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Oh, Baby! | 01

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Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | ?

Genre: Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Slight Angst

 Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

 A/N: I think this series is going to be a whole lot of fun to write, because ‘Life As We Know It’ is one of my favourite movies. Also, Sehun with a baby?? Yes please!

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i watched Teen Titans vs The Justice League and also The Judas Contract today and see I’m conflicted bc I absolutely adore the characterizations of most of the titans, Damian especially, BUT IT SO HEAVILY FEATURES DICK AND STARFIRE AND I’M NOT REALLY ABOUT THAT LIIIIIFEEEEE  (not to mention that beast boy and terra had me cringing like a motherfucker)

i mean. it wasn’t unbearable. but judas contract especially so heavily focuses on the romance aspect and i kind of just am disinterested in romance in general. They were kinda cute? but nah not for me thabks. Damian and Raven were my saving graces in that whole series tbfh

su fave character tiers (updated)

god tier: bismuth, garnet, ruby/sapphire, amethyst, any of the off-colors, topaz, the ruby squad

good tier: greg, smoky quartz, sardonyx, connie, the cool kids, blue/yellow zircon, the famethyst, stevonnie, sugilite

okay tier: steven, lars, jamie, any other beach city randoms, rainbow quartz, opal, jasper, mystery girl, alexandrite, 

bad/low tier: aquamarine, lapis, peridot, sadie, blue/yellow pearl, blue agate, mayor dewey, malachite

shit tier: pearl, rose quartz, andy, kevin, blue diamond, yellow diamond


The Vintage Pantry

The Vintage Pantry is a beautiful cafe in the middle of nowhere.
Beautiful country drive through Pitt town but not too far from civilisation, it offers the cutest high tea experience for only $40.
This place may be located in an isolated area but boy was it busy!
It is seriously worth the 20 min drive to visit the cutest decor, friendly and happy staff and quality food and drinks.
When we walked in you could tell it had a great vibe, not just for customers but staff too. They were genuinely happy to be there on a Sunday and even though both the indoor and outdoor were completely full they didn’t seem stressed as the Vintage pantry actually caters enough staff to demand. Such a different scene to all the other cheap employers.
Anyway, with happy staff breeds happy environment for customers so you feel welcomed, such a breath of fresh air!
The stand outs of the three tier stand had to be their hot food of quiches and spinach and ricotta rolls!
The scones were literally falling apart they were that soft. And I liked how they used icing sugar to sprinkle on top rather than flour.
Desserts were all quality and we pretty much ate everything on the stand. Thats saying something as most of the time something is left behind because of how gross it was.
Tea selection is average but more than my recent visit to The Hydro Majestic and the tea actually tasted very nice!
Overall great experience with decent price, The Vintage Pantry has become close to number one on my list of high teas actually worth visiting!

dear renison stans,

the ship is cute but lets be real just because it was two single girls doesn’t mean theyre more compatible than, say, dan and renee, who had way more interaction in the books

Give Me Compatible Wlw Ships

shit tier craig: abusive asshole who Smokes and Is Generally Really Edgy and Plays With People’s Emotions while showing No Emotions himself

low tier craig: No Emotions™ bully 

mid tier craig: total goofy Nerd

top tier craig: more aloof compared to the other boys but still showing Normal human emotions while still having a generally good heart 

god tier craig: stand-offish and monotonous at first glance, but is more open and shows emotion around people he’s close to and still retaining his cool composure while simultaneously being a lot little nerdy about things he’s interested in (guinea pigs, space, etc.) and still tends to bully/get frustrated with people a lot but has a good heart

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘The company advertised the need for someone who could leer. Ellenya volunteered. She is, after all, highly skilled at both leering and volunteering.’

It all started at the weir, where I was a sightseer on the upper tier. I was standing here, thinking of buccaneers, and musketeers when I happened to overhear a puppeteer named Shakespeare mention he’d like a volunteer to leer. It seemed quite clear to eye and ear that I should offer to be that volunteer, so now I leer beside the weir as others cheer the puppeteer.

