Tierney Finstar by Alis Pelleschi

Niko Da Ikon dropped his new video yesterday (soundtracked by Chester French‘s classic slow jam ‘Drop’) which is good for two reasons: a) because it stopped everyone worrying about whether or not Azaelia Banks is a #seapunk, and b) because it’s the best video we’ve seen all year. But who is the mysterious girl at the centre of Niko’s affections whose panties are gonna ‘Drop, drop, drop to the floor’? None other than LA homegirl Tierney Finstar. We hung out with the pair of them earlier this year, and they took us to their local park to shoot some hoops and watch mini league baseball – as well as schooling us on the secret menu at In-N-Out burger (I’ve wanted all my meals served ‘Animal Style’ ever since). Somewhere in between all of that, we also took a time out to get these photos of Niko’s leading lady.