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-fixes my tie up and jumps into my ride speeding over to loriiiswank house pulling up parking, rushing to her front door holding up a bouquet of arranged flowers ringing her doorbell-

Amell is finally donning the official Grey Warden armor and Alistair helping her tie up the back or something

like in DAO she obviously did not have any support after Ostegar fell and just grabbed whatever robes she could find or buy since she’s a mage.

but once she defeated the Archdemon and was with her fellow Wardens for a time, she finally had access to their armory.

And Alistair would be very happy, and very very proud that she was wearing the official Mage Warden armor and he would love every moment helping her don it since she’s never worn armor before and has no clue how everything ties or fits together.

i gave up on the armor because drawing armor is hard but that was the idea :V

anonymous asked:

Quick question!! I looked at your master post and it said Hades asked you to do the hair binding. If it's not rude, can I ask how you knew how he kept asking you to do it?

Yeah sure :D

So I have my little altar set up, but sometimes I need to grab a few things. Offerings, candles, matches, etc. For the past two and a half-ish weeks, I have felt the need to go find a scarf to kind of tie back/up around my hair.

Whenever I ignored it, Hades would send me things via scrying (I use it to communicate) one of the things I saw was a person with their hair up, and another time he flat out sent a vision of me going to the drawer to get the scarf. 

When I complied with the feeling of wanting to wear it, I would have a lot of comfort and protection fill me up, which ultimately led me to curiosity as to why Hades wanted me to wear it.

I didn’t really know what on Earth he wanted me to do it for, so I did some research and figured it out :D

Okay so, I thought long and hard about it today and I think, this is how I’d rank the Pixars.

*Not “best,” my favorites.

01. Ratatouille (Bird, 2007)
02. Toy Story 3 (Unkrich, 2010)
03. Finding Nemo (Stanton, 2003)
04. Inside Out (Docter, 2015)
05. Tie: WALL-E (Stanton, 2008)
05. Tie: Up (Docter, 2009)
07. Toy Story (Lasseter, 1995)
08. The Incredibles (Bird, 2004)

09. Toy Story 2 (Lasseter, 1999)
10. Monsters, Inc. (Docter, 2001)

11. A Bug’s Life (Lasseter, 1998)
12. Monsters University (Scanlon, 2013)

13. Brave (Andrews & Chapman, 2012)
14. Cars (Lasseter, 2006)

Not Seen, Probably Won’t Ever: Cars 2 (Lasseter, 2011)

It’s literally impossible for me to decide which one I prefer between Up and WALL-E, so that sucks. And obviously I need to let Inside Out sit for longer but I think that’s where it belongs roughly? 

These are separated by tier, I guess. I like basically all of them to varying degrees (even if I find those last two pretty mediocre) but #1-8 are all crazy top-notch and rank among the best movies of those years.

Yay Pixar!

anonymous asked:

do you consider 5sos as daddy's because honestly I just feel like they're very simple in bed like they don't tie you up or call you babygirl. I think they're all a classic good fuck without any games just them naked and BAM

LOL ya no i dont think any of them are super kinky like theyre young dudes & lets be real as much as ppl talk about them having groupies or whatever i dont think theyve fucked that many ppl. like i really dont think theyre the sex gods everyone makes them out to be lmao like ¾ are still teenagers for gods sake

anonymous asked:

I'm assuming Steve likes to be restrained, right? Have they ever actually found restraints that can hold him? Where'd they get them?

i just keep thinking of those magnet clamps that rumlow had, which is dead dove content – not sure if that’s your thing, Anon :) there’s probably something at shield that steve could snatch, or something stark has made for a baddie that they could repurpose. i had bucky tie steve up with rope once, and rumlow use his belt – to me the sweetest thing is steve choosing to stay put in restraints that don’t really hold him.

Would anyone be interested in a story about a field trip between Toph and Zuko? And I mean an actual field trip comparable to what happened in the show. Toph and Zuko doing some under cover work, traveling along together, maybe a little espionage, all to help Toph tie up some loose ends with her family that she hasn’t quite revealed to the group. 

Or maybe a little Korrasami AU where we get the non-rushed, long, wonderfully romantic arc that the two of them deserved after the end of Book 4? There’s a lot of potential between Kuvira’s arrest and Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding, don’t you think?

I’m a fanfiction writer that’s pretty new to tumblr so I’m trying to get a sense of the types of stories that people like reading and maybe start posting somethings while I’m here :) Also, if you’re a writer, I’d really love to hear from you! I’m new at this, and it’d be nice to get some advice or help from some more seasoned writers. Thanks everyone :)

its 3 am but i had this rly cool idea i thought and i wanted to get it down but now that im finished im not as excited about it tbh :/ i saw someone photoshopped a cloud on to a car but i just like skimmed over it but it came back in to my head and gave me this idea im not sure where to find the original image though but it looks like the car in this pic if anyone sees it!

the concept is that there’s this young teen boy who was really inventive and really smart (his biggest inspiration is donatello the ninja turtle) but one day when he’s playing around with inventions he discovers he has the natural ability to “tame” the clouds in the sky! So he can grab on to the clouds and he can tie them up and he tries to make inventions and gadgets using the clouds and he’s also afraid of heights

i love the smell of freshly mowed grass. i really do. sometimes i tie myself up to the bedpost and fantasize a lawn mower is ontop of me, whipping the sin out of my innocent mind….

sparktehfox said: Don’t worry too much about the amount of characters introduced as it’ll always tie up nicely either closing the character off with that Arc or even tying them into the greater mysteries of the series that even those caught up are trying to solve. Have faith in the Oda and he shall deliver.

I am a natural doubter. I just have to poke and prod and question, haha. I should have more faith in Oda. Just because Kishimoto screwed it up in Naruto (that final war arc, ughhhhhhh….) doesn’t mean no one else can handle a lot of supporting characters. ^_^

halelikehell answered: I would say … that Spandam deserved more than what he got.

Art mirrors life, I guess. These guys never get what they deserve.

meheartonepiece said: I think that Spandam deserved way more than he got, but it was still satisfying as all hell watching him get it >:DDDD Also, those giants… Yeah. That’s all I’m sayin’ XDDDDD

Oh good! I’m glad he gets something. A Karma houdini would just be too much for a twisted ghoul like Spandam. Those giants, eh? I will be watching…  >:D

tempus-nexus said: Well, damn if that isn’t just a big fucking deal that you just casually referenced. Holy fuck is that a big one. I don’t /understand/ how you can just accidentally make those kinds of foreshadowing. Shit. Wow. That’s a record.

Ah, crap. I did it again. And I have no idea what you’re talking about. xD

(I will speculate: Aokiji and Robin? I figured they had history when they first met but I thought they might have been crewmates). Don’t tell me if I’m right or wrong, though. D:

celelorien answered: *snickers ferociously* Sometimes it really is just a treat to watch you say things about possible future events and just grin evilly as we wait for the results to come back. (Not laughing @ your expense, but one of the chara’s… fufufu!!)

That’s the way I like it! It’s more fun for you guys too. >:D

aoitsukikage answered: Aokiji is 47, making him almost 20 years older than Robin (most character’s ages are never given except in the Q&A but that should give you a frame