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Hi Nissi, happy friday! did you and your partner start out in a LDR? how did you make it work? particularly through your 1st yr of law school? sorry if you've answered this already or feel it's too personal. thanks!

happy friday to you as well :)

we did not start out as a LDR. we had been dating for 8 months before i started school.

the short answer:

we made it work with prayer, communication, structure, and patience.

the long:

prayer because the tougher things got, the more we leaned on God for guidance. communication because when you’re long distance all you have are words, so you better make them count by speaking your mind while also listening when they do the same. structure because without it i would not have balanced everything as a law school student. we had specific days when we skyped, specific times to call, and carved out specific times of the day when it was about nothing but me and him. and patience, because this is hard. very hard. there were nights when we could only talk for  less than 45 minutes. not only am i in law school but he’s a grad school student with 2 jobs. we both work hard and we both have times when we’re like “what is sleep?” but we’ve developed so much patience. we don’t take it personally when one person falls asleep on the other, or we recognize when it’s been a long day and a person is just grumpy, not angry at the other. we are patient because we’ve never been in love like this before and there is no perfect way to do a LDR. so we mess up and pick right back up and it’s all love and God’s grace that does the rest.

i hope that helps. if  you have more specific questions, let me know and i’ll answer privately

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