tied over

That unofficial town mayor I mentioned knocked on my door and insisted I follow him immediately - in my pyjamas and all - down the street to meet a woman with a vacant room a couple of blocks down. She’s nice enough but it’s sudden and the orchestration of it is…another bit of pressure I can’t take.

Because you know what i’m tired of? Men organizing my life. Men assuming they get a say, that it’s their role to fix things before asking what my actual needs are. Determining the conditions in which I thrive. Setting the terms of my wellbeing. I. Am. Exhausted.

If I am to find a solution, I am doing it on my terms, to find what is best for me - what is convenient and satisfactory for me. If they want to help, they’re welcome. If they don’t understand or would do it for their own gain, they can get out of the way.

I tried really hard to keep myself from ranting about this but the sexualization and fetishization of Daphne Blake is something that deeply disturbs me. Fine, people are allowed I guess to draw their fanart porn and everything –– I won’t claim to understand that but fine whatever. But when that fanart starts to fetishize her and make her as nothing more than a sex object, that’s when it becomes a real problem. Daphne started as nothing more than a punchline to a joke, a stock character. More recently WB has been working hard to erase that perception of her and make her more than a damsel always needing to be rescued. And then there’s all these fan arts of her tied up and defenseless and it makes me sick. It just revolts me, because it’s not like there’s a story behind it, it’s not like she’s trying to reassert herself NO it’s gross artists using her as nothing but jack-off fuel because it’s “sexy” to be scared and defenseless and afraid. 

They don’t consider what being kidnapped so much means and leads to. They don’t care about her as a character, and that’s what bothers me. Some artists won’t use a certain color on a male character because that character dislikes it, but they’re fine bending reality to suit their gross fetishes? having daphne all tied up despite the fact that she likely has terrible associations with it?? and that’s not just me, like that’s practically fucking canon?? you don’t need to read between the lines to infer it’s possible. like, fuck outta here. i know male artists are capable of taking detail into consideration, but for some reason that consideration flies out of the table when it comes to female characters??? FUCK OUTTA HERE. treat female characters with the respect they deserve. treat daphne blake with the respect she deserves. god. 

E non importa tutto quello che é successo tra di noi, ogni volta che ti vedo, ma soprattutto quando i nostri sguardi si incrociano, il mio cuore perde sempre un battito.
—  Me (ariannamusicismycure)