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quick Iris outfit doodles ft. AUs bc Im AU trash :D 

crownsguard Iris??? or casual raiment maybe. just as Edgy™ and unbearably hot-looking as the bros’. i love the idea of her fighting like Tifa tho, so her main weapons may be power gloves or gauntlets/cuffs?? which can also produce a barrier when defending bc she’s also a Shield ok. greatsword as secondary? y/n?

also been thinkin about Iris fighting LITERALLY with her Moogle… bc reasons… (imagine ffx lulu or twewy shiki ok)

but anyway aaa will clean these up one day! just scribblin out ideas for now!

               quick shoutout to the two tifa-bae’s following me – @meiliva & @lockedfighter, because not enough people realize how much these two girls respected each other? or acknowledge how Aerith immediately jumped into helping Tifa, how Tifa was so torn up over Aerith’s death and generally just how good they were to each other? sure, they might have had interest in the same person ( which is debatable and let’s be honest it’s not like Cloud was in the right headspace to be with ANYONE ), but that little love triangle NEVER affected their friendship? Tifa was most likely one of – if not THE first female friend that Aerith ever had? do you know what that kind of relationship means to someone??  

               my first big meta post was gonna be on Aerith & Zack, but naaaaah I think it’s time to give some love to the scenes that my two main ladies had together and analyze how that was played out. tbh my only gripe is that there weren’t enough scenes between them, but what we got painted a clear pictures of two strong women who found comfort and companionship in each other’s presence. neither is better or worse than the other, they’re both beloved in their own right.


Thank you.

tifa week
 ↳day four // favorite relationship


Aerith Gainsborough starts off with more love points than Tifa Lockhart for a reason. And that reason is very simple: Square Enix wanted Clerith to be the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII. If that wasn’t the case, both Aerith and Tifa would have started the game with an equal number of love points. And if both ladies are tied by the time of the Gold Saucer date, the tie goes to Aerith. 

As with all love triangles, you have to give both options a way of working out. That is why Cloud can choose to *optionally* rekindle a childhood crush with Tifa through a *variable* scene. However, just because this is an option due to the inherent nature of a love triangle, doesn’t mean it is the primary or canon love story of Final Fantasy VII. It simply means Tifa is an alternative to Aerith if you choose to play the game that way. But when one girl is given 20 more love points from the very beginning, it is not hard to see which girl is the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII.

If gamers played Final Fantasy VII once or twice back in 1997, they probably got the Clerith date and the low-affection Highwind scene. And even if they got the high-affection Highwind scene, the non-optional hand reach between Cloud and Aerith follows shortly after. The big difference here is Cloud and Tifa’s final scene is variable, whereas Cloud and Aerith’s final scene is non-optional. Aerith is primary [non-optional]. Tifa is secondary [variable]. 

Further – Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional “Promised Land hand reach” was given a “homage” in Advent Children, a theme further explored in Clerith cameos such as Final Fantasy Tactics.

Everyone that played Final Fantasy VII back in 1997 remembers Cloud and Aerith’s love story. It played out before our eyes during the entire first disc and was back again for the finale. It was clear to the majority of gamers back in 1997 that Cloud and Aerith were the intended lovers of Final Fantasy VII – the official Amano artwork speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, ever since the release of Crisis Core, Cloti’s have routinely used Zack to invalidate Cloud x Aerith. But back in 1997, Aerith said her relationship with Zack wasn’t very serious:

Cloud: “You were…serious?“ 
Aerith: "No. But I liked him for awhile.”

I also remember watching the canon Cloud x Aerith date back in 1997 and coming to the only logical conclusion: Aerith initially liked Cloud because of Zack but soon grows to like Cloud for Cloud. Aerith wanted to get to know the “real” Cloud. She says so herself:

Aerith: “………first off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike.”
“Two completely different people, but look exactly the same.”
“The way you walk, gesture…”
“I think I must have seen him again, in you…" 
“But you’re different.”  
“Things are different…” 
“I’m searching for you…”
Cloud: “…………?”
Aerith: “I want to meet you.”
Cloud: “But I’m right here.”
Aerith: (I know, I know… what I mean is…) 
“I want to meet….. you.” 

