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In case y’all needed a reason to love the YouMaru event cards.

Tidbits from the PAX Q&A

- DoL/DoH will be streamlined similarly to DoW/DoM at seventy .

- They are working on something Krile-related for the shop (yay!).

- Regarding seasonal events: they want to re-utilize existing assets for events, like the 2016 Halloween (No Halloween!) event.

- Jumping puzzles… I don’t know how to feel about that one…

- “What’s the status on the male bunny outfit?” Yoshi-P pretends to walk off stage. Roegadyn and Hyur are done, though. The other races are on hold, because Stormblood. “Hyur one was pretty nice, pretty sexy.”

- Any plans for raid tier set bonuses? No.

- Plans on expanding on old clan lore, e.g. Duskwight? There might be something, but he can’t say if and what. No spoilers here, obviously. “If I say something about that to the lore team, they’ll say: We want to make another lorebook, so…”

- Weapon/Armor racks for interior furnishings? Will be done within 4.X.

- Will there be a diving log/underwater sightseeing? Maybe, needs to doublecheck.

- Any new tank class, like a puppet master tank? (What, why this question?) “If we add one now, I’ll die, the dev team will die, then there’ll be no Stormblood. We haven’t even finished that yet. Please play through Stormblood first.”

EDIT: NA datacenter will be moving and the servers will be expanded/upgraded! ETA middle of May, before the SB launch. Official notification will come in time. Stay tuned for more details.

PAX East 2017 Community Q&A TL;DR

Full transcript here

Video On Demand here (panel is 00:18:45 - 01:12:30)

  • Recap of Stormblood features:
    • New story: antagonists Garlean Empire and Zenos yae Galvus
    • New areas: Ala Mhigo/Doma/Other Far Eastern Locales
    • 2 new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai
    • New level cap: 70
    • Battle system refinement
    • New gear and crafting recipes
    • Expanded exploration missions: Eureka
    • New beast tribes and primals
    • Increased inventory capacity
    • Updated PC minimum spec requirements
    • End of PS3 support
    • Swimming & Diving
    • 8-man raid: Interdimensional Rift - Omega: The Bend of Time
    • 24-man raid: Return to Ivalice
  • i280 Diadem weapon PSA:
    • TL;DR: “You all need to calm down a little bit.”
    • Getting one is like winning the jackpot in Vegas with a quarter you found on the ground outside
    • Yoshi-P still thinks Anima weapons are the best because you can customise them to your liking
    • Reiterates that he wants everyone to calm down
    • Full PSA transcript here
  • Q&A (22 questions):
    • Cleric stance: Still in Stormblood, but Yoshi-P wants healers to focus on healing first, and only DPS once all healing is taken care of.
    • Weekly item limit in Dun Scaith and Alexander Savage: Will be lifted soon.
    • Cruise Chaser mount: May possibly be looked into.
    • Doma and Ala Mhigo lost to Garleans because they only had DPS: That’s why they need Eorzeans to tank and heal for them!
    • Sharlayan aetherometer glamour item: Maybe if we actually go to Sharlayan homeland - “6.0? 7.0?”
    • Healer job balance: Question-asker said people prefer AST and SCH because of their buffs and utility. Yoshi-P wants people to trust him to balance it correctly.
      • (Q) “[AST] has the same potency as [WHM].”
      • (A) “Currently, yeah.”
    • Eternal Bonding updates: Planned for 4.1 or 4.2.
    • DoL/H in 4.0: Action skills will be adjusted for the new cap of 70. No new DoL/H classes in Stormblood.
    • Krile Mog Station outfit: Being worked on.
    • Seasonal Event Instances: Will be reprised, but not for All Saints’ Wake again.
    • Enochian Changes: Not everything about it is final, but it will be a permanent buff. Please stay tuned for more information.
    • Obscure Stormblood content: Lots of Kugane can be climbed. It’s tricky, but you should try to get up high.
    • Non-Responsive Customer Support: 
      • The question-asker’s account completely disappeared for no apparent reason
      • They couldn’t get through to support to ask about it - “no one picks up the phone”
      • Yoshi-P personally promised to talk to the community and service department heads about it, as they were at PAX East
      • Question-asker was told to come to the front at the end of the panel
    • Male Bunny Outfit Progress: Hyur and Roegadyn are finished; rest are on hold due to Stormblood. Yoshi-P thinks the Hyur one is sexy.
    • Orchestrion iPod: Good idea, but difficult technically.
    • Raid Tier Gear Set Bonuses: No plans, but they’ll consider it.
    • More Lore for Existing Clans (e.g. Duskwight): Stormblood will focus on some of the existing cultures, but can’t confirm which one(s). Mention lore team may wish to produce second lore book, but no confirmation.
    • Armour and weapon display in housing: Confirmed for 4.X series.
    • Diving log: Some “travel log” entries may or may not be underwater.
    • Greater amount of challenging content: Not really possible unless they doubled the development team in size. But they’ll try to produce more for people who clear the raids and are bored.
    • Mentor programme expansion in Stormblood: Easy to do technically. They’ll look into it.
    • New Tank Job in Stormblood: Hard no - “I’m gonna die!” Play Stormblood first, then ask about new jobs.
  • North America data centre upgrade
    • Since launch of ARR, Square Enix took on challenge of overseas data centres
    • Want to provide best service possible with increase of inventory and armoury chest
    • North America data centres will be moved to “facility that has the latest equipment”
    • Planned for middle of May, before Stormblood release
    • Watch official forums for more details such as what kind of preparation is required, what the actual dates are going to be, and why they had to do this

