tifa and vance


I started going through some old fanart that’s been done of my Tifa and I came across all this lovely fanart involving Tifa and Vance. If you’ve been with me long enough, you may remember this pairing. It was one of my first on this blog, and to this day, it’s my favorite. Thegreyfacedbutler and I created magic with these two characters, and Vance is one of my favorite OCs ever made.

Bless anyone who ever made fanart of our babus and their family. I miss you all, and I miss this beautiful pairing. 

The Boy

A visit between mothers leaves their teenage children to their own devices. Jackie does her best not to seem strange for the child of Tifa and Vance. Sure, they’ve been friends since birth, but… Her shapeshifty magic is weird, Noah can’t see it. Not even if she’s about to panic and turn into a fox to run away. Nope nope nope. She does her best to keep a smile on her face, chattering about things with Noah, her mouth sort of on auto-pilot. That can’t possibly go wrong!

thegreyfacedbutler submitted:

It was still a little early in the season, but Seventh Heaven was getting into the swing of the holidays. The front and roof of the bar had been adorned with colorful flashing lights, wreathes of holly and fir had been hung on walls, and more than a few bright red ribbons had been tacked to the shelves that contained the refreshments.

One of the rare occasions that both Vance and Tifa were working the establishment was today, baby Noah cradled in his mother’s arm while his father poured drinks. The butler had taken out all the stops for that day, using a few of his more flashy drink creation techniques and a sprinkle of magical flare to liven the spirits of those imbibing spirits. The barmaid watched with a mixture of amusement and awe, rolling her eyes whenever Vance would pull of some silly maneuver and cast a wink her way. They were even serving one of her husband’s new specialties: a shot of white chocolate liqueur, the glass rimmed with crushed peppermint candy canes.

Partway through the shift, Tifa gave a nod to her spouse, turning to the assembled patronage and announcing that the bar service was paused for approximately one hour. When more than one voice inquired as to why such a thing was happening mid-day on a weekend, the woman simply grinned, gently passing her newborn over to Vance before leaving the main room. A moment later when she returned, she had hefted a giant pot of soup, setting it behind the bar and taking Noah back from her husband. That accomplished, the butler turned to the collective, snapped his fingers, and a spoon and bowl burst into existence before them with a flash of festive-toned light.

“We’re serving a free lunch today, to thank everyone for all of their support,” Tifa chimed, her voice immediately met with an uproar of approval. One by one, every customer approached Vance and offered their bowl, which he quickly filled before thanking them. A few moments later, the entire room was a mixture of delicious smelling food and the unmistakable sounds of joy. Some of those people didn’t have the money for drinks, and were only at Seventh Heaven to experience the atmosphere. Some hadn’t seen wholesome food in weeks. But thanks to the kindness of the owner of the bar and her husband, they ate heartily, and would be happy to come back again when they had found their feet.

As husband and wife surveyed the scene and started to retrieve empty dishes and mugs, Vance gave himself a smirk and leapt atop the bar itself, beaming down at the whole gathering. “To Tifa Shadowheart!” he cried, raising a mug, at once met with a bellowed ‘To Tifa!’ from every person there.

The barmaid’s face went crimson in a second, and still bearing his smile, Vance clambered down to the floor and took his wife in his arms, dipping her in a brief but passionate kiss. This incited a mixture of laughter and applause, and once standing upright, Tifa gave her husband a light smack on the arm before returning his smile.

They were doing so much good. And their love only made it that much more perfect.

Lost in Your Eyes ||AU|| Vance + Tifa

The chill in the air caused Tifa to hold her coat closer to her frame where she sat. The constellations above kept her calm, despite the fact that she was all over the place in her head. If there was one thing in the world that hadn’t abandoned her, it was the stars. 

Always shining, always guiding…

Reminding her that she wasn’t completely alone, despite feeling like she was. It was one of the reasons she had returned here, once everything had settled in Edge. She knew she was needed here more than in the city. And she wanted to come back. To make her old home a real home again. Fate appeared to agree, since Barret had been able to save enough money to have Marlene live with him again, and Denzel was every bit as determined she was to help others. 

Then, there was Cloud. She could tell by the longing in his eyes whenever he visited, that he wished he could stay longer than a day. That he could feel comfortable here. But each morning, she would wake to the name scribbled apologizes and mentions of memories and demons. She had her own to fight every single day, but it seemed that Cloud wasn’t ready to face his yet.

Maybe he never will be, Tifa thought to herself as she gazed at the sparkling lights in the night sky. I need to accept that.

It was nice to have a little time to herself, on the all-too-familiar water tower of her childhood. Ever since she returned with Denzel and opened Seventh Heaven, business boomed in the small village and with it, came new faces. Gone were the cloaked ghosts of ShinRa; replaced with families and survivors that wanted their lives back. Even with all the change, some things remained the same. 

Like the ache in her heart as she sat so high up, wondering about a particular blond and what he was up to…