Martijn caught up with @kholebeatz for an interview during @palmesus festival last night. The interview is in Norwegian language so most of you guys won’t understand hence here’s the translation of some important questions/answers in english :

1) The renowned magazine DJ Mag has rated you as the 3rd Best DJ in the world (over both David Guetta and Tiesto), and you are only 20 years old. How does it feel?

MG : I’m not from the one who follows the ranking system. But having said that I am incredibly honored to be on the same list as my role models. It feels unreal when I headline festivals with them.

2) You’ve traveled around the world. Which is the most coolest country to play?

MG : I have many listeners in America, so there is a big market for me. However, it is also incredibly amazing to play in South America.

3) Do you listen to any Norwegian artists?

MG : Yes of course! KYGO

4) Favorite song at this moment?

MG : Umm. You are not making it easy for me here haha! A song? Then it must be ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers! 

You can read the full interview HERE.