[ more panel transcripts ]

tokyodablev  asked:

So we know that Susie's strong enough to break a person's arm *CLEARS THROAT INTENSELY* but how strong is Sammy?

((not very :P like he’s not totally pathetic but he’s below average.))


Dean Ambrose/OC. For Anon:  A student/teacher fic. You’re at university not high school, and he’s a young professor who always wears tight fitting shirts and tight jeans. You develop a huge crush on him over the few years of him being your teacher, and on your last day of your final year, he makes you stay behind after class and tells you he knows you think he’s hot and smut happens and he tells you that you’ll keep in contact after this.

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So this was the point of contention over on discord. 

Universe A1 begets A2, which begets B1, which begets B2. So from that perspective, Universe A1 came before A2, and so on and so forth. This view is further supported by the narration during the events set on Alternia, which noted, “Earth, for convenient reference, is a planet that does not yet exist.” Therefore, by sending a package from Universe B2 (The Alpha kids universe) to Universe B1 (The Beta kids universe) Jake is sending the package back billions of years to before his universe was created.

BUT, as Umbra says, these universes do not occupy the same stream of continuity. One can not travel back to before the beginning of time. If my assumption is correct that god tier Jade set this up, then that would support this hypothesis since her thing is Space, not Time. So Jake is only sending his present back from 2011 to 2009, albeit in a different universe.

The fact that this is a paradox does not make it a contradiction. This whole system exists within Paradox Space after all. Which answer changes depending on what angle you look at it from.

Announcement regarding Patreon Tier adjustments for October, 2017

So I made an announcement last night on Patreon regarding some changes I hope to make starting NOT THIS MONTH, but next month. I’ve copied the message below to those considering becoming patrons. LONG, so beneath a cut but IMPORTANT so please read if it’s relevant to you.

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FFXV Characters playing World of Warcraft Part 1/3 Headcanons

I know I was supposed to start posting my writings next week, buuuuut….
World of Warcraft is a dear game to me even though I don’t play it anymore, still this was a blast to write! This will be posted in three parts, first one containing the chocobros!

And it couldn’t have been possible without @glaive-eve‘s help! Gotta love our story brainstorming :3

Also this is my first-ever-published writing. I’m slightly nervous.

