tierra plastica

instrument table

This diagram allows me to be specific about a certain triad that defines a landscape instrument:  form, effect, and activity something takes part in.  When used with a drawing- a section for instance- this diagram type allows me to encompass all three aspects of an instrument as they occur in a landscape.  In addition, when multiple tables are used for the various instruments in a landscape it allows the designer to understand and choreograph certain patterns that occur in a landscape of instruments.

These sections are an attempt to explore and represent the way that instruments make landscapes.  Every object drawn is imagined as an instrument with a form, an effect, and an activity it takes part in (the instrumental triad, which I will write about soon on the blog).  For this, new techniques (the diagrams I’m working with, as well as the stacking of the instrument tables and the sections themselves) are used to examine the specificities in the creation of space over time through instruments.

In this case, the city lagoon is shown in three sections:

top:  a rainy fall day, elevated water levels in the riachuelo from a moderate sudestada weather event, dredging is occuring, sewers are overflowing

middle:  a warm midwinter weekend day during the late morning, birds from Patagonia are along the rio de la plata estuary and visiting the riachuelo, no hyacinth are in the canal due to the season, people are beginning to trickle over to the racing soccer stadium for a match in the early afternoon.

bottom:  a hot summer day, no dredging is occuring and sediment is starting to stack up near the dredge pit, seasonal plantings are in place along the tow path, benefitting from the composting facilities along the canal