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lets-get-in-a-tiff  asked:

You should watch The Tunnel, it's a british/french tv series starring Clémence Poésy and Stephen Dillane. It's a crime police show and in season two, Clémence gets a female love interest ;) I really recommend it!

Hey! So, I’ve been getting that message almost every day now, and I am a stupidly proud creature when it comes to my “knowledge”, so I feel the need to tell the world that I, OF COURSE, already watch this show. I have been watching since in first aired (2013). Thank you for the messages, though, I love that you guys think of me like that. ♥

Now, I’m also publishing your ask because y’all need to know about The Tunnel and most importantly, about Elise Wassermann aka why I started watching:

  • French/British TV show that is REALISTIC, meaning it has both French and English dialogues with subtitles for non-French or non-English speakers when needed
  • Actual French actors and not English peeps with a terrible fake French accent + filmed in France (for the French part of the story, of course)
  • CLÉMENCE POÉSY AKA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, THE QUEEN OF MY HEART, MY LITTLE FRENCH ANGEL plays the lead: A badass detective who is autistic & also not straight (divulged in season 2).

The ambiance is melancholic, a bit grey (I mean, England, hello) ..  the second lead, who is a white man, has that good British humor tone, but of course we can never escape the tortured and long manpain sessions.. but you can grow to like him quite easily. It’s definitely not for everybody, but if you like a nice thriller and intrigue, this show is for you! :D