Second Part
Third Part

Hopefully you enjoy <3

Noctis Lucis Caelum
Havoc | Demon Hunter

  • Noctis enjoys double jumping, gliding and dashing.
  • Oh and he will dash. A lot.
  • He is eager about getting the best loot possible for his demon hunter. He might even be slightly aggressive over loot, shouting: “You don’t need that!”
  • He has min-maxed stats and his gear is perfectly enchanted and gemmed.
  • Noctis wants to be the loot master and probably whispers about it to Ignis at the start of every raid.
  • He still hasn’t made any progress towards being the loot master.
  • He won’t be the first in his guild to get a legendary item. Nor the second, nor the third.
  • Noctis will be acting salty towards those who get legendaries before him.
  • He still sits at the top of the damage meter — Despite the lack of legendaries.
  • He won’t move out of boss mechanics, unless it’s a sure oneshot. He is just tunnel visioning the damage and there is no arguing about it. He won’t take orders if they include moving around.
  • Because he needs to be on the top of those DPS meters. He won’t accept the second or the third place. It has to be the first.
  • And he will literally drain all the heals and cooldowns.
  • If the group he is in keeps wiping at same boss over and over again, he is ready to ragequit.
  • But he won’t.
  • Noctis really wants to unleash the hatred of ten thousand years. Illidan is so proud of him.
  • His favourite spot to go AFK is the Stormwind Keep, if he is playing on the Alliance and Grommash Hold, if playing on the Horde.
  • Makes him feel like a boss.
  • His fishing skill is maxed out.
  • And he has all sorts of cool fishing hats.
  • He won’t be sharing any of the fish he has caught though, and Ignis has to literally bribe him to share some of them with the guild.
  • Sometimes he pet battles against Prompto, if he is ultimately bored.
  • His in game title is Salty.
  • He will be playing a male night elf or a male blood elf, depending on the faction he is playing at the moment. 

Prompto Argentum
Beast Master | Hunter

  • Prompto chose his class just for the pets.
  • Cute pets.
  • He even takes S.E.L.F.I.E.s with his pets.
  • Prompto has his S.E.L.F.I.E. -camera bound on his keyboard.
  • He is the definition of a hunter, which means he spends a lot of time being dead and waiting for resurrection.
  • Why walk, when you can get a resurrection?
  • And he dies often.
  • Maybe because he barrage pulled the whole room?
  • Barrage is his thing and it’ll take a lot of persuasion skills to get him change out of it.
  • He is almost as greedy about loot as Noctis, but he doesn’t really care about the secondary stats.
  • If it has agility on it and a bigger item level than his previous one, he wants it.
  • Everything is hunter loot.
  • It annoys the shit out of Noctis, when he is trying to tell Prompto what he should be equipping.
  • His profession is engineering and he likes crafting all those mechanical squirrels for his own, personal amusement.
  • He also greatly enjoys pet battles!
  • And his pet battle team is well trained.
  • He even beats Noctis in the pet battles.
  • When he is playing World of Warcraft, he is barely ever AFK. Prompto will keep on jumping around the town, while waiting for something to happen.
  • And maybe spam the guild chat for company.
  • He is eagerly asking people to join him on battlegrounds, looking for raids and dungeons, when he is bored.
  • The guild chat will fall silent instantly.
  • Not that he is a bad player. He knows how to do damage.
  • He can be quite heavy company from time to time.
  • Prompto was once given a special task —  Fit for a hunter. He needed to soak some damage during a boss fight.
  • Never again.
  • He likes leveling up alts, but gets tired with them easily and his character selection is full of low level characters he won’t touch again.
  • Maybe because someone camped him while he was leveling up.
  • Prompto changes his character’s hairstyle at least once a day.
  • His title would be the Zookeeper or the Field Photographer.
  • And his character would be a female. Night elf, if Alliance and blood elf, if Horde.

Gladiolus Amicitia
Arms | Warrior

  • Gladio has an off spec for tanking, incase one tank is missing from the raid.
  • Tanking isn’t his favorite job to do, but he’ll do it without complaints and handles the role well.
  • He is usually charging right into the battle, when the pull timer is somewhere between one and zero.
  • Whirlwind is his thing.
  • He is slightly annoyed at the fact that he doesn’t really get healed.
  • Somehow he still survives and is usually the last man standing, if the encounter ends up being a wipefest.
  • And he’ll make sure everyone knows that he survived, again.
  • He’ll definitely twit Noctis or Prompto, if either of them died earlier during the fight.
  • “Noct will pay everyone’s repairs!”
  • Because Gladio does actually handle the game mechanics.
  • He’ll cheer everyone up with his motivational speeches.
  • “We can do this! Just 10% more!”
  • Occasionally he does arena, but he isn’t as passionate about it as Ardyn though they team up from time to time to get some honor points.
  • Gladio also loves the Brawler’s Guild.
  • He spends his free time there.
  • Or practicing his rotation on dummies while waiting for queue to pop.
  • Iris really hates it, when he smashes his keyboard while doing his warrior rotation. She can hear it all the way to her room.
  • It must be a warrior thing.
  • Inscription is his character’s profession and he eagerly volunteers to mill all the herbs in the guild bank for free.
  • He also loves crafting those Steamy Romance Novels.
  • He will often transmog his characters in silly non matching outfits, but he also has transmog sets if he needs to get more serious about it.
  • Badass warrior tiers sets look cool.
  • Battlelord is a cool title for him.
  • Gladio will be playing male dwarf, if on the Alliance side and male tauren, if on the Horde side.
  • Because dwarves are badass.

