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harriisonford  asked:

Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag back.=D

Assuming that these ten things must be accurate facts about me:

  • I never leave my hair down in public. 
  • Sunglasses are my passion
  • I don’t like going shopping with people. I like to go by myself and buy whatever I want, whenever I want. 
  • I cannot stand people touching my bed. If there’s one forbidden place in the house, it would be my bed (and the area around it, aka. my room)
  • My family never had a Christmas tree for Christmas before. 
  • I used to be obsessed with astronomy. I still love it though. 
  • When I was little, my coach asked me to consider becoming a professional swimmer. My parents said no so that didn’t work out. 
  • I had a best friend up until year 7, our family moved and I lost contact with her. I haven’t found a new best friend ever since. 
  • I cannot go to bed without having a shower. 
  • I am a HUGE sucker for lame romantic movies and novels. And by ‘huge’ I mean I will cry every time without fail, even though the ending is always the same