Suits on boards

@shesagent x @alimedina53 x @thestreetsensei

This was our first shoot of 2016 and man they don’t disappoint you! Just look at them!! This was initiated by @alimedina53 who found a skating space in BK but then @shesagent came up with the whole “Suits on Boards” theme. Lately, I’ve been really into only doing shoots that has some type of concepts so this was actually perfect! Seriously, it really matters who you surround yourself with and I can’t be happier than these 2 cool cats are around me. 


These dazzling light-up LED neckties tell the world that dress codes will never cramp your style. Made by Electric Styles, the ties are also sound-activated, so their LED displays are animated by music and other sounds, making your presence the catalyst for an instant rave.

The LED Animated Neck Ties comes in a variety of styles, including an equalizer, striped, diamond, duckies, piano, and even an eagle wearing sunglasses, all of which are currently available here.

[via Technabob and Laughing Squid]


How to Fix a Snag (in Almost Anything)

Our friends at Sam Hober recently made a video on how to fix a snag in a grenadine. The loosely woven Italian silk is beautiful, but it admittedly snags easily, which can turn an expensive purchase into something unwearable. The solution? Don’t cut the snag – gently push it back into place with a fine needle and some thread. 

The technique works on other things as well. I’ve used on it on everything from finely woven neckties to sweaters to shirts. On tougher garments, you can use Dritz’ Snag Nab-It tool to help you along. It has a rough end to help pull a snag through to the other side, but on more delicate materials, you’ll want to use a smoother needle (like Noi demonstrates above). 

Incidentally, Sam Hober is great for neckwear. Their website isn’t as flashy as some bigger brands, but they make bespoke, handmade ties for less than the price of high-end ready-to-wear. Their quality control is also much better than I’ve found anywhere else. You can sort through their fabrics in-person by ordering swatches