Ignis Scientia
Subtlety | Rogue

  • At first, he wasn’t interested in gaming, but Noctis had him change his opinion of World of Warcraft.
  • He actually started playing, he began reading all the possible tips and guides online.
  • Now he knows everything.
  • Ignis could do his rotation in his sleep and he still practices it.
  • He was voted to be the Guild Master, when Noctis, Prompto and Gladio decided to form a guild of their own.
  • He secretly enjoys being the Guild Master.
  • He also became the raid leader due to his knowledge of raids and tactics. He knows exactly what classes to use in a boss fight and will instruct anyone if needed.
  • Ignis has to reassure Noctis and others that the key to beating a boss isn’t a DPS race.
  • He is often so immersed in his raid leading role, that he has his Cheat Death on cooldown constantly.
  • And he is also dead quite often.
  • If he happens to be the cause of a raid wipe, he’ll literally send an apology letter to everyone participating in the raid.
  • He is the loot master despite Noctis’s protests. He is also naturally a member of the loot council as his knowledge is invaluable.
  • But Ignis will gladly pass the loot for Noctis if he’s whining that he hasn’t gotten any loot again.
  • Ignis can often be found standing in the Auction House with a campfire placed next to him.
  • He knows his business and makes sure that the guild bank has enough money.
  • He has cooking skill maxed out.
  • And he is always looking out for new recipes!
  • Will desperately beg Noctis to share some of the fish he has caught.
  • He will be the one crafting all the buff foods and feasts for the raids.
  • Ignis loves to earn all the raid and dungeon achievements. He’ll make sure there is an event in the calendar for the guild to attempt the most hardcore ones.
  • So he does have all sorts of fancy titles and mounts from those achievements.
  • But he still uses the title he worked the hardest for: The Insane.
  • He also has the Loremaster, because he needed to know everything.
  • His characters would be a male worgen, if on the Alliance side and a male troll, if on the Horde side.
Will Work for Coffee: Chapter 6

When Killian Jones returns to New York to keep his company from running into the ground, Emma, the director of marketing finds herself swept up into a dangerous game of sex and submission as he uses his power as CEO to dominate her in every possible way.

Words: 3k

Rating: Explicit

Alright you gluttons, I promised I wasn’t back but here I am. Just goes to show that nothing fuels a muse like comments telling you how much you’ve been missed. I have no doubt you all will agree this update was worth wait. It was fun to write.

WARNING: You all will be happy to know this fic contains dubious consent, forced orgasms, and a teensy bit of rough housing.

You can also read this fic on ff.net and Ao3.

Chapter 6: Office Romance

When Emma woke she was in an elevator.

The lights were dim and soothing above her, and looking down into her eyes was Killian Jones. She realized with a start that she was in his arms.

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Here’s a story for ya.

I’d filled the kitchen with a ton of all your favorite foods, sat you down in the living room, and turned on a movie marathon. Once you were thoroughly engrossed, I brought out the first meal. Each time your plate started to get low, I discretely refilled it. Not realizing you’d long since finished the first course, you happily munched on, oblivious to the amount of food I’d already fed you. Your stomach began to press against your shirt, but you were too focused on the movie to feel it.

