Travel Diary: The Parker Palm Springs Day 3

By Thoughtful Misfit

Our number one favorite thing to do in Palm Springs (when we would actually leave The Parker) is to take in all the incredible architecture and designs. There were several times that, while on the way to eat or to somewhere else, we found ourselves driving aimlessly, admiring the gorgeous homes in the area. Palm Springs has a certain signature aesthetic to it that I absolutely love. I’d say my own personal design aesthetic comes pretty close - just throw in a little boheme and a splash of farmhouse, and that’s pretty much it.

This trip was perfect timing for us to soak up as much inspo as we could before taking on our biggest renovation yet. Cactus Mountain is definitely going to have a lot of inspo from what we saw. 

This is one of my favorite doors (thanks to my friend Stephanie for texting me the address and insisting that Nikko and I go while we were there.) The house and the door are designed by designer, Moises Esquenazi, and might arguably be one of the most famous homes in Palm Springs, at this point. While we’re not getting a pink door at Cactus Mountain, it definitely started giving us some exciting ideas. Stay tuned for some inspo to give you an idea of what we want to do sometime next week! 



The Pink Door in Palm Springs

Pony Hair Backpack in and Eyelet Skirt

A girl in front of the pink door designed by Moises Esquenazi in Palm Springs

Palm Trees on a sunny day

A girl wearing pearl earrings and a floral crop top in Palm Springs

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

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Lone Ranger

By Thoughtful Misfit

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I go through weird phases every now and then. First it was Crocodile Dundee, then it was Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie (I mean, his hair.. also pretty much bought the exact hat he wears on the show). I don’t know what to call my latest phase - it’s part Mad Max, part Lone Ranger. It includes leather, scuffed boots, mini skirts, fringe, and the occasional organic material like bone, or quartz. But no matter what phase I go through, there’s always a minimalist thread in it somewhere. Even if it’s in just a single piece - like the camisole I’m wearing in this outfit.

I think having one minimalistic piece is what makes experimenting so much easier. It provides a foundation for everything else. And if, for some reason, I decide that I am no longer obsessed with the Lone Ranger (seriously tho, like that will ever happen), my minimalistic pieces will still be there to carry me through the next phase.



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Fringe and bone mini skirt and Céline sunglasses

Céline sunglasses and Lionette Avish layered necklace

Fringe mini skirt and simple camisole

Beach waves and stacked rings details

Nasty Gal Easy Rider Leather Skirt

Pistol Booties

Wantering’s cool search of the week: “beach

Travel Diary: Amongst the Palms

By Thoughtful Misfit

We shot these photos while wandering around in Palm Springs with an hour to kill. It’s amazing how at home I feel here in Palm Springs - or more, in the desert as a whole. My whole life, I’ve felt like I hadn’t quite found ‘my city,’ so to speak. While Melbourne is probably the closest thing, followed by Seville, when it comes to the US, I just never felt that peacefulness I think you’re supposed to feel when you find yourself in the right place.

This is partly why I’m so excited that we’re going back in two days - and partly because we’ll be staying at the Parker while we’re there! And partly because - well, because of that secret that I haven’t been able to tell you quite yet… but should be able to by the end of this coming trip…



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Bracelets, rings and iPhone case details

How to wear black for summer, layered with a button up shirt and sandals.

Side profile of outfit layering details with rings, bracelet and marble iPhone case.

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

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Textured Knit Skater Dress

Chambray Top

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Pastel Vibrations

By Thoughtful Misfit

Hope you all had an excellent Easter! I spent the weekend doing something I don’t often do - relaxing and sleeping. And it was amazing. These last few weeks I have been feeling extra drained of energy and to sum it up, just not feeling my best - both physically and mentally. The fact that I’ve been sleeping 5 hours a night and getting up for special projects on the weekends probably hasn’t helped the cause.

So this week, I made sleep and water my two priorities, aiming for 6-7 hrs of sleep during the week (not perfect, but better than 5) and 8-10 glasses of water a day, starting with 2 in the morning before coffee. It’s a wonder what the basic essentials can do - better than any beauty treatment out there. And after feeling borderline superhuman after my 10 hour out-cold sleep last night, I decided to add in another habit I let fall by the wayside - vitamins! This week, I’m back on Evening Primrose Oil, Co-Q10, Pomegranate Extract, and a Food Based Multi Vitamin. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

On another note, I’ve been feeling color for the first time in a long time - all pastels, it’s true, but a wider spectrum than I’m usually attracted to, including the gorgeous lilac color of this skirt. I have a feeling there’s lots more to come. 



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Travel Diary: Salvation Mountain

By Thoughtful Misfit

We’ve been meaning to make a trip our to Salvation Mountain for a while now. Last year we made it to the Salton Sea, only 20 minutes away, but ran out of time to make it any further. Let me preface by saying it was well worth the two hour drive from our home base in Joshua Tree. Salvation Mountain

I did some obsessive reading up on Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain on the way there - his story is pretty amazing, but here’s the short version: he started creating this incredible work of art-turned-mountain after years of trying to find a way to create a tribute to God. It started small, but kept growing over the years. He’s still working on it to this day. It’s 50 feet high and 150 feet wide (in other words, huge) and is made from mostly hay and adobe clay, painted with all donated paint. You can climb all over it (there are steps to the top but my fear of heights prevented me from making it there), and it’s considered a national treasure. Salvation Mountain

If you are ever in the area, it’s totally worth the drive. The history behind it and the surrounding area is simply astounding. And trust me, when you drive up to it, there’s no way to not be taken aback by just how big it really is.

p.s. I got some news today about that thing I can’t tell you about just yet that’s sounding pretty favorable. So I’ll be sharing it with you very very soon! I’m SO EXCITED!!!



