Happy boxing day everyone! The wonderful dark music zine Repartiseraren has premiered the first single from our first release of 2015, “Strategies Against The Body”, a vinyl compilation of contemporary industrial music, as part of their ongoing “Ljudkalendern” project. Up first is our very own Tifaret, who contributes the track “The Red Dress Pts. 1 & 2”. Tifaret will be joined on the compilation by High-Functioning FleshXander Harris,Tannhäuser gateREDREDRED and more. “Strategies Against The Body” is expected to drop in February. Thanks to all and we hope you enjoy your holidays. 
-love, DKA. 

Watch on merzbowscock.tumblr.com

Tifaret - … All That Will Be Left Is Empire 

Today’s numerical vibrations is “6” -  

Connects above and below, reconciliation, intellectual creativity, discrimination, imagination, union, love, perfection, ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined, relatedness, taking responsibility for choices

01+ 17+ (2+0+1+3)/6= 24/6,

Tarot Key Queen of Wands

Kabbala Tipharet


Tarot Key The Devil

Kabbala Tipharet


Tarot Key The Lovers

Kabbala Tipharet

Tarot Key(s):  

The Lovers (choice)

The Devil (ignorance, lucky breaks)

Queen of Wands (affluence, good friendships)

Kabbala:  Tipharet - “beauty” - the 6th Sephira on The Tree of Life.

SACRED GEOMETRY:  Hexagon (6-sided Polygon)

The 6th House is ruled by Virgo - all areas of 

Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Caretaking. Pets and small domestic animals.

The 6th Month is JUNE - Gemini/Cancer - the noble Artisan and benefacting monarch

Gematria Letter: Vav – “link, connects higher to lower, bridge”

Today’s energies will be highlighted by 6 energy.

Famous 6s (6, 15, 24) Birthdays: Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child

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Spending my birthday getting some of my live set loaded into the new devices and realizing that I may not have the motor skills necessary to play keyboard, hold a phone, and sing a vocal part all at the same time.


Tifaret - Failure

  • Failure excerpt

a (very short) excerpt from a new song I’m working on

please note that directly before I recorded this song I got in an argument about whether or not I sound like Andrew Eldritch. I was very emphatic that just because I had a deep voice did not mean I sounded like Andrew Eldritch.

Then I recorded it and I sounded exactly like Andrew Eldritch. Fuck you voice.

Working on a goth-y/post-punk/no-wave-whatever record with my band Tifaret for a release on DKA Records…here’s a demo from it replete with unfinished lyrics and a ton of fucking guitars.

Tifaret - “Shape” (home demo)