It was only after the third movie and what would probably be 6 or 7 full plates that you suddenly felt a breeze across your stomach. You looked down to see that your shirt had ridden all the way up, exposing your massive, bloated belly. The “trance” broken, you were abruptly VERY aware of how cramped and tight you felt. It was uncomfortable and painful and yet…euphoric. You looked to me in surprise only to be greeted with a wink. Now that you knew my intentions, I couldn’t help myself from giving that round tummy of yours a poke. You winced, but I wasn’t satisfied. I could still feel some give, meaning you had room for more.

Since there’s no point now in being discreet, I brought out a large tub of ice cream and a huge platter of goodies. There was cookies, pudding, donuts, and more, all surrounding a delicious, dense, two tier cake. Setting the platter down on the couch, I sat on your lap, facing you.

I wasn’t letting you get up until either your belly pushed me off or you finished everything I’d brought.

Ice cream in one hand and spoon in the other, I began gently feeding you, slowly but surely making our way through the carton. You felt conflicted: your ever expanding stomach was screaming for mercy, but you’d never felt such a rush of pleasure and euphoria.  You could easily have pushed me off, but you found you didn’t actually want to. I started giving you less and less time between each bite until you could barely swallow before I put another spoonful in your mouth. I periodically checked your progress, poking and prodding to feel how firm you were getting.

Once the ice cream was gone, you were groaning incessantly, whether from pleasure or despair, you weren’t sure. Though your tummy was noticeably taking up more and more of your lap, I was still able to sit on it, so I cut you a nice, big slice of cake. You obediently opened your mouth as I offered you the first bite. As the cake disappeared, you became less and less willing to swallow the next mouthful. Your stomach was so tightly packed it felt as though you couldn’t handle any more. You tried massaging it to see if that helped, and were amazed at how completely solid it felt. At this point it was at least twice as big as it had ever been, and I was barely able to perch on your knees.

About halfway through the cake, you were unable to swallow any more, your body begging for you to stop. Realizing this, I put the fork and plate down, opting instead to focus on the incredibly swollen belly I had given you. Putting my hands on either side, I gave you a gentle squeeze, causing you to moan in agony and ecstasy.

Suddenly, an idea struck me, and I disappeared into the kitchen once again, leaving you to massage your tummy in a futile attempt to relieve some of the pressure. I soon returned with a funnel and a tall glass of water. Your eyes widened at the thought of what I was about to do, but you knew trying to resist was pointless; your stomach was so heavy and large it had you pinned to the couch. Knowing this, I took my time gently securing the hose to your mouth. Mercifully, I went slowly, only pouring a bit at a time. You had no choice but to swallow, feeling the liquid being absorbed by all the cake and food I had previously stuffed into you. With each gulp, you could feel your stomach stretching more and more. Just when you thought you would surely burst, I set the empty glass down and removed the funnel.

You looked down at yourself to see a perfectly round, impossibly heavy, painfully stuffed mass attached to your front. You gingerly ran a hand over it, amazed at the fact it was actually your body.  I stood back for a moment to admire my work, finally satisfied with the amount of food I was able to pack into you. I offered you a hand, and after quite the struggle, managed to get you to your feet. You stumbled forward, weighed down by all of the food inside you, almost causing both of us to fall. With one arm, you attempted to cradle your aching gut, and put the other arm over my shoulders. Slowly, I guided you to the bedroom, with you huffing and puffing the whole way. All that food was pressing into your lungs, making it hard to breathe.

Once we made it there, I gently helped you lower yourself onto the bed. After you got comfortable lying down, I positioned myself on your lap again, beginning to massage your tum. At first you moaned in protest, but I continued, lightly working my hands in smooth circles over your taught skin. After a couple minutes, the pain started to subside. Slowly but surely, agony faded into mild discomfort, then mild discomfort faded into a pleasant fullness.

With your eyes no longer clouded by pain, you looked down again, finally able to fully appreciate your size. You knew you had never even come close to being this full, and frankly, it amazed you. Now that it didn’t hurt so badly, you realized how incredibly enjoyable it was to be so full. You joined me in running your hands over your stomach, wanting to explore every inch of it while you could. We could both hear the gurgling coming from it as it struggled to digest the tremendous amount of food I had packed into it. It demanded so much energy you found yourself quickly tiring, and before long, you softly drifted into a deep, blissful sleep.

Sorry for the essay, once I started writing, I couldn’t stop /)-(\ Hope you liked it!