TLBO gets a weird early September release

It seems that Disney doesn’t have much confidence on its baity film The Light Between Oceans. Starred by Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, future Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender, the drama will have a September release in US. What does it mean?

Well, it can mean a lot of things but one thing is sure: most Oscar bait films are released in October, November and December, not early September. If Disney picked up a Sep 2nd date, it’s because they don’t trust in the film enough to put it in a stronger month. It’s coming out even before TIFF!

Is it a big drama? Yes but we have many big dramas released in baitier periods of the year. Not an excuse. Maybe screenings weren’t incredible enough to make the studio trust in the movie or they just don’t see Fassbender and Vikander as leading actors who can sell their production in a baity period. They aren’t big stars after all. Remember what they did to the drama Finest Hours: good cast but poor screenings, late January release, box office bomb.

With this news today, we can expect Cannes, Venice or Telluride premiering TLBO. Trivia? Rachel Weisz’s The Constant Gardener was released in US on August 31st 2005 and it had a good result so who knows TLBO receives a sole acting nod too?

Below, numbers from films released on Labor Day weekend in US. Not good and most aren’t even dramas. Does anyone know the budget for TLBO?



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