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i watched Teen Titans vs The Justice League and also The Judas Contract today and see I’m conflicted bc I absolutely adore the characterizations of most of the titans, Damian especially, BUT IT SO HEAVILY FEATURES DICK AND STARFIRE AND I’M NOT REALLY ABOUT THAT LIIIIIFEEEEE  (not to mention that beast boy and terra had me cringing like a motherfucker)

i mean. it wasn’t unbearable. but judas contract especially so heavily focuses on the romance aspect and i kind of just am disinterested in romance in general. They were kinda cute? but nah not for me thabks. Damian and Raven were my saving graces in that whole series tbfh

su fave character tiers (updated)

god tier: bismuth, garnet, ruby/sapphire, amethyst, any of the off-colors, topaz, the ruby squad

good tier: greg, smoky quartz, sardonyx, connie, the cool kids, blue/yellow zircon, the famethyst, stevonnie, sugilite

okay tier: steven, lars, jamie, any other beach city randoms, rainbow quartz, opal, jasper, mystery girl, alexandrite, 

bad/low tier: aquamarine, lapis, peridot, sadie, blue/yellow pearl, blue agate, mayor dewey, malachite

shit tier: pearl, rose quartz, andy, kevin, blue diamond, yellow diamond


The Vintage Pantry

The Vintage Pantry is a beautiful cafe in the middle of nowhere.
Beautiful country drive through Pitt town but not too far from civilisation, it offers the cutest high tea experience for only $40.
This place may be located in an isolated area but boy was it busy!
It is seriously worth the 20 min drive to visit the cutest decor, friendly and happy staff and quality food and drinks.
When we walked in you could tell it had a great vibe, not just for customers but staff too. They were genuinely happy to be there on a Sunday and even though both the indoor and outdoor were completely full they didn’t seem stressed as the Vintage pantry actually caters enough staff to demand. Such a different scene to all the other cheap employers.
Anyway, with happy staff breeds happy environment for customers so you feel welcomed, such a breath of fresh air!
The stand outs of the three tier stand had to be their hot food of quiches and spinach and ricotta rolls!
The scones were literally falling apart they were that soft. And I liked how they used icing sugar to sprinkle on top rather than flour.
Desserts were all quality and we pretty much ate everything on the stand. Thats saying something as most of the time something is left behind because of how gross it was.
Tea selection is average but more than my recent visit to The Hydro Majestic and the tea actually tasted very nice!
Overall great experience with decent price, The Vintage Pantry has become close to number one on my list of high teas actually worth visiting!

shit tier craig: abusive asshole who Smokes and Is Generally Really Edgy and Plays With People’s Emotions while showing No Emotions himself

low tier craig: No Emotions™ bully 

mid tier craig: total goofy Nerd

top tier craig: more aloof compared to the other boys but still showing Normal human emotions while still having a generally good heart 

god tier craig: stand-offish and monotonous at first glance, but is more open and shows emotion around people he’s close to and still retaining his cool composure while simultaneously being a lot little nerdy about things he’s interested in (guinea pigs, space, etc.) and still tends to bully/get frustrated with people a lot but has a good heart

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘The company advertised the need for someone who could leer. Ellenya volunteered. She is, after all, highly skilled at both leering and volunteering.’

It all started at the weir, where I was a sightseer on the upper tier. I was standing here, thinking of buccaneers, and musketeers when I happened to overhear a puppeteer named Shakespeare mention he’d like a volunteer to leer. It seemed quite clear to eye and ear that I should offer to be that volunteer, so now I leer beside the weir as others cheer the puppeteer.

Happy Birthday to Me - part 4 of 4 - Jonsa

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qinaliel !!


The kiddy table wasn’t so bad, Jon mused as his attention was pulled between his two new companions - a 5 year old with cute little wire framed glasses named Oliver, and a 6 year old girl with frizzy red hair called Alice. There were a couple of moody looking teens at the table too, who were busy projecting their bored-as-hell-and-not-interested-in-anything state of being whilst being glued to their phones. “What colour should the girl’s hair be Jon”? Alice asks, her happy wide green eyes perusing the selection of crayons for her colouring as she absentmindedly pulled at the elastic from her pointy party hat, letting it gently snap back under her chin.

“I’ve always thought red hair was very pretty” Jon smiled at the young redhead.

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Gene Rating

God tier: Cherub, Falcon, Giraffe, Poison, Ripple, Skink, Current, Hex, Peregrine, Spinner, Toxin, Okapi, Opal, Thylacine
Good tier: Bar, Jupiter, Vipera, Butterfly, Saturn, Circuit, Contour, Lace, Runes, Stained
Alright tier: Clown, Petals, Piebald, Daub, Eye Spots, Paint, Crackle
“I prefer it over genes I can’t stand” tier: Crystal, Iridescent, Facet, Shimmer, Glimmer, Smoke, Spines, Underbelly
“There’s a total of two instances where I have liked it” tier: Speckle, Freckle, Hypnotic, Seraph, Stripes, Gembond
Garbage tier: Metallic, Tiger, Alloy, Scales

  • lame tier: hermit purple #2 is jonathan's stand
  • okay tier: the world is jonathan's stand
  • good tier: jonathan would have had a completely unique stand not shown
  • great tier: jonathan's ghost became a stand ie he's star platinum but only part 3 star platinum
  • best tier: jonathan IS the stand

Ever since the Salem Witch Trials, the wizarding community has gone underground, per say. If you’ve heard how under wraps the population of London is, then New York is a whole new battle ground. The no maj’s of the US are much less oblivious. There have been whispers about wands up sleeves that float about for decades and after Rappaport’s Law tensions were higher than ever. So the magical folk of the US, especially in large cities, have become more and more talented at wandless magic. 

