany- “Tiffany is a college student who’s looking for a way to start paying off her student loans, but can’t seem to find a decent part time gig.”
Aiko- “Aiko is looking for a way to fill her days after recently being fired from her job as a university professor for sexual misconduct with her students.”
Kyanna- “Kyanna is a fitness buff who’s looking for a fun way to provide for her family that ideally makes a lot more money than hairdressing.”
Audrey- “Audrey started messing with hard drugs after having her heart broken by her last boyfriend and now she needs a way to feed her awesome coke habit.”
Lola- “Lola is a flight attendant who is sick of dealing with annoying passengers and is thinking it just might be time for a career change.”
Nikki- “Nikki is a shy need girl who started out streaming video games but quickly realized how much more money she could make by showing the goods”
Jessie- “Jessie is a porn star who’s looking for other opportunities in the industry now that her age is starting to show and she doesn’t get as many film offers.”
Beli- “Beli was a conservative yoga instructor until recently when she discovered her true sexual nature and frankly, she’s kind of a freak.”
Nora- “Nora is a badass birch who grew up on the streets slingin’ rock to get by. She’s out of the game now but the rent isn’t gonna pay itself”
Lillian- “Lillian is a gothed-out brat who hangs out at the mall and does pretty much anything her parents disapprove of just to piss them off.”
Candace-“Candace is kind of an airhead who just goes along with whatever people say. She’s a professional stripper with big fake tits. Deep.”
Renee- “Renee escaped her hometown and moved out west to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She’s working her way up; you gotta start somewhere”
Sarah-“Sarah is an unbearable weeaboo who thinks she’s Japanese and calls herself "Suki”. She’s the worst. But she’s still kinda hot in that weird way"
Nadia- “Nadia is a self described Russian sex goddess who used to provide sadistic and domineering escorting services to wealthy European men”
Brooke- “Brooke is a wife, mother, and business woman who seeks out attention online from young men because her boring husband leaves her drier than a desert.”
Lailani- “Lailani moved from the pacific to get away from her strict family and live by her rules. She acts shy but she knows what she’s doing.”
Zoey- “Zoey is an insufferable millennial who tries a little too hard to be unique. She sexually identifies as a cybernetic android”
Marlena- “Marlena is a Brazilian bombshell who basically coasts through life on her bang in’ good looks. She’s very confident and extremely narcissistic”

James in school
  • Teacher: okay James what's the answer to this equation?
  • James:
  • James:
  • James: uh, I mean, whatever the house wants I guess
Things I want to discuss from OITNB season 3

my actual questions/discussion topics are bolded because it’s mostly comments or queries about season 4

  • Chang
  • because she’s badass and i’ve really grown to like her
  • I really want more backstory because i feel like there is so much more to understand. what did she get arrested for? was it the guy’s murder? or was it more?
  • how did leanne get arrested after she left the farm again?
  • are soso and poussey a thing because i would like to see them be a thing.
  • i wish flaca and maritza weren’t straight because i love them together
  • but i also love them apart. they’re both great
  • literally why would they take bennett off the show? like i can’t forgive him now but they were so good together and i wanted them to get married
  • chang
  • Also i’m waiting for more Suzanne backstory
  • I also really want some more Sophia backstory. like childhood stuff and then when she started to come out
  • and although i didn’t really care that much about guard backstories, i oddly want to know more about healy’s? like what was up with his mom 
  • My baby is happy (Lorna) but i wish she was happy with Nicky….,,
  • i liked piper in season 2 alright but what is her problem now she’s like a crazy bitch
  • chang
  • red is too good for healy why did this happen
  • i love doggett and i will kill everyone that has wronged her
  • also they weren’t the best apart but together, but big boo and doggett friendship is so sweet and amazing i love them like please be friends forever
  • like it’s obvious big boo really cares about doggett and not in a “i want sex” way like she usually is for people, but in an actual, loving best friend way
  • i am so happy for cindy
  • soso reminds me of myself and it’s like :/
  • is nicky coming back???
  • i don’t think they are going to kill alex but i don’t really see a way around it so i’m really interested in what will come of that
  • i want more chang
  • and i want a yoga jones backstory
  • KILL officer coates
  • i will protect maritza with my life like please don’t give me a maritza rape scene next season…that’s not what anyone wants…please…
  • maybe flaca will beat coates up
  • stella was such a weird addition like i’m mad because i feel like she was just there for sex appeal like there was no reason for her to be there except to add a short term hot person for piper to cheat with
  • how did leanne and angie inject heroine in prison i don’t get how drugs work
  • chang
Signs as OITNB Characters.
  • Aries: Brook Soso
  • Taurus: Alex Vause
  • Gemini: Pennsatucky
  • Cancer: Sophia Burset
  • Leo: Marisol 'Flaca' Gonzalez
  • Virgo: Suzanne Warren
  • Libra: Taystee Jefferson
  • Scorpio: Nicky Nichols
  • Sagittarius: Red Reznikov
  • Capricorn: Lorna Morello
  • Aquarius: Maritza Ramos
  • Pisces: Piper Chapman
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