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Audrey Jensen x Reader - I’m Fine

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood and death
Word Count: 1836
Note: I sort of got waaaaaaaay too carried away but I just really wanted to write about this episode.
Request: “
can you write an Audrey imagine where the reader sympathizes with stavo and after Audrey starts the fight on him they have a huge argument about it and Noah has to break it up when Audrey starts name calling the reader?” – anon


“Stop! Please! Just stop! There’s a fucking murdering psychopath on the loose and you’re all getting in a tiff over some fucking drawings! Stop! What the hell is wrong with you all?” I screamed over the yelling and insults being thrown at Gustavo. I mean yeah, he might creep the hell out of me, but he didn’t deserve to get beaten for a couple harmless, maybe slightly disturbing drawings.

I pushed through the roaring crowd, roughly shoving some douchebag yelling unnecessary obscenities to the floor as I made my way into the middle of the fight, trying to keep these clueless assholes from landing any more hits on Stavo. My head snapped to the side as an elbow caught the side of my jaw, sending my face straight in the path of an oncoming fist.

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anonymous asked:

Which character has your favourite design? And which one is the most fun for you to draw?

hmmmmmmmmm i don’t really have distinct favorites i guess? i like riko’s a lot tho, its so simple but still pretty distinctive imo. and i like kapono for being a goofy spin on the obligatory pigtails character and also his beard. he’s lowkey based on someone i knew in high school who had a full beard by the age of 16 it was wild

runners up for fun to draw are tiff jurou nik and sal but tbh tim is still my fav to draw overall?? his design is pretty plain but hes got it all. tall lanky noodle boy with long flowy hair and harry potter glasses and a big goofy nose plus he blushes a lot