tier 2 paladin


So, here I am, finally. Tier 2 Paladin armor was massively popular and Nina and myself had so many people coming up to us to ask us about it and ask to take photos. Full-write up will come later when I’ve established a proper cosplay page. Time for a well-earned rest, before starting on my next projects!

Also…PAX Aus was an incredible experience and I couldn’t have been happier to be there amongst a celebration of gaming in all its’ forms.

Judgement Pauldrons progress.

  • Once the small emblem to the right is primed and sealed, it’s going to have a small jacket mould made from it and two duplicates created to go on either side of the pauldron proper. These will be sanded slightly so the scales are more rounded and organic looking.
  • The surfaces of the pauldron are not yet as smooth as I’d like, which means repeated spot body filler, sanding smooth, then priming again to see if it is smooth enough.
  • I haven’t yet added the filligree around the edges or around where the books will go.
  • The books themselves and the swords are yet to be made, but will be done shortly.