Retcons won’t change the fact that Aerith moved on from Zack in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII. This is made crystal clear during the canon Clerith date and through official Square Enix statements:

“At first when I met Cloud, I believed he was similar to Zack. Little actions, the way he spoke… his kindness.” ~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

“Although in the beginning Aerith felt close to Cloud because he behaves like Zack, her interest in Cloud himself grows and she is attracted to him.” 
~page 31, Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, Square Enix

As the story of Final Fantasy VII unfolds, Aerith begins to realizes she likes Cloud for Cloud:

But Cloud is Cloud. 
I, now undoubtedly, love Cloud much more than Zack.” 
~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

Cloti’s also say Cloud only liked Aerith because “he thought he was Zack.” They reduce the entire Clerith ship to a mere plot twist, saying Cloud and Aerith’s love story was just another example of Cloud’s jumbled memories. In other words… Cloud only fell in love with Aerith because he thought he was Zack, Aerith’s first boyfriend.

According to them, during the lifestream sequence, Cloud discovers he took on parts of Zack’s history/persona, which leads him to realizing he never loved Aerith because it was actually him thinking he was Zack. Subsequently, this re-triggers his love for childhood crush, Tifa Lockhart. Clerith is now reduced to a mere plot twist. 

Unfortunately, rediscovering an *unreciprocated* childhood crush that led to a *strong-armed* promise doesn’t automatically translate into present-day romance. Nor does it mean Cloud’s eternal feelings of love for Aerith suddenly vanish. Cloud can both re-discover a childhood crush *and* maintain eternal feelings of love for Aerith. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

If you can believe it, though, Cloud and Tifa fans go even further and say Square Enix declared the high-affection Highwind scene canon due to largely unknown and unread books mostly sold in Japan. Admittedly, these books do give the high-affection version of the Highwind scene preferential treatment in some places. However, nowhere is the high-affection Highwind scene stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date is. Preferential treatment doesn’t equal canon, whereas something being stated as the ‘normal’ outcome does make something canon [like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date].

Given that this is a love triangle, there has to be a way to play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way. So the answer is yes… you can optionally rekindle a childhood romance through an intentionally *variable* Highwind scene. This is, after-all, a love triangle – Square Enix is required to make Tifa a possibility. But the secondary love story is given a *variable* scene while the primary love story is given a *non-optional* finale regarding the Promised Land.

Everyone in 1997 witnessed Cloud’s heart break when he was holding Aerith’s lifeless body in his arms. Cloud and Aerith had just received a romantic wedding prediction from Cait Sith, went on a ‘normally’ occurring date at Gold Saucer, and spent numerous romantic moments together. Cloud and Aerith’s entire star-crossed love story developed before our eyes – spanning all of disc 1. This clear-cut Clerith love story is why there has been an intentional and systematic campaign to delegitimize, discredit, and downplay disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII.

So although you can play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way (because this is, after-all, a love triangle)… that is clearly not the way Square Enix wanted you to play it on your first playthrough. Cloud and Aerith’s love story was simply too essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of the Planet, the lifestream, life, death, and the Promised Land.

Everything from the official Amano Clerith artwork, to the Final Fantasy Tactics Clerith cameo, to Aerith starting off with more love points than Tifa, it is clear Cloud and Aerith were the intended couple of Final Fantasy VII back in 1997. I have a sneaky suspicion that even the majority of Cloti’s played Final Fantasy VII the Clerith way on their first playthrough.

Recently, I asked my friend DJ about Final Fantasy VII, and what he said about Cloud and Aerith was interesting: “All I remember is that she comes back at the end and they are going to meet inside the planet.” He didn’t even remember the Highwind scene between Cloud and Tifa (and it’s notably absent from the official Final Fantasy VII strategy guide).

Despite Aerith being the intended girl for Cloud, many male gamers seemed to hate Aerith’s spunky, confident personality. And with the release of Crisis Core, these Aerith-haters looked to turn an unsuspecting generation into Cloti and Zerith’s by reducing Clerith to a mere plot twist. 

This fan-made theory ignores two key points, however:

1. Cloud remembers a genuine and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house, proving Aerith reaches the “real” Cloud during their disc 1 interactions.

2. The “real” Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith long after he regains his memories (“I remember Aerith a lot.” ~Cloud during disc 2)

We know by simply observing Cloud’s legitimate and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house that the “real” Cloud was falling in love with Aerith throughout all of disc 1. Aerith was able to evoke the “real” Cloud to the surface and reach his core. That was the entire point of their disc 1 interactions – to showcase that Aerith was reaching the “real” Cloud and brining him to the surface. 

