Czasami się zastanawiam po co ja żyję. Przecież nie jestem nikomu potrzebna. Gdybym zniknęła nikt by się nie przejął. Oni nawet nie zauważyliby, że mnie nie ma. Nawet rodzina. NIKT. A czemu? Bo jestem nic nieznaczącym gównem. Błędem życiowym. Wszystkim co najgorsze. Po co mam żyć skoro nie mam dla kogo? Najlepiej dla wszystkich byłoby gdybym odeszła. Na zawsze
—  smutno mi

Yanno, these people must live a pretty blessed and easy lives if they think someone disagreeing with their decision to place their luxury wants above another human being’s livelihood is equivalent to racism or anti-LGBTQA sentiment.

tolhinata  asked:

Ava chan!! I have a prompt for you coz you're killing it...writing Kagehina intimacy i mean.. you know how much i love intimacy that comes from some sadness...So prompt #11 please!!! <3


11. You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…

Kagehina. College fic. Unestablished Relationship.

The movie comes to an end too soon, in Kageyama’s opinion. He’s not really one for curling up with popcorn and watching a movie, but whenever Hinata’s involved, things just kind of… happen. 

They didn’t have anything to do on a Friday night, being lame freshman volleyball losers without girlfriends, so Hinata had suggested a movie and Kageyama had suggested his dorm room and then they’d gotten instant soup at the campus quick-mart and burned their tongues on too hot ramen cups as the opening credits rolled on the screen of Kageyama’s ancient laptop. He had stacked it on top of all the textbooks he wasn’t reading for class so they wouldn’t knock it over or trip over the power cord while watching, but really it was because he didn’t want it to get in between him and the possibility of Hinata’s sleepy, cuddle-prone limbs.

He apparently likes to torture himself.

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Another head cannon

Lockwood being so tired that one night he goes for a bath and forgets to lock the door

And at that same point in time, Lucy also decides that she wants a bath too. So she walks in literally just her pants.

And Lockwood, who’s nearly asleep in the bath doesn’t notice her walking in until she’s already closed the door, and she doesn’t notice him.

Until she turns around.

And chaos ensues.