"It wasn't over, it still isn't over!"

One of my top Hollywood crushes is RYAN GOSLING! As long as he’s in the movie, count me in! It has been a dream of mine meeting him in person. And guess what? I met him twice! First was during his Dead Man’s Bones show in T-dot. Very interesting show! But I didn’t get to meet him. And the second time was during the Toronto Film Festival :) He was promoting Blue Valentine at Ryerson Theatre at TIFF10. This time I got close to him. I got an autograph, picture, conversation & most especially, eye contact! ;)

                   [NOTE: I’m really short…already standing in a stool! Haha! But he still bent down! :)]



He did interviews first before greeting his fans. And he started from the front of the line then worked his way til the end. Here’s a pic with Rick Campanelli from ET Canada.


He is not only good looking but super nice! Great actor & a gentleman! I LOVE HIM!! 

Here’s a few paparazzi pictures of us! We’re behind Ryan…          




Truly one of the most memorable days of my life! :)


JEN (+Jaz & Anna)

P.S. I’m really crossing my fingers that he’ll come back this year…maybe with George Clooney too! ;)