We also know by simply observing Cloud’s behavior after he reagins his memories to know that he is eternally heartbroken over Aerith Gainsborough:

“Delivery Item – Bouquet
Destination – The Forgotten City
Client Name – Elmyra Gainsborough

But, going back to the place where he parted from Aerith might mean that his sorrow and regret was going to tear his heart again.”

~Case of Tifa; Square Enix

After Cloud regains his memories, he remembers Aerith often, fights to avenge her death, and wants to find her in the Promised Land. Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith throughout the entire compilation, something Tifa is confirmed to become jealous of. So don’t ever let anyone tell you Zack makes Clerith illegitimate. He doesn’t.

Only recently have Tifa fanboys tried to remove Barret from the family he created in Case of Tifa, tried to make Denzel [a boy Cloud believes was brought to him by Aerith and later fights with Tifa about] seem like some biological child of Cloud and Tifa’s, make an optional scene that receives preferential treatment only [never being stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Clerith Gold Saucer date] seem like the canon version, and completely ignore Nojima’s quotes about Cloud and Tifa not working out, saying it probably has nothing to do with Geostigma or Sephiroth.

Clerith has always been obvious to anyone with common sense. Aerith moved on from Zack [as she states on her date with Cloud and through official Square Enix quotes] and Cloud continues to love Aerith even after regaining his memories – thinking of her often. And remember, Cloud’s heart ‘cracked’ when Aerith died, and his heart was pulled at again when he visits Aerith’s grave according to Square Enix. Cloud becomes distraught and drinks after visiting Aerith’s grave and fights with Tifa, leaving Tifa wondering if Cloud even loves her. Then Tifa get’s jealous when she see’s Cloud living in Aerith’s Church after she strong-arms Cloud into admitting he believes Aerith led Denzel to him.

At the end of the day, Cloud and Tifa fans wouldn’t be working so hard to discredit disc 1 if it didn’t make Clerith canon. However, due to the 10 romantic disc 1 Cloud x Aerith moments, Clerith was canonized back in 1997. Cloud and Aerith’s love story is essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of love and life beyond death and within the Planet, the lifestream, and – the Promised Land. I can’t wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to expand on Clerith moments that are microcosms of much bigger themes explored throughout the compilation.

Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional, star-crossed love story played out before gamers in 1997. By Square Enix deciding to give Aerith more love points, and declaring her date with Cloud as the ‘normal’ outcome (something that has never been declared for either Highwind scene), it is clear how Square Enix wanted gamers to play the game if they could only place it once. Retcons such as Crisis Core don’t change this. 

“I think I’m beginning to understand. An answer from the planet…the Promised Land…I think I can meet her… there…” 
~Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy VII

“The ending scene of the battle with Bahamut, the scene where Aerith reaches out her hand, is homage to the last scene from a previous production. It was Tetsuya (Nomura)’s idea….” 
~Nojima; Reunion Files; Square Enix

Eternal Love is Real. The Promised Land Does Exist.

Stranger Things May Happen RP #3


Cain inched slowly into the room, his body as confident as he could manage with his side on fire, his knees locked to stay up right, his back straight, and a spinning head. Tifa stood ready in a battle pose, already with a little blood on her, while Cloud, the obvious source, stood a few steps in front of her naked with a bloody nose and what looked like a Vienna Sausage between his legs as Aeris, naked and disheveled, stood on the bed screaming at the two of them to stop as she made no attempt to cover herself.

Cain ignored them for the most part, the closet being along the opposite adjacent wall his top priority. Aeris managed to climb down off of the bed, going to Cloud’s side and doing that healing glowing thing to his nose as Cain reached her closet door.

“Guys, it’s me. It’s safe to come out now. ” Cain broke the silence of the room as he knocked on the door gently before opening it. “The others are outside looking for Shinshilv, wait for me there.”

Cain explained as he hugged each of the puppets, starting with Jester, dressed as his name implied, whose head spun a Sad expression to a Happy one then back to Sad when Cain hugged him and returned the mace. Next came Leech Woman in her almost Morticia Addams flowing gait still in her wedding dress though now a bit worse for wear, she hissed encouragement in his ear during the hug before following Jester. Finally came Set, who could have passed as Horu-Tet’s twin aside from three small differences: Set’s tail was straight, his mask had three red vertical lines instead of horizontal, and his face spun counterclockwise. Once the puppets were safely out of the room, Cain slowly found his way to Tifa’s side.

