Peter Jackson was still editing The Return Of The King  a few hours before it premiered and got 11 oscars for it

I can do all my homework the day before it’s due thank you very much.


i’ve just found out that the source from where I got the info for this post was apparently not true.  

The film editing was finished 5 days before the premier. Although this is still hella late movie-wise, and the reel  was still wet from the developing process because there was no time to dry it.

The first time Peter saw the complete movie was at the actual premier to which his response was "yup, it’s good, pretty good"  ♥ ♥ ♥

In conclusion;

apologies (I’ll gizoogle check the source nxt time promise)

Petition  for computer repair technicians to take an oath of confidentiality like lawyers when they graduate


he who holds my computer holds my darkest secrets.