Happy Birthday to Me - part 4 of 4 - Jonsa

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qinaliel !!


The kiddy table wasn’t so bad, Jon mused as his attention was pulled between his two new companions - a 5 year old with cute little wire framed glasses named Oliver, and a 6 year old girl with frizzy red hair called Alice. There were a couple of moody looking teens at the table too, who were busy projecting their bored-as-hell-and-not-interested-in-anything state of being whilst being glued to their phones. “What colour should the girl’s hair be Jon”? Alice asks, her happy wide green eyes perusing the selection of crayons for her colouring as she absentmindedly pulled at the elastic from her pointy party hat, letting it gently snap back under her chin.

“I’ve always thought red hair was very pretty” Jon smiled at the young redhead.

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love live sunshine characters as sif players
  • ruby: much less likely to spend money than her sister but plays much more consistently. pretty much never skips a day and is very dedicated towards her accounts and staying prepared for future events/sets
  • yohane: bad at scouting. bad at tiering. bad. really bad. shes been trying to get a ur for eons but only ever succeeds when she finally resigns to saving blue tickets. really great at fast songs though
  • hanamaru: treats it more like a tcg game and is very into team coordinating and trying to max out her scores. she's the best strategist but her stamina with events is really bad. ruby helps her tier.
  • chika: saves and grinds and spends on gems for her best girl until she gets the cards she wants. her determination after a bad scout is somewhere between admirable and absolutely tragic
  • you: incredible luck, successful yousoro solo yolos almost every time. things just usually work out for her somehow and she rarely has to save or spend much for what she wants. event competitive
  • riko: totally into it for the rhythm game aspect and she pretends she doesnt care about what cards she gets but god. she cares. she cares entirely too much and is so transparently bent up about it when she gets a bad scout
  • kanan: free to play casual. she actually plays the game for the fun of playing the game and tends to be really relaxed and laid back about it (aka the "its just an app" voice of reason)
  • mari: she is a whale in the worst way. spends absolutely obscene amounts of money on impulse and usually feels pretty trashy afterwords. has so many urs but at literally what cost
  • dia: she is a whale in the SCARIEST way. dia is willing to fork over so much cash to ensure tier one that standing in her way is basically a fruitless death wish. consistently saves resources and keeps things organized
Gene Rating

God tier: Cherub, Falcon, Giraffe, Poison, Ripple, Skink, Current, Hex, Peregrine, Spinner, Toxin, Okapi, Opal, Thylacine
Good tier: Bar, Jupiter, Vipera, Butterfly, Saturn, Circuit, Contour, Lace, Runes, Stained
Alright tier: Clown, Petals, Piebald, Daub, Eye Spots, Paint, Crackle
“I prefer it over genes I can’t stand” tier: Crystal, Iridescent, Facet, Shimmer, Glimmer, Smoke, Spines, Underbelly
“There’s a total of two instances where I have liked it” tier: Speckle, Freckle, Hypnotic, Seraph, Stripes, Gembond
Garbage tier: Metallic, Tiger, Alloy, Scales

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Cait has two looks. Urban Sophisticate and Toddlers and Tiaras. I much prefer the former over the latter.

Well Anon, it’s Friday so let’s spice things up around here.  As I type this I know that I will cause angst among some, but, here goes.  I hate most of clothing pieces she choses to wear. I do.  I can’t stand the tiered ones. She looks like all she is missing is her staff and sheep.  The tiered sundress she wore for the W shoot: put a floppy hat on her and she looks like Rachel Zoe.  Now, I said I hate most of the pieces not all.  I have loved some of her evening gown choices. The purple dress, the black and silver Cannes gown, and the blue & orange Golden Globes gown were fabulous.  I guess I would rather she her dress a little more Duchess of Cambridge than Carrie from Sex and the City.