tom hardy

Tom Hardy is a class act. I just watched him spend almost a hour, after leaving a press conference, signing autographs and taking countless of pictures with fans in the rain. He even moved a barricade to get to the fans at the very end. The best thing was that one of the officers on duty is a huge fan but, of course, she’s not allowed to take pictures. So she asked a few of the photographers with their fancy cameras if they could just get her in the shot. That’s all she wanted was to be in the same frame as Tom Hardy. According to the officer afterwards, Hardy actually wanted to take a picture with her, asked her if she had a camera, she replied no as it was against the rules and then had his manager/agent/whoever use his phone and snapped a bunch of pics. And then, just before he got into the car, he grabbed her again, took a bunch on another phone, told her she was gorgeous and kissed her on the cheek. The whole thing was captured by at least 3 different photographers (in video & stills) and watching her fangirl and her partner teasing her was the best way to end a cold and rainy afternoon.

This is my 10th year of going to TIFF red carpets and press conferences and many actors do spend time with the fans, although with some you get the feeling they’re just doing it for the cameras. But I’ve never seen an actor take that much time and care as Tom Hardy did this afternoon. And as his star rises, I hope he doesn’t change.