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Because why the fuck not??? (Sort of modern don’t judge me)
-alrighty, so mah boy Pony just wanted to have a good time on his own, right?
-w r o n g
- So pony is walking to the bookstore, he’s hunting for like idk The Maze Runner, or maybe a nice copy of The Great Gatsby
-Johnny decided to tag along cuz his parents were being lil shits so pony was like
-“aye John boy. Wanna come to Barnes and Noble with me? DONT U WHISPER ANY OF THIS SENTENCE TO ANYONE OR IMMA STAB YOU.”
-“ok, ok I’ll go. But gosh darn it you have to chill”
-So they’re walking with their hands in their pockets, cigarette in hand, kicking a rock and they come to the beautiful land of books and ponyboy is like in awe
-Johnny is very excited he doesn’t go to places like this much
-Johnny goes over to the comic books cuz those are his shit
-good friend bonding, calm friend time is a grand old time
-T H E N
-the door just BAM
-in this quiet ass book store
-all the adults are like who tf is this disrespectful scum
-Dally’s just like
-He gets shushed so hard
-pulls out a toy gun and slaps a teenage girl with it and she like
-no thanks but ok
-Dally pulls out a cigarette because of course
-cashier is like U cAnT sMoKe In hErE
-Dally just laughs and runs through the aisles
-Two-Bit, Steve, Sodapop, and Darry fly in.
-Dally sneaky as shit he found out about the outing real fast
-pony is like about to cry from this embarrassment he just wanted a book OK
-Soda and Steve run for some action
-Two-Bit is climbing the shelves and laughing his ass off
-The workers are rolling their eyes and trying to get him down and he’s teasing them lmao
-Dallas is on top of a young adult romance shelf and is DISGUSTED
-Johnny is hiding in a shelf he just needed some quiet time but then he sees Dally being cool so he’s like I guess I’ll go n hang ya know
- The employees have given up and are all just in the bathrooms crying the poor people
-Dally starts ripping up a book
- Johnny’s like wtf “you can’t do that you have to pay for it.”
-“I know johnnycake. It’s wrong to destroy literature. It’s such fun to read.”
-he flips it over and reads what he’s destroying
“John Green is toootally tuff as shit… man, who cares?”
-“I love his work”
-Dally doesn’t even look he just chucks the ripped up book at ponys face and pony is like IhbehbihsbbhidybiuvydiyvVUYUYFGUYGUUVG
-Dally takes the book home tho (The Fault In Our Stars) and reads it and shed a tear then burned he book cuz it thought it was the work of Satan
-Soda and Steve are bored as shit they’re napping in the kids section while Two plays with some kids
-he gets these kids in a circle and is telling stories about his shop lifting experience
-Finally the manager comes out and is like GET THE FUCK OUT
-They all leave laughing and Johnny and pony Are so sad
-they’re banned from returning
-but then two bit shows Ponyboy his jacket full of stolen books and
-Pony wants to tear up
-Johnny takes the comics and is like “thank u so much man”
-pony just “eehheyydygdgydgydgydgy thank you…”

Ed amo l'alba
più che i tramonti
perché per guardarla
devi volerlo,
mentre quando il sole
siamo tutti lì,
a far chissà cosa.
Amo più l'alba
e l'amerei di più ancora
se ‘sta notte
vorrai aspettarla con me.

sei unica

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Hi Dollface! Can I get some fic recs? Perferably MCU fluff. I have read & reread your entire masterlist & drabbles (I have the cuddles series saved on my iPad as a single doc). I love it all! I've also read Sarah's stuff. I'm just exhausted thanks to work and trying to do everything needed for my little brothers wedding (being the last single is the cherry on top). I feel like I haven't stopped moving in months. Wishing I had a someone to lean on but since I don't I NEED some fluff! Thank you :)

Baby, you’re so sweet. Oh my god are you serious??? I’m so glad you liked them enough to save them, my dude. That’s craziness. God, isn’t @sarahwroteathing‘s stuff wonderful???? So great. I could read her masterlist forever and always get happy little butterflies. 
Oh, babe, you ain’t gotta tell me nothin’ about being the last single one. I’m the oldest of 7 and have been single my whole goddamn life. I hope you enjoy this list I’ve compiled for you. <3

You ready for this? I’ve added links to these writer’s masterlists. If a story is marked smut and you are under the age of 18, please be respectful to the writers and just don’t read it.

