SNSD Reaction to: Their GF Cooking for Them After a Long Day

Anon: Can I request snsd’s reaction to their gf cooking for them after a long day? Thanks!

Taeyeon: Doesn’t say much. Mostly because she’s not sure how to word how she feels. Instead her eyes convey it all and she looks at you, with the most adoring gaze. She’s so cute that you can’t help but fix her bangs and she grabs your wrist, sliding her hand down to link fingers with you. She still says nothing, but you know.

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Jessica: Has an overwhelming need to return the favour. She wants you to know that you too are loved and appreciated. So after dinner, she’ll make you her special hot chocolate and stick your favourite movie of all time on. Just a little something to show her love too.

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Sunny: No matter how many times you cook for her, she’s always shocked and taken aback. There’s no limit to your love for her and it’s moments like these that she truly understands that. And feels so wonderfully overwhelmed by emotion.

“For me?! Yah! Stop being so cute or else I’ll die!!”

Also likes to take pictures, to document the moment. Not so much to show people and brag, but more so for her. She looks back on photos like these when she’s sad and suddenly, she’s happy again.

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Tiffany: Feels so warm and loved and soft asdfghjkl she’s melting. It’s the only thing the girls are going to be hearing about for the next week. If the relationship is known, she’ll mention it if an interviewer asks, saying that little gestures like that make a relationship strong and loving but also lowkey shades u & calls ur potatoes burnt

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Hyoyeon: Your relationship is very 50/50. If you’re tired, she will do the laundry or clean the dishes and if she’s tired, such as today, you cook for her or maybe massage her shoulders. So she’s not surprised to see the dinner but she’s still very appreciative and feels loved. It’s little gestures like that which remind her how hopelessly in love she is.

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Yuri: Has cooked for you before and knows what it feels like, to anxiously watch your loved one taste your cooking, and wait for their response. So she makes sure to praise you and finish off all the food on the plate.

“It’s so good! Oh my gosh - What is that flavour? Did you buy new seasoning?”

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Sooyoung: Things like this mean everything to her. There’s more ways to show love than through the typical flowers and chocolate routine. You cooking took time and effort and really showed you care.

“Do you see this, little guy? Your other Mommy made me dinner ~”

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Yoona: Inwardly, feels a little burdened. She doesn’t want you to feel like you need to care for her, or for it to seem like all you do it give while she selfishly takes. While appreciative, she immediately starts formulating a way to pay you back.

“Thank you so much! Next week, I’ll cook you dinner.”

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Seohyun: With swollen feet and tired eyes, she lumbered home, trying to decide if she should shower or eat first. Seeing the dinner you had laid out for her answered her dilemma.

“Is this for me?” Her voice is groggy and hoarse from singing but she would use the last of it to thank you without hesitation. “I love you so much, do you know that? More than the world and more than words can say.”

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Pairing: Tiffany x Reader

Genre: angst

REQUEST:  can you do a song-fic scenario with SNSD’s Tiffany? the song is SHINee’s Replay, in which Tiffany’s gf is younger than her

A/n: Okay, first things first. I changed noona to unnie in the first line to fit the request. Second, I decided to do this in a style of Another Paradise which is a Seulgi scenario I´ve done at the very beginning of this blog. Third, this is short af and I´m sorry and finally, fourth thing. This is my second song-fic type scenario so I apologize if it sucks ass. Hope you enjoy it tho. xoxo - G

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“Unnie, you´re so pretty.”

You couldn´t tear your eyes away from her. Everything about her was captivating, and each time you looked at her your heart swelled. How could you be so lucky? She was your definition of celestial being. You tried, but you couldn´t get enough of her. Although you felt like you had won in a lottery, you weren´t able to rid your mind of a very obvious fact. 

“Boys won´t leave you alone.” 

“But they don´t have a chance, do they?” Everytime she gave you her infamous eye smile, you felt better. It reassured you everytime, and everytime you believed what you two had would last. But naturally, that feeling faded after a while. How could it not. To her, love was just a feeling of one moment. Nothing more, nothing less. It was obvious from the day one. Yet, you still held the false hope deep within you. Of course, she must´ve been burdened by your young age. The countless times she had to tell you she was going somewhere without you, purely because you were too young to join. Months into your relatioship, you started noticing. She was beginning to be bothered by you. And even though her words didn´t mention it in the slightest, her eyes told a different story. 

But now I´m tired,

“I´m going out.” You rolled your eyes. Everytime. But this time she didn´t even look at you. She just disappeared behind the door, leaving you alone. At first, you felt sorry for yourself. And not only for yourself, but for her too. Because, how many times did you ruin something for her by making her stay at home with you, your selfishness getting the best of you. Not this time. This time you were just plain tired. She began pretending you weren´t even there anymore. Slowly, but surely. 

Memories scratch at my heart. 
With the approaching farewell I,

Though your kind heart wasn´t enough for her, though she couldn´t accept your sincere love, you couldn´t just remove her all of a sudden. After all, she was the first person to bring happiness into your life, even if it was for a short while only. Your eyes were focused on the television screen, blankly staring at the scene playing in. Her laugh ringed in your ears as one of the many videos you recorded played on the TV. You knew why you were watching them. You knew, but you wouldn´t admit it. Simply because you were far too deep in denial. You kept thinking about her, dreaming that maybe there was a way to fix it. There wasn´t. And now as you knew that the two of you would soon separate ways, you granted yourself one last look at what once was between you. 



SNSD & some more of their achievements (Part 1 / 2)

“The name ‘Girls Generation’ in itself contains dreams. And that dream of making the world a Girls’ Generation will never change.” - Seohyun