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Being Taehyung’s girlfriend means
  • you getting him a silly present like a bumper sticker that says “i brake for puppies” and him going crazy and talking about it for days to anyone who will listen
  • you guys sitting on the couch watching tv and him just–out of nowhere–being like “do you think octopus babies make friends with fish or just other octopus babies?”
  • and if it weren’t taetae you’d be like wtf but instead you’re just like “well finding nemo says they all hang out and that seems pretty legit”
  • and he just nods like “no you’re right”
  • him coming up to you when you’re going about your day like brushing your teeth or whatever and hugging you and picking you up
  • and you laugh because all the while he’s screaming i love you
  • and this is just like a normal every day thing but it’s his favorite way of reminding you of just how much he loves you
  • he skypes you every day he’s away and tells you everything that happened during the day
  • like if he saw a cat he’s not just gonna tell you he saw a cat he’s gonna tell you what color it was and how big it was and whether it was friendly
  • and he feels totally comfortable going into that much detail with everything because he knows you care about him and love hearing him talk as much as he loves hearing you talk
  • snow days means cuddling in bed and drinking hot chocolate and telling stories about your childhood
  • and taetae is crazy attentive like he might as well be taking notes
  • he’s shameless about how much he loves you–SHAMELESS–so when halloween rolls around he’s got a couples costume already planned
  • and for christmas he buys you guys matching sweaters
  • and your birthday is a fucking national holiday because taetae goes ALL OUT
  • like full on surprise party with mountains of presents
  • and a big tiered cake
  • and taetae standing in the middle of it all with this big smile on his face like he already knows you’re gonna go crazy over all of it
  • and you do

update on an’s snl season one watch: i’m on episode 22? jane curtin has grown EXPONENTIALLY on me since i first started watching. at this juncture my tier list stands:

god: john, gilda

pretty kool: dan, jane

not entirely sold, yet: laraine, garrett

kindly deposit yourself into a hole: chevy

my preferred pairings r john/gilda, jane/gilda, & jane/chevy. no hate please, thank u


– Which Ship? –

Alright, I’m gonna make a note about a different kind of shipping for a second. :)

You probably saw my recent post on the substantial evidence for Jade and crew piloting their session through the Breach via a ship, and the implications thereof. There’s a question I didn’t answer there, however: What kind of ship?

The Prospit and Derse type battleships were the first major sky-ships we were ever shown, on the 3x-prototyped battlefield, and the kids managed to make use of both of them before the session was done. They could easily be employed again. Grandpa Harley’s ship was also shown to be capable of space-flight, at least in-session… and it wouldn’t be out of the question to figure that Grandma Jade might have had a similar ship we’ve yet to see, possibly outfitted to the brim with powerful weaponry (knowing her). Our original Jade Harley, tasked to deliver the entire session through the Breach, would do well with a battleship that she herself designed and owned in another life, wouldn’t she?

There’s also the Battleship Condescension, )(IC’s personal carrier. It’s natural to assume that with such a powerful ship still in the session, someone besides the Condesce – who’s destined to die early by Jane’s hand – might make good use of it once she’s out of the way. If my crazy theory that Tavros might go through a Captain-Hook-like role inversion pans out, it’s actually quite likely that this Blood-red ship would become his Jolly Roger, until he’s defeated before the endgame commences. (Perhaps staffed by a communed-with “skeleton crew”, heheh.)

So, which ship should we imagine our god-tier heroes standing aboard, to dramatic music, as they close in on the final shipboard battle?

Grandma Jade’s ship might fit with Jade the best, but (EDIT) an anon did point out that with a long ship headed Freudianly in the direction of a black hole for the sake of reality reproduction, )(IC’s battleship makes for a nice, stealthy “fork” pun. Hm… what if they took the Battleship Condescension and fixed it up with a new coat of green paint? They’re the faction associated with Calliope, after all, inbound to the site at which both realities are potentially about to be created. Perhaps they could rename it the “Breach Challenger” or something? I don’t know!

Just a detail to think about is all.  :D


Shenzhen edges Hong Kong as China’s most competitive city

China’s southern city of Shenzhen knocked down Hong Kong to become the country’s most competitive city in 2014, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the country’s top think tank. For the first time in a decade, Hong Kong has lost the top spot.

The survey, contained in CASS’s Blue Book on Urban Competitiveness, was released in Beijing last Friday. It ranks 294 cities across the country based on their economic competitiveness, livability, business advantages and sustainability.

Shanghai, China’s economic hub, took the third position and the capital Beijing only managed to clinch the eighth spot.

The survey cited Shenzhen’s focus on innovation as the reason for its rise. It said that Hong Kong’s lack of professionals in innovation and technology had dented the city’s standing, along with last year’s social problems, including the Occupy Central events and protests against tourists from the Chinese mainland.

The environment was also one of the important markers in the ranking. Shenzhen was listed as fourth in China’s top ten cities with the best air quality last year, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Shenzhen is a young Chinese city that was set up in 1979. A Special Economic Zone was established the following August in 1980, when China was in the thrust of economic reforms. It has now grown into one of China’s four first-tier cities, standing alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

anonymous asked:

(Request per my lil sister) She just saw you were taking prompts and she's had one in her head. Could you make a fic where Natsu realizes his relationship with Lucy is changing? Maybe a modern style one. Please with a cherry on top :)


Suddenly, the stars were in disarray.

She was laughing, her cheeks were dimpling, and everything he knew was unravelling before him like the thin scarf draped around her neck. He watched her untangle it from her hair and fold it into her lap. Her skin was radiant in the morning sunlight. He felt as though his feet stood inches above the ground. His heart was pounding. All of a sudden it was as though the world stood at an angle and any second now he’d tumble off the precipice and vanish into the darkest depths of the universe. 

For Lucy, Natsu would surrender happily. 

“So I told her that if she stopped crying,” Lucy went on, her voice a mere whisper in the resilient echo of his heartbeat, “that I’d buy her some cake when I get home.”

Natsu had never been so grateful to Erza as he was in that moment. Her last-minute change of plans had given birth to a new kind of splendour. He’d had countless opportunities to be alone with Lucy before. Erza’s roommate had proved to be a strange girl – a writer, apparently, whose imagination took Erza into wild, unimaginable places. The two girls had become close and, over the past year, Natsu had come to experience Lucy’s…unique energy…for himself. 

He’d never appreciated those times until just now. 

She blinked a lot when she rambled. He’d never noticed the ring of gold around her pupils or the constellation of freckles on her cheek. Her dimples vanished as she laid her bag against the leg of her chair, nursing it close with the heel of her shoe. The table between them seemed to stretch on for miles. Her lips were moving but, for a while, no sound seemed to come out. 

“Natsu?” She leaned forward in her seat. “Did you hear what I said?”

Clearing his throat, Natsu barely managed a breath as she hooked strands of hair behind her ear. He’d never noticed the way her brow wrinkled when she sipped her tea. 

“Sorry,” he said in a whisper. “Erza’s scary when she can’t have cake.”

“Are you okay? Your face is red,” Lucy observed. She reached out to knock strands of hair back from his face. Her palm was cool as it brushed his forehead. Her brow furrowed. 

“You remember those cupcakes you used to share with Erza?” he asked, averting his gaze as she continued to feel his forehead. “You’d always eat the vanilla first because you liked it the least.”

Lucy’s eyes widened. “You noticed that?”

Dismissing her question with the wave of his hand, Natsu clenched a fist against the polished table between them. All around him the distant chatter of surrounding couples tied his stomach in knots. He could see the distant blur of waiters weaving in and out of tables spread out across the terrace. The pink parasol swayed in the centre of their table, casting Lucy deeper in its shadow. 

“Now you eat the lemon ones first,” he went on, “because you’ve grown to like the vanilla ones.”

Lucy sank back into her seat and twirled a fingertip over the rim of her cup as he talked. He felt naked under the weight of her eyes on his. 


“I think I understand that now,” he told her. “How it felt when your feelings changed. Sudden. Like there was a fire in your belly that you just couldn’t put out.” 

Lucy eyed the half-eaten cake on his plate. Chocolate sprinkles littered the floral pattern. It was unlike Natsu to leave food on his plate. She knew that, and so the concern etched itself deeper into her eyes.

“Oh no,” Lucy cupped her face in both hands, a victim to the terror of her own thoughts, “did I order the wrong cake? Do you dislike the chocolate one now? I knew I should’ve gone with the strawberry. I can get you something else. Erza cancelled on me at the last minute and I just didn’t know what to–”

Natsu took her hand in his, bringing Lucy’s almost-tangent to a swift and painless end. She met his gaze once more, clearly torn between words she wanted to say and her obvious lack of understanding. 

“The cake is fine,” he said, squeezing her fingers. 

“You were late so I just ordered the same thing you had last time,” she said in a panicked whisper.

“Lucy,” Natsu sucked in a breath. “You’re my vanilla cupcake.”

“I’m… I’m what?”

It took her a moment to line the pieces up. When realisation struck, Natsu watched those pieces fall into place. She turned her gaze skywards and leaned back in her seat. Her face, awash in the spring sunlight, took on the faintest shade of pink.

“You want to eat me last?” she laughed, twisting a stand of hair around her index finger. She looked at the city moving beneath them, watched the citizens glance both ways before crossing the streets and counted the cracks in the pavement. 

It was a while before Natsu found it in himself to answer. “If I ordered a box of cupcakes…all of them would be vanilla.”

And four years later, at their wedding, Natsu honoured his words and celebrated his vows with a three-tiered stand of vanilla cupcakes.