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Mi accorsi troppo tardi che mi mancava come manca l'estate nel giorno più freddo dell'inverno, quando fuori piove. Non la dimentichi una persona così, la torni sempre a cercare.
—  Antonio Distefano
Hai presente la sensazione di quando qualcuno ti dice la buonanotte e poi non rientra più su whatsapp, che rientra solo la mattina e come prima cosa ti da il buongiorno? È bello essere l'ultimo e il primo pensiero di qualcuno.
Forse non ti è chiaro ma ci sono delle regole in questo posto, la più importante delle quali è che nel momento in cui ti mostri debole, significa che lo sei.
—  Orange is the new black

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So did Ouma enjoy telling lies? I remember reading one of your older metas saying that lying wasn't something he necessarily enjoyed, but him doing it as often as he did made me sorta think otherwise? Also could you go into detail about "gentle lies"?

I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about this particular subject later, so I thought I might answer them altogether like this!

The short answer to “did Ouma enjoy lying” is—well, yes and no. The long answer is a bit more complex, because it all depends on what kind of lies, who he’s lying to, and his own desire to construct and maintain a very carefully crafted façade so that no one would ever get close to him or figure out “the real him.”

One way to put it might be that Ouma very much liked the idea of lying, as long as it was used the right way, for the right purposes. He’s very much a prankster at heart, and like any good prankster, he’s pretty open about enjoying deception in the small scale. Tricks, jokes, pranks—all of these things when done right are relatively harmless and they’re all various forms of lies. And most importantly, from Ouma’s perspective, they’re all fun.

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I love to play New Game+ with tales of the abyss. It’s literally the funniest thing when Luke eats the apple in Engave during the first chapter of the game. He’s like “what’s gald?” And I’m like “listen here boi you’ve got more than 10 million gald in your pockets right now I think you know what gald is”