Days In the Sun by @soldatbarnes bucky x reader [Masterlist]

This Is War Masterlist by @soldatbarnes bucky x reader (there is some angst, but it’s needed to move the story forward!)

lovebirds by @pickledmoon sam x reader [Masterlist]

700 Celebration 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader, bucky x reader, peter x reader, tony x reader, sam x reader respectively

Soundtrack Bonus Drabble 1 by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader

The Lonely Tree by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader go read everything by Sarah, okay? I went through her masterlist today and i feel so full of of happiness. [Masterlist]

Like Silver Glass by @thejamesoldier merman!bucky x reader  [Masterlist]

Girls Like Girls by @this-ginger-has-no-soul peggy x reader

Serenity by @buckyywiththegoodhair sam x reader [Masterlist]

Catch Me by @buckyywiththegoodhair bucky x reader

Acceptance Speech by @buckyywiththegoodhair bucky x reader

Date Night by @iwillbeinmynest sam x reader

Sunday Morning by @serzhantkris bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Watch You Sleep by @avasparks bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Bucky Gets a Tumblr by @thatawkwardtinyperson bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Later by @wiintershero steve x reader [Masterlist]

Comfort Food by @wiintershero bucky x reader

The Five Times Bucky Picks You by @bovaria bucky x reader [Masterlist]

You’re Perfect by @backpackfullofplums bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Hawkeye’s My Wingman by @buckysmetallicstump [Masterlist]

There’s so many more that I could add. I follow so many blogs and I can’t think of more. Feel free to add your own, guys! There’s so much good, fluffy stuff out there!!

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As an INFJ I feel like I live constantly in my head and in the future. This sometimes makes me feel like I'm missing out on my actual life. Even when I try to focus on the moment and the present and on my physical sensations, I find this to be a really difficult task. What can I do to live more in the present? To live?

Develop your functions in the order of your functional stack. If you try to develop the inferior function without having sufficiently developed the auxiliary function, things can go wrong. To put it simply, people get stuck in their heads because they only care about themselves. They cannot see the world as it truly is, rather, they only see things in relation to the ego, only in terms of what they can obtain, chasing superficial rewards/validation and trying to avoid emotional discomfort at all costs. Therefore, to get out of your head, actively care for (not just about) something/someone other than yourself, take responsibility for something/someone unrelated to yourself, leave behind all your comfort zones, put in the hard work to engage with the world and confront the failures/disappointments that will inevitably come. Get involved in things with your extraverted functions instead of constantly fretting about who you want to be, how you want life to be, how things will turn out, how people perceive you, how things aren’t good enough, etc, etc. Ni doms who claim to be “focusing on the moment” are more often than not grossly misinterpreting Se, trying to unconsciously sidestep proper type development by convincing themselves that self-work is just “mind over matter”, fooling themselves into believing that merely thinking about being present means that you are present. Doesn’t work that way. If you have to think about it or remind yourself to do it, you’re not present. It is useless and frankly bullcrap to follow such mantras if you’re not actually doing anything that produces a tangible impact in the world. Developing extraverted functions requires ACTING and DOING, not merely thinking and believing. “Living” is a verb, not an abstract idea.

Ore: 00:07.

Sono ancora sveglia, ti sto pensando strano? Chissà se stai dormendo o se sei ancora sveglio, chi lo sa. Sai, a quest'ora mi piacerebbe prendere il primo treno per venire da te. Scapperei di casa e verrei sotto casa tua se potessi.
Cercherei di entrare dalla tua finestra per vederti e per darti un bacio.
Poi non smetterei neanche per un secondo di guardarti. Sei così bello, di quella bellezza unica che perfino le stelle sono invidiose.