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Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

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By Thoughtful Misfit

We shot these about 20 feet out from the shoreline just north of Ka'anapali Beach when the tide was out. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the morning and you can easily walk along the flat rocks just off the beach, giving you a feeling of walking on water.

One of the benefits of heading further west, is that waking up with the sun is so easy. Which makes for some pretty serene, empty beaches, and spectacular light, not to mention the opportunity to steal some pretty romantic moments with the one you love.

One of my favorite things about Maui is that even when it’s 85 degrees at 7 in the morning, the breeze always seems to cool you down just enough. Plus, if you wear anything diaphanous, which I tend to lean towards whenever I’m in a tropical location, it instantly turns up the drama.



White gown on by the ocean

silver choker detail shot

romantic white gown by the ocean

white romper by the beach.

girl walking by the ocean in a white romper.

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Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

Arizona Skinny Belt

Love Struck Romper

Clear Cutout Choker

Aq/Aq Romper - Kella

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Scuba Town

By Thoughtful Misfit

Continuing my maxi theme as of late - I think I have been dreaming of owning a skirt like this since forever. It’s so easy to wear - and while yes, it is loads of black fabric, it just floats around you all day, keeping you cool and comfy.

I’m excited to head back up North even for just a little bit. I’ve fallen devastatingly in love with Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, but with the heat the way it is, it’s nice to come up for air for a minute before we dive back down for another round of renovations. I have to say, it’s funny when two different places start to feel like home at the same time. One perk? Extra closet space….



Lace up tank and Pamela Love Tribal Necklace details

Windsor summer outfit

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

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Dillon Pleated Paneled Maxi Skirt

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By Thoughtful Misfit 

The more time we spend in the desert, the more I find myself bringing a little of its flavor into my everyday style. I’m actually writing this blog post from Joshua Tree at the moment - we took a quick trip down to work on the cabin and I’m happy to say we now have an air conditioner, a new window, a new bathroom hall (there was none before - it will all make sense when we get far enough to show you before and after pics), a new bathroom floor, and a closet.

While we make the design choices together, I have to give the actual manifestation credit to Nikko. He’s just brilliant - it’s like there’s nothing he can’t build or fix, and it’s so inspiring to be around. And while it might be a few more months, I can’t wait to show you guys more of what we’ve been working on.

Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday!



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

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Men’s Spring Fashion Trends

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Folio: Club Monaco Leather Zipped Portfolio
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Blue: English Laundry Trim Fit Plaid Suit

Women’s Spring Fashion Trends 

Boxy Cropped Jackets: Michael Kors Melton Wool Bolero Jacket
Ear Cuffs: Forever 21 Filigree Ear Cuff
One-Piece Swimsuits: ModCloth Set Parasail One Piece
Shift Dresses: Giambattista Valli Sleeveless Shift Dress
Stylized Skate Shoes: Miu Miu Floral Point-Toe Skate Shoe
Orange: Express Corset Seamed Stretch Cotton Skater Dress

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Staycation in Pac Heights

By Tienlyn Jacobson of Thoughtful Misfit

Apparently, Nikko and I are all about the staycations, because we can’t seem to stop taking them! Our last stay was in Pac Heights, which is easily in my top three neighborhoods in the entire city. Yes, it is home to some of the largest and most beautiful houses in the city and has a street view of the bay that’s pretty phenomenal, but it has also got the most concentrated selection of my favorite spots. While we are home now to continue on with our renovations and to enjoy the holidays, we’re planning another stay before the end of this year and I can’t wait to go back.   

While the shopping is incredible, I wanted to share my top 5 places to swing by when in the neighborhood that go beyond the boutiques. So here goes!

Jane on Fillmore: One of my favorite lunch/coffee spots - try the super healthy salad. The name is literal, it’s so delicious, and very filling! Jane on Fillmore

Juicy News: Hands down the best place to get the magazines you just can’t find anywhere else. I could seriously blow all my money here - and this is where I got my limited edition Kate Moss Playboy But alas, they are going to have to relocate, which is so so sad! But if you love printed mags as much as I do, you can help save Juicy News by donating here. Every dollar counts! Juicy News: donating here

Bun Mee: They have vegan banh mi! And also non-vegan bahn mi that apparently is delicious too. A great spot if you want a grab-and-go kind of meal. I love taking the smokey eggplant bahn mi to nosh on in Lafayette park. Bun Mee:

Chouquet’s: This is my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I love their Smoke Trout Mache Salad but everything on the menu is good. The atmosphere is very cozy and you can easily linger here comfortably for a leisurely meal. Chouquet’s

Clay Theatre: My favorite theatre in SF. They show a great selection of art flicks and foreign films and they always have something good on the bill. I have a personal weakness for French films, and they supply these regularly. However, check ahead to make sure you know the schedule! And if you accidentally missed your film like I did during our last stay, you can also head to the Sundance Kabuki Theatre down the street, which usually has a good Indie flick or two. Clay Theatre: Sundance Kabuki Theatre



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Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli