tied over

The Police women division takes MEX-23 and uses her as a weapon against criminals. She’s tied together and carried over like a bag. 

The rope running through all the locks and ties is pulled to release her once she’s at a safe distance. She’s transported in this position which is deemed the safest for the police crew, although many have suffered deep cuts during the deploy operations. 

E non importa tutto quello che é successo tra di noi, ogni volta che ti vedo, ma soprattutto quando i nostri sguardi si incrociano, il mio cuore perde sempre un battito.
—  Me (ariannamusicismycure)

“we communicate
with hands and eyes.
it is our accidental language.
we learned it clumsily,

but i think we will keep it.”

in case you couldn’t read my handwriting

quote inspiration @alison.malee on instagram

this is like my first actual bellarke fanart!! and i didn’t use somebody else’s work as reference (it was actually a still from season 1 that i used!) !! and it doesn’t even look that bad !! i’m excited