There comes a time in the life of every flower when it is faced with the decision to grow. All begin as seeds which have  to be planted deep, covered in darkness and vast potential and gifted with the ingredients for a successful life. Time passes and this seed struggles and toils with the darkness striving for progress and seeking something different, something higher. Once the decision of growth has been made the seed goes forward, moment by moment moving through the darkness. Until one day the seed breaks the boundary between the darkness and the light and progresses forth to bloom and blossom into a flower,  it’s highest expression.

I encourage you to be like that flower. Do not fear the dark for in it are infinite possibiliTEAs.

Photography by Shamayim


Simplicitea Series Part II

Laughing at you calenders and clocks as she awaits the moment

eyes agape

she waits

Moments are all She has

right now is all she’s ever had

what to do?

what to say?

in a clocks tick it will be past

once passed the moment is but a memory


there is nothing like right now

there has never been

there will never be.


Photography is about capturing a moment. Joseph and I did just that. The location for this shoot was my good friend and fellow artist’s apartment, Chrissy the Black. You can see her piece in the background of a few of these shots. At this time we were grooving to Drake’s NWTS album - Worst Behavior. We laughed as we attempted to perform the song like only Drake can- It was such a funny moment. Always be reminded that beautea is fluid, you can find it any where if you are looking. It’s simple. This is Simplicitea.

I seem to go through phases with what inspire[s] me. Over the past summer, I was intrigued by beauty. Now I seem to be inspired by other artists, more specifically musicians/singers/rappers… I’m going to start doing more work related or based off of songs that I really like.

                                                                       -Joseph Kelly, Photographer



It’s taken some time for me to learn to live in the present moment. I had to learn that right now I am exactly where I need to be. When working on my craft this lesson is gold. For one to capture my true essence, I must be present, must be fearless and must be, me. I can’t be distracted by what was,for that is no more. I can’t cloud my mind with what ahead, for that has yet to come. The life long task of constructing that which is Tea is indeed challenging. I choose to believe I come fully qualified and equipt for the journey. I just have to remain present, and simply be.

My fellow beings…my challenge to you,


Photography by Jason Forbes and Jose Compre

Makeup Artistry by moshoodat
Styled by Tea



The BenTwins Been Trill

Royston GA - one of my old homes and the birthplace of my brother. The air is so clear out in good old Franklin County and contains whispers my childhood memories. He and I got fly for the family meal and snagged some shots on Pop Pop’s truck before dinner.

Get Tea’s Fit

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Iced Tea

Yesterday I decided to get fly and catch some shots in the freshly fallen snow. I grabbed some awesome thrift finds and wanted to show em off! In fact, aside from the tights and shoes, my entire outfit is collected from the thrift store. I accomplished style with less than 20 dollars and a whole lot of flavor. The snow is cool and all but I can’t wait to share some Hot Tea this summa.