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Uploaded a similar video earlier, however, this one is slower and in even more HD. Enjoy the Karamel kiss in even slower motion.

“we communicate
with hands and eyes.
it is our accidental language.
we learned it clumsily,

but i think we will keep it.”

in case you couldn’t read my handwriting

quote inspiration @alison.malee on instagram

this is like my first actual bellarke fanart!! and i didn’t use somebody else’s work as reference (it was actually a still from season 1 that i used!) !! and it doesn’t even look that bad !! i’m excited

E non importa tutto quello che é successo tra di noi, ogni volta che ti vedo, ma soprattutto quando i nostri sguardi si incrociano, il mio cuore perde sempre un battito.
—  Me (ariannamusicismycure)

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there's been a ton of kunikida asks lately so i decided to contribute--any kunikida headcanons?? super silly headcanons, too, like does he like doing his hair or does he ever trip over his own ridiculously long legs and stuff, those kinda headcanons

i do have one hc where kuni and kyouka have this father and daughter dynamics?? and others lets get a move on

ive been thinking abt this in the shower and that took me so long lmao

  • kyouka loves kuni’s hair (cuz duh who doesnt)
  • and loves braiding and styling them into different hairstyles
  • kuni finds it a nuisance at first but gradually beginning to like it
  • kyouka accidentally cut his hair short
  • kuni: w h a t have y ou done child
  • but that made kuni into  a more optimistic and calm person
  • “so long haired kuni and short haired kuni have this split personalities..”
  • they spent a lot of time together since then   
  • sharing advices girl talk
  • even kuni started feeling overprotective towards kyouka
  • kyouka: hey atsu  can you tell me abt the birds and the bees??
  • atsu: well
  • kunikida:*bursts out of nowhere, w this emotinless face* oh my god atsushi wont it be a shame of you to infect her *whisper* v i r g i n e a r s
  • kyouka: for goodness sake kunikida im 14 
  • kyouka gets to call him doppo (dazai: what t h e f  u  c  c)
  • dazai notices their close family-like bond and decided to give him a parental guide book 
  • kunikida took dazais advice to heart and started reading the book and tracing the steps 
  • kyouka accidentally stumbled down this ‘book’ and reads it
  • kyouka: lmao wtf kunikida 
  • kuni: you were saying 
  • he may or may not add this into his list of ideals 

ahhh i have so many headcanons to write but i think that is all for now ;-;

+ if odasaku and his children is smh still alive


shinji: * is reading* 

kuni: what are you reading?

shinji: oh..just..erotic rakugou stories

kuni: *snatches book and throws it out of the window*  PITY ON YOUR VIRGIN EYES 

shinji: but i was reading…