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hello! i was wondering if you knew any good resources about settler colonialism and antiblackness in the U.S and how these things relate to each other?

  Yup, so here’s a list of a few with a summary of the topic addressed (Links to the articles/books are provided if I have them)

Fanon, Frantz – Black Skin, White Masks - Addresses the effects of (settler) colonialism on Native Africans in Algeria. Also a ur-text for a lot of contemporary Black Studies literature.

Fanon, Frantz – The Wretched of the Earth - Addresses the effects and processes of colonialism and its intersection with anti-Blackness/White Supremacy.

King, Tiffany – “Labor’s Aphasia: Toward Antiblackness as Constitutive to Settler Colonialism”  - Amazing article discussing how the metaphysics of labor are disarticulated by Blackness and how anti-Blackness was a necessary part of settler colonialism.

King, Tiffany – “In the Clearing: Black Female Bodies, Space and Settler Colonial Landscapes” - Probably the best work in this list. King addresses how anti-Blackness shapes settler colonialism and how settler colonialism shapes anti-Blackness. It’s one of the better intersections of Black Studies and Native American Studies, in my opinion.

Sexton, Jared – “The Vel of Slavery: Tracking the Figure of the Unsovereign - Addresses the flaws in Native American Studies attempt to understand settler colonialism and how Blackness makes settler decolonization problematic. 

Wilderson, Frank B., III – Red, White, and Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms - Not all about the intersection, but the first three parts do address, to some degree, the intersections between Blackness and Redness.

Tuck, Eve, Allison Guess, and Hannah Sulton – “Not Nowhere: Collaborating on Selfsame Land”  - Interesting work on how Blackness can create a place of meaning. A work on the Black/Land Project.

Jackson, Shona N. - “Humanity Beyond the Regime of Labor: Antiblackness, Indigeneity, and the Legacies of Colonialism in the Caribbean” - Discusses how Black people can participate in anti-Red/Settler colonial systems and the problems of working through a labor discourse.

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Hiii there !! I'm a really really new sone and.. well I'm really sorry to ask but would it be possible to ask for a big list of shows, emissions, backstage videos and such to learn more about SNSD ? I really want to know them a lot more but I don't know what is out there for me to watch and fall in love with them ;; and i'm asking you because you're kinda my favorite girls generation blog :( 💕

Omg hello there!~ Welcome to the fandom ^0^ I hope you’re enjoying so far c: And of course ^-^ I’m so sorry this took so long D: I wanted to be sure I got everything I wanted in this haha~ Here you go:

I have the direct links to the first episodes of each show, so if you want to watch more, you can click on the right where it’ll have the continuous episodes. Or if you can’t find it, you can search up the title of the show + snsd + episode number + eng sub and you should find it!~

SNSD Variety Shows:
As the whole group:

With only several/one of the members:

As Special Guests:
(There are multiple episodes that they are in so you can search them up and you’ll be able to find more but here are some!!)

MC Shows:
(These have multiple episodes too)

  • Win Win (Taeyeon)
  • Heart a Tag (Tiffany) [ I can’t find find english subbed versions D: i’m sorry!]
  • TV Entertainment Tonight (Sooyoung)
  • Music Core (Tiffany was an MC with Yuri for a while then became an MC with Taeyeon and Seohyun afterwards)

Special videos:


“Secrets” - Sophia Lucia, RT Dance, age 11, contemporary solo, NYCDA 2014
★ Choreography by Tiffani King
Beethoven’s 5 Secrets ~ The Piano Guys

The infinite possibilities for fungible Black flesh mark a fundamental distinction between fungible slave bodies and non-Black (exploited) laboring bodies. Further, Black bodies cannot effectively be incorporated into the human category of laborers. If Black laboring bodies were incorporated into the category; “laborer” would have no meaning as a human condition. Blackness is constituted by a fungibility and accumulation that must exist outside the edge and boundary of the laborer-as-human. If there were no Black fungible and accumulable bodies there could be no “wage laborer” that cohered into a proletariat.
—  Tiffany King, “Labor’s Aphasia: Toward Antiblackness as Constitutive to Settler Colonialism End”

“Pulse” - Sophia Lucia, San Diego Dance Centre, age 9, junior contemporary solo, Showstopper National Finals, Anaheim CA, July 2012
★ Choreography By Tiffani King
Breathe ~ Kristine W

Bladud’s Fall
9x12, pencil/digital

A mythic king from the twelfth century, fabled to be the father of King Leir (Lear) and the founder of the city of Bath. Geoffrey of Monmouth records him as a “…very ingenious Man, taught Necromancy in his Kingdom, … til he attempted to fly to the upper Region of the Air with Wings he had prepared, and fell down upon the Temple of Apollo in the city of Trinovantum (London), where he was dashed to pieces.”

Geoffrey seems to not know another tradition concerning Bladud, that he was a leper who was cured of his disease by the medicinal mud in the hot springs at Bath. A tale no curiouser than his magical flight, but it draws a neat line from the Greco-Romantic fable of another great artificer, Daedalus. It sounds as if the Roman spa of Bath was so astonishing, the British tradition accounted for it as the work of a wizard, much like Stonehenge. It is worth noting, as well, that the Old English poem The Ruin, thought to be about Bath, describes it as “enta geweorc” - “the work of giants.”

I find the use of “historical amnesia” a slightly ridiculous term to use in reference to the systematic removal of the crimes and atrocities of the british empire from the general consciousness. It’s not like they woke up one day and fell down the stairs and accidentally forgot all the genocides the British Empire committed. Today I heard the term “colonial unknowing” from Dr. Tiffany King, a Black woman scholar and I think that’s much more fitting.


“Pulse” - Sophia Lucia, San Diego Dance Centre, age 9, junior contemporary solo, 1st place, Hall of Fame Nationals, Las Vegas NV, July 2012
★ Choreography By Tiffani King
Breathe ~ Kristine W


━☾❪ Fσɾҽʋҽɾ ❫

❝ƓιяƖ уσυ кησω уσυ gσт мє υρ
ƁєƖιєνє мє, му нєαят ιѕ яαcιηg Ɩιкє
cяαzу Ƭнαт’ѕ αƖƖ мιηє
Ƴєαн, I ωαѕ ωαηɗєяιηg αηɗ
Ƒσυηɗ тнє ριη вαƖƖ
Mαкє мє fєєƖ ѕσ, ησтнιηg cαη
Ƈσмραяє ωιтн нσω уσυ мαкє мє fєєƖ
‘Ƈαυѕє уσυ
Ƴσυ cσυƖɗ вє му σηƖу ѕтαя
Ƴσυ cσυƖɗ вє тнє мσσηƖιgнт
Ƴσυ’яє αƖƖ I ηєєɗ ιη му ωσяƖɗ


Far East Movement - Don’t Speak ft. Tiffany & King Chain [Official Audio]