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M O B S TU C K - THE BETAS | The Omegas

Mob: Shig Reigen (Reigen is his guardian in this au ‘cause he and Ritsu can’t live in the same house to play Sburb), Rogue of Space [stressedToad]

Ritsu: Ritz Kageyam, Knight of Heart [chemicalCacti]

Teruki: Teru Hanazaw, Seer of Time [fashionablyLate]

Shou: Shou Suzuki (well, this whole au came from the idea that his name is a valid 4/6 Homestuck name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), Witch of Breath [fireHazard]

Edit: fixed some things that were bugging me on their sprites

Audrey Jensen x Reader - I’m Fine

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood and death
Word Count: 1836
Note: I sort of got waaaaaaaay too carried away but I just really wanted to write about this episode.
Request: “
can you write an Audrey imagine where the reader sympathizes with stavo and after Audrey starts the fight on him they have a huge argument about it and Noah has to break it up when Audrey starts name calling the reader?” – anon


“Stop! Please! Just stop! There’s a fucking murdering psychopath on the loose and you’re all getting in a tiff over some fucking drawings! Stop! What the hell is wrong with you all?” I screamed over the yelling and insults being thrown at Gustavo. I mean yeah, he might creep the hell out of me, but he didn’t deserve to get beaten for a couple harmless, maybe slightly disturbing drawings.

I pushed through the roaring crowd, roughly shoving some douchebag yelling unnecessary obscenities to the floor as I made my way into the middle of the fight, trying to keep these clueless assholes from landing any more hits on Stavo. My head snapped to the side as an elbow caught the side of my jaw, sending my face straight in the path of an oncoming fist.

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Colony opens with Mulder in a bath in a hospital, so you know it’s going to be good, despite or maybe because of his lack of a tie.

It’s nice to see the Tie of Fate attempting to dampen down the UST in the basement office before they head out to investigate some dead people who all look the same.  But how can it possibly succeed when Scully’s dressed for action in a short lightweight flared skirt and a plunging red possibly satin blouse?  Hooboy, there’s no way they’re getting out of the office in a hurry.  I hope she’s not chasing any suspects today.

Eventually they arrive in Scranton where they’re presented with a cuffed suspect to play with but Mulder looks like he needs a cigarette and all they get is a newspaper clipping to head to the newspaper office with.  At the newspaper office they get some answers and Mulder points at a map.  All hope for this episode garnered from the Mulder-in-the-bath scene is lost once Mulder points at that map. Mulder and maps are never a good mix.  Mulder talks on his chunky cell phone while Scully gets lost in the pattern of his tie, preparing herself just to get lost.

They arrange to meet an agent at a house, but when they get there they just meet the alien bounty hunter, who will play a big part in the mythology until CC changes his mind.  The bounty hunter has shapeshifted into the agent and dressed in his clothes, while the agent is in the trunk of his car in his not-so-tighty-whiteys in a not-so-alive condition.

In the office the next day, Mulder’s wearing his Dead Fir Trees tie and getting a reaming from Skinner about the dead agent.  Skinner tells him to stop the investigation.  I laugh.  So does Mulder.  As he goes around to Scully’s to investigate whatever comes to hand, he meets a CIA guy who tells a long, involved Chris Carteresque story about clones.  They go to another clone’s house and he jumps out a 3rd storey window to escape, then runs.  They all give chase.  Scully’s glad she’s not wearing the skirt.  Mulder’s disappointed that she’s not, but he pays for that distraction by being hit by a car.  Scully has to continue the chase without him and ruins her shoes.

The next morning in the office, Mulder is apparently no worse off after his car diving incident, except for the part that hit the car first, which is rather swollen and red.  Unfortunately his tie was a write off.  He looks crisp in his fresh white shirt and Irresistible tie.  Scully doesn’t trust the CIA guy and Mulder changed his catch phrase to Trust Everyone but didn’t trust Scully with that information.  They have a tiff about drawing lines and following, then engage in some intercourse over a stiff until Mulder’s called away.  He gets called home by his parents, leaving Scully to investigate strange places on her own.  She discovers she’s being followed so sets off to a motel to hide.

Mulder arrives at Martha’s Vineyard to discover the sister he’s been searching for for 20 years.  Hooray.  Show’s over.  OK, not quite. Mulder’s dad won’t let him hug him and blows smoke in his face.  His mother’s just needs a couple of valium.  You wonder how Mulder turned out as functional as he is.  He looks so happy to find Samantha but he looks like he’s holding back a little bit.  Maybe he’s learned not to trust everyone after all.  They also have a long Chris Carteresque discussion, this time about shapeshifting aliens.

Scully gets her running gear on, and she must have moved to her new apartment upstairs as her front door is now off the living room, which is much more convenient, except when she looks out the window down to the street you can see she’s likely still on the ground floor.  Her apartment becomes more of an X File every episode.  She goes somewhere to find an alien baby in a bag from some alien baby baby incubators, and comes across some more clones and has them all arrested, no mean feat while wearing leggings.

Mulder can’t get Scully at home or the motel, but doesn’t think to try her mobile until the alien bounty hunter is in her motel room in the form of Mulder.  I’m disappointed that the ABH got the same clothes as Mulder without having to strip him naked.  How does that even work? Meanwhile, Scully’s thinking of all the possibilities that having two Mulders could bring…. TO BE CONTINUED….

anonymous asked:

Just stumbled upon your wonderfulness from CAndysh00pe (I think that's the username) and I'm happy!!! You draw Osomatsu-San, Link, AND Chucky!!! I've only been following you for like 2 minutes and I already love you. Please draw a cute Chucky x Tiffany or just a super cute Chucky! Please keep up the good work!!!

here you go anon!! first time drawing tiff but i fucking love her, so i should do it more.