Sunday Shopping

Fashion Village, Tiendesitas - Sept. 4, 2011

Shopping with my sisters! After the Sunday usuals, my sisters accompanied me to Tiendesitas to buy a gift for a baptism I was going to attend. We headed straight to Fashion Ville! We’ve been there a couple of times but there weren’t a lot of nice boutiques there before. Now, there are more shops and choices, more clothes! Instead of buying a gift, I wound up shopping for me first though. Oops.

Thanks to my big sis for taking this blurry photo. :| Haha

That’s my little sister browsing through some stuff. She’s taller than me btw.

Great shorts for only Php150! Some of them are a bit too short or too thin though.

Pink Manila has always been there since I can remember. Lovely selection of clothes! They’re available at The Ramp, too, so you don’t have to go all the way to Tiendesitas.

I think I’ll buy that pink skirt when I can. It’s cute. For Php450! Hmmm.

Another cute boutique! They have reallly cute harem pants if you can see the ones on the rack. They’re Php500 each. Soft and breezy fabrics. They have pretty interesting accessories as well!

Accessory brand Posh Collection / Amanda’s Place. They’re available at Teens’ Zone, Glorietta, too.

See that cute accessory frame? I’ll be selling my own versions soon! Watch out for that! :D

This is Mapleberry Boutique. One of the boutiques I was dying to check out thanks to my friend Melissa. When I was browsing through their stuff, they showed me a photo of her wearing one of the shorts. Namely, this photo:

She’s gorgeous, huh? Check out her new blog here! Fun fact: She and I will be starting our own accessory line soon! Watch out for that, too! 

These were the shorts which I first wanted. Been looking for a nice pair of high waisted shorts. But then the hem area was a bit too loose on my thighs. So it wasn’t so flattering on me. Other than the hem/thigh area, they were perfect though! And I tried to use my belt to accentuate my waist. The shorts are made of suede fabric. They’re really nice!

Pardon my top. You might think it doesn’t go well with the shorts I try on. 

I chose to buy these shorts since I can use them more often. Plus, it was the last pair and they were my size. Moments when you know it’s just meant-to-be. I can use them for parties and semi-formal stuff. Yup, they’re the black version of the ones on Melissa. They’re really comfy but one thing about em, is that they’re a bit loose too in the hem. Might get a lil peek of your bum if it gets pulled up too high. LOL Fun shorts though! I love ‘em!

Plus they have more great pieces! The salesladies told me they’ll be at the upcoming Rockwell bazaar this weekend! You guys should check them out. 

(Btw, I’m not plugging due to request or anything. It REALLY is my honest opinion that you surely MUST check them out!)

Walked around again, saw these great distressed shorts! Peach, red and black! For Php380, I think.

I browsed around some more. Got tired of taking photos. Just bought and tried on some more stuff since I kinda earned some cash from me shop. Woohoo! 

This is my big sis. She’s probably the first person to ever influence me when it comes to fashion and dressing up. She introduced me to ukay and I’m thankful to have her as my big sis. YUCK CHEESY. HAHA Check out her blog here

Hope you guys enjoyed that! If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the Disqus form or anything. I’d love to hear from you guys :)


30 September 2011

The other day I dropped by Tiendesitas to watch Francis, Zach Lucero, Chickoy Pura and Dondi Santos rehearse for the Greenhills Sessionistas finals. They’re not contestants (DUH). Greenhills Sessionistas is a yearly event which gives upstart bands the opportunity to showcase their talent and also very good opportunities to regularly perform in different venues.

Francis, Zach and Chickoy are the main judges for this year and the judges perform This year, Sinisikat and Juan Dela Cruz will be performing, too before the winner is announced. Hello Pepe Smith!

The finals will be tonight! FRIDAY! See you there!!

“Sa 18th ko, kahit isang malaking aso lang bigay niyo sakin, okay na ko”

Yan ung lagi kong sinasabi sa mga kaibigan ko. Ewan ko ba kung bakit napakalapit ko sa mga aso. Actually kahit maliit naman. Kahit ano, basta aso. Haha. Love na love ko talaga sila eh.

Tiendesitas' Night Life...


so yun lang KEMS 

hindi nag dinner kami sa CUMIDA CHINA DE MANILA sa C5 :)) ayon…

tas after nun ehh diba malapit lang naman yun sa Tiende ehh malapit lang din naman yung EastWood dapat Eastwood tlga un. eh tinamad sila edi Tiendesitas nalang dating gawi SILA kami ng kapatid ko pinsan ko boypren ng kapatid ko at si baklang friend pumunta sa people’s village dahil andun ang puso ng tiendesitas KEMS haha andun ung bandang magaling adun lahat ng bisyo KEMS eh eh andun din LAHAT NG GUWAPO hahahaha sabi mo eh =)) ayon ito di naman kami masyadong uminom naki jam lang kami sa banda HAHAHAHA ehh pero masaya nga kasi talaga ang sayaaaa sayaa sayaa puro picture din napag tripan namin ung dslr naming dala puro wacky kems kahit mag seryoso ko wacky na yon HAHAH

ilove yesterday :))))))

Holiday Shopping? Check Out the Newly Revamped Tiendesitas!

Tiendesitas, one of Ortigas’ well-loved shopping and entertainment hub, finally re-opens the doors of its Fashion Village in time for the Holidays! Reminiscent of Greenhills Shopping Center, the retail space is now fully air-conditioned and is twice as big as its former size. It now offers a more diverse array of stylish options, considering that it added 250 new mall tenants! From clothing boutiques like Jewels, Meg, Link and Wade, home furnishing shops such as Stockroom and Arhaus, to wellness and cosmetics outlets like Giga and Props, the revamped Tiendesitas building is sure to provide satisfaction to every shopper.

Just in case you want to chill with your buddies after an evening of shopping, there’s an area just outside Fashion Village that offers an array of food stalls and a performing live band. Alternatively, you can just have some quiet time at the coffee shop upstairs.


The two-storey building maintains a distinct Maranao-inspired architecture, which is clearly evident right from its facade.


The ground floor is more like a tiangge, having made up of bargain fashion and antique shops.


Second floor on the other hand, has the labeled goods.

Love the cutouts!


The opening ceremony took place last Friday, November 29, 2013 at the building’s second floor, where I stood in amazement gazing at the wide stretches of shops (now imagine a kid lost in Toys R US).

Blessing of stores

Banquet for the guests

Satisfied my craving!

Free beverages courtesy of Café Avelino’s

So if you guys are planning to go Christmas shopping this weekend, you know where to go! :)

Tiendesitas is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas cor. E. Rodriguez Avenue (C5), Ugong, Pasig City.