“There, there, that’s all better baby, just leave it to little old Aeris to take care of you.” Aeris was reassuring Cloud as she finished with the glowing thing. “Now that we are all adults here, how about we act like them? No need to cause more destruction or fighting that Tifa and Cain will have to pay for, we’ll just be reasonable adults discussing this with logic. Now Tifa, why did you kick down two of my doors when you could have just knocked or called ahead? Those aren’t cheap you know. And Cain, can you please tell me why you need to be spreading rumors about Cloud here? I understand if you are jealous but you should know better than that by now.”

Aeris was practically hanging off of Cloud like some kind of model under his right arm. “Honestly, I think that you owe him an apology for tour behavior Cain.”

Cain blinked at the disheveled brunette. “You want me to apologize to the creep who has apparently been sleeping with you, Tifa, and Yuffie and is dead set on killing me for no reason other than I learned that he was? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No, I’m not. I knew Cloud was sleeping with them and I’m okay with it. As long this perfect man is happy, I’m happy. After everything he’s been through and we all went through, I see it as a price I’m more than willing to pay. Cloud deserves happiness and I will make sure that he gets it after surviving the SOLDIER program, saving the world, and constantly living with his own demons. So apologize for yourself. And Tifa, I’m surprised by your part in this. You’ve known him the longest and claimed to have loved him since you were kids, why are you doing this? Don’t you want him to be happy in life?”

Tifa vs Sephiroth

I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject recently. I think Tifa really is the foil to Sephiroth.

Actually, let me clarify…Aerith is a foil to Sephiroth because of the Cetra vs Jenova conflict. Aerith is the one who provides the oppurtunity to stop Sephiroth. 

Aerith is the Cetra’s legacy while Sephiroth is Jenova’s legacy. I will write a separate essay concerning Aerith vs Sephiroth, as there is a lot of detail to cover.

I noticed a great deal of how Tifa opposes Sephiroth both symbolically and directly in regards to Cloud’s narrative. 

If we start out with when Tifa first met Sephiroth, the great Sephiroth, who was reverred as a hero. Tifa was not awestruck by him. In fact, she mentions she felt something very foreboding about the guy. I notice her words says she felt a foreboding about him

This is what I find interesting, is that Cloud wanted to be like the great Sephiroth. But when Tifa finally meets Sephiroth:

Merrium-webster defines foreboding as:

a feeling that something bad is going to happen

Tifa fucking called it. Because shortly after Sephiroth arrives he sets the entire village on fire and murders a lot of people in the process.

Overcome with rage and sorrow over the state of her village, Tifa attempts to attack Sephiroth with his own sword. 

In dialogue, it is stated that Tifa was stabbed/cut by Sephiroth and she asks Cloud how bad she was when she got cut, which he responds that he thought she was a goner. 

Tifa got sliced by Sephiroth’s sword, and fell down an entire flight of stairs. The animation in the OG does a shit job at portraying her tumble down the stairs, but Last Order shows how she bounced from step to step before hitting the floor. 

Hopefully in the remake we will get to see FULLY how traumatic her wound really was, and how potentially fatal, and maybe learn the time frame of how long she was laying on the floor bleeding to death. 

Anyway, Tifa SURVIVES this. A direct cut across her chest and sent down a flight of stairs where she is in and out of consciousness, probably in excruciating pain, and slowly dying. If Tifa had died during that time, it would have been a very slow and agonizing one. 

But Tifa was able to survive long enough for Zangan to find her, and was able to survive all the way to Midgar. 

Fast forward to years later, when Cloud and Tifa are forced to relive the nightmare of Nibelheim. In order to get to Cloud, Sephiroth starts verbally attacking Tifa.

After seeing Cloud was truly not affected by Sephiroth, but seeing that Tifa was, he realizes that in order to get to Cloud he must first get to Tifa. This is exactly what Sephiroth does, he starts to heckle Tifa instead of Cloud. Sephiroth then starts to use Tifa as a way to get to Cloud into fooling him that he is a puppet created by Hojo. He says the Jenova cells read Tifa’s memory and built up the false persona of Cloud, a boy she might have known, who’s name might have been Cloud, who she might have had a starlit promise with. By getting at Tifa, Cloud’s ego starts to crumble. 

Later on, Sephiroth had to block out Tifa’s voice so Cloud couldn’t hear her. 

Sephiroth, in order to get at Cloud, had to first make Tifa waver. He then blocked out her voice so Cloud couldn’t hear her. After a flash of light, Cloud finally turns to Tifa, acknowledging that she’s there for the first time in this scene. 

If we fast forward to AC, there are the remnants of Sephiroth.

Loz is the embodiment of Sephiroth’s strength. And Tifa fights him one on one in the church. 

Tifa fights the emobiment of Sephiroth’s strength in AC.

Originally posted by delicia-e

Here again Tifa is being put up against Sephiroth, only this time the embodiment of his strength. Tifa shows an overwhelming fury of punches and kicks against Loz that he stumbles and staggers, and can barely get a hit in himself. 

The next instant of Tifa shown to directly oppose Sephiroth is in KH2.

What I find so striking about the scene in KH2, is how arrogant Sephiroth is. He is so cocky, so SURE that Cloud will fall deeper into darkness. He mocks Cloud throughout the first and second game, laughing at him, knowing, Cloud will not let go of the darkness…

Then Tifa shows up. At first, Sephiroth brushes her off–doesn’t consider her a threat. But then he starts to get worried. Tifa’s presence makes Sephiroth nervous.

Tifa offers a third option. Cloud doesn’t need to let go of the darkness, he just needs light. When his light is so big, the darkness will be buried by it and be in a place where Sephiroth can’t reach. 

Tifa again fights Sephiroth one-on-one, appearing evenly matched in KH2.

Just like Loz, at first, Sephiroth doesn’t take her seriously…but then realizes what a threat she is. After fighting Tifa, Sephiroth begins to worry, and he knows Tifa is right.

He continues to try and mock Cloud, to fill doubt into his head, but it’s not working.

When he sees Cloud accept the light, Sephiroth tries to stop it. 

Sephiroth was succeeding, until Tifa finally caught up to Cloud, then Sephiroth becomes nervous and enraged because he can no longer get to Cloud. This is similar to the OG, where in order to get to Cloud he first broke down Tifa who was Cloud’s pillar of support. However, this time, Sephiroth tries to show he is stronger than the light, but Tifa is able to fight him equally. All that’s left is for Cloud to make the choice, light or dark? Sephiroth tries to tell him the light does not suit him, but upon seeing him accept the light, Sephiroth jumps to attack and tries to stop the process. 

Another instance of Tifa going against Sephiroth is in Dissidia Duodecim, when Sephiroth realizes that Tifa is the key to regaining his memories. 

Sephiroth remembers Tifa….but she doesn’t remember him. This is something Sephiroth mentions and seemingly laments about. 

After they fight, he regains most of his memories, and wonders how much more he’ll regain if he kills her. 

This is where Cloud appears. Cloud who is on Chaos’ side, and Tifa, who is on Cosmos’ side. He rushes to stop Sephiroth from killing her. Because of Cloud doing this, fighting against Sephiroth, his ally, to save Tifa, his enemy, Cloud is brought back on Cosmos’ side. This seems very familiar to the light vs dark struggle Cloud had in KH. 

Another thing that should be noted, is in AC when Tifa says “Dilly dally, shilly shally” she asks “Which is it? A memory or us?” 

When Cloud fights his final battle with Sephiroth, he tells him “Stay where you belong, in my memories”

When it comes to Cloud’s narrative, Tifa is always there opposing Sephiroth. 

In the OG, Sephiroth tells Cloud that he is a puppet, and never existed for more than 5 years. A way Sephiroth gets Cloud to believe this is by attacking Tifa, and by doing this Cloud believes Sephiroth. But, it is Tifa who helps Cloud discover who he really is in the OG. 

She’s the one who pieces Cloud back together into his true self. Sephiroth thought he won again, but as usual Tifa provides the foil. Sephiroth can’t break Cloud’s spirit as long as Tifa is around. Even when Sephiroth makes Tifa falter, she always prevails. 

She is also pitted against Sephiroth in spin-offs and the compilation. 

Another thing that I feel needs to be mentioned, is that Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth are all from Nibelheim. 

When Cloud returns to Nibelehim in the OG, Sephiroth asks what it feels like to return home, and then says he has no hometown. What Sephiroth doesn’t know is that he was born in Nibelheim, just like Cloud and Tifa. 

In the lifestream scene, Tifa notes “It connects to Nibelheim?” 

It really does. Sephiroth was born in Nibelheim, just like Tifa and Cloud. So it’s the villain, hero, and heroine all from the same town. The town where everything went wrong. 

All born in Nibelheim, they all found themselves in Midgar. Sephiroth at some point was transported from Nibelheim to Midgar, and he must have been very young as he doesn’t remember or know he’s from Nibelheim. 

Cloud, in order to be like Sephiroth and impress Tifa, left for Midgar. In some strange twist of fate, Cloud and Sephiroth return to Nibelheim where all hell breaks lose. In the chaos Tifa is injured by Sephiroth, and transported to Midgar.

Cloud, who was being held in Nibelheim, was carried to Midgar by Zack who wanted to return to Aerith. By this, Cloud returns to Midgar, and reunites with Tifa at the train station. 

It all started in Nibelheim.

Character Spotlight- Tifa Lockhart with Mod Knight

Hey nasties, Mod Knight here with another character spotlight! Continuing on our theme of awesome Final Fantasy girls, I’ve just GOT to talk about Tifa Lockhart. Originating in FF7, Tifa is just and awesome, fun character all around.

Where to even begin with her, well, I feel like the obvious thing to start with is just plain and simple how badass she is! Even as a young girl she decided to make a journey across a dangerous mountain in an attempt to find her mother. Later on she not only survived an attack by Sephiroth, but soon after joined the resistance against the shinra corporation, being the one who brought the protagonist, Cloud, into the group.

Despite not being the leader of the group, Tifa’s motivations for fighting are just as strong as her friends, having suffered through the loss of her father and her hometown. In battle she brings her incredible strength to bear, choosing to fight with her fists rather than a sword or magic.She’s shown to be strong enough to break herself free from industrial restraints in order to save herself and her friends from a gas chamber.

Not to mention she provides much of the emotional support that the party needs to make it through their journey, so much so that she comes off as motherly at times! Unfortunately, she has a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of her own, letting her own problems sit until she’s ready to deal with them.


Overall, Tifa Lockhart is an excellent, well rounded character who is able to show her strength, and also her weakness without being hurt by her emotional tendencies, rather they go on to make her much more relatable!! I’m glad to have experienced a character like Tifa and hope to see many more like her in the future!

Until then, this is Mod Knight! Thanks for reading!

This. Right here. Is a poster for Advent Children. It features Tifa in Aerith’s church with the flowers all around.“

Whenever Cloud is shown with flowers a huge fuss is made about it and it usually circles into being part of the debate. Well, no, FUCK YOU. I am making a fuss about THIS picture. THIS PICTURE OF TIFA SURROUNDED BY FLOWER PETALS IN AERITH’S CHURCH. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!!

Why is this a big deal to me? Because I love Aerith and Tifa’s friendship and I will never reduce their friendship to something petty like fighting over a guy when the world’s in danger.

This picture is SUPER IMPORTANT. Not only does Tifa look insanely badass in it, but Aerith’s presence is in the picture as well.

I have seen every possible word picked apart, every phrase skewed to mean something different, every scene carefully nitpicked for SOMETHING to be brought up.

So I bring to you, the Tifa and Loz fight scene.

When the fight begins, Tifa makes the first move, forcing Loz out of the flower field!!!

Tifa tries to fight as far from the flower patch as possible. When she lands in the flower patch, she practically jumps over the whole thing. She doesn’t trample them or run through them, she jumps over them.

When Loz lands in the flowers Tifa PUNCHES him out of them.

The only time Tifa is ever in the flower field during this fight is whenever Loz attacks her, ALWAYS targeting her towards the flowers. The only time the flowers get hurt or trampled, is when Tifa is taking hits from Loz. Other than that, she fights outside of the patch.

The creator’s have said that there is a lot of symbolism within the movie, such as the angel statue and the wolf appearing. Although some of these were not given any actual meaning, the angel statue is meant to be symbolic nonetheless, but to what is up to the viewer.

This fight scene with Loz I believe also to be symbolic. Loz is a remnant of Sephiroth, and is suppose to be the characteristic of Sephy’s strength. Flower’s, of course the ones in the church, symbolize Aerith.

Loz also remarks on how he thinks the flowers are "gross” and we know that Sephy wasn’t particularly fond of Aerith.

Tifa fights away from the flowers, yet they still get trampled and hurt as Tifa gets beaten. I believe this to be symbolism of Tifa being hurt, Aerith is also hurting, but she can’t actively help Tifa. All she can do is be passive like the flowers.

The poster shows Tifa looking awesome, but surrounded by the petals, and the petals are also present during Tifa’s limit break in Dissidia 012.

As Tifa fights, Aerith is with her always. When Tifa is hurt, Aerith is hurt. The two fight together GIRL POWER against Loz/Sephiroth/Jenova.

This scene in the movie is a very meaningful one to me and my feelings on AerTi.