intervene (supercat drabble)

Kara smoothed out the collar of her shirt and did the top button, then stepped out of the elevator and into the CatCo bullpen.  A few muggings and a car chase or two was no problem, but lately, it was getting harder to slip away unnoticed.  As Kara drifted towards her desk, she glanced towards Miss Grant’s office and froze at the sight of Winn practically squirming as their boss sat on the couch opposite and leveled her own version of laser eyes on him.  Kara immediately tuned into what they were saying, overcome with pity for Winn and more than a little curiosity.  

“–no idea what your recent tiff was about, and honestly, I don’t care.” Kara had heard that one before, and was pretty sure that it was a lie.  "But it’s starting to interfere with Kara’s work and so it has become a huge inconvenience for me.“  Miss Grant’s tone was grating and sharp, like tires spinning on gravel.  

"I’m not sure what you mean,” Winn said, the words barely audible.  Kara winced and leaned against her desk.  If she barged in now, Miss Grant would probably fire both of them. 

“I mean that your crush on her is getting in the way of my business,” Miss Grant snapped, standing up and towering over Winn.  "So you need to get over it.  I don’t care how.  Have a sleepover, braid each other’s hair, go shopping for penny loafers and cardigans, just get it done.  I expect the two of you to be once again connected at the hip by the end of the week.  Am I clear?”

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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Program
Photographer - Steven Klein
Celebrity - Madonna
Stylist - Arianne Phillips
Hair - Andy Lecompte
Makeup - Aaron Henrikson
Creative Director - Pascal Dangin
Art Director - Stephen Smith
Art Director - Tiff Chang
Production Director - Marion Liang
Account Director - Tanner Graham

damned-to-be asked:

What bug girl post and why the fuck did people decide it was necessary to send death threats over what I can only assume was a minor anatomy problem

I feel like people send death threats online for stupid shit because they’re very angry, mean spirited people who know that if they try to outright bully someone with no provocation they will be rightfully shunned. But they still want to do it, so they wait and lurk for the first piece of “justification” they can get and then jump on it no matter how inconsequential and feel alright about it because the other person “started it.”

Now they get to have their cake and eat it too, they get to relentlessly harass and demean and harm other people and get their rocks off by doing so, AND get to still pretend to be good people because they didn’t set the incident off in the first place and therefore everything goes.

And I’m not gonna lie, the post that started the tiff was hella rude. But it wasn’t death threats rude.


Hiddlesweek Day 2: Favourite Short Video: Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less

even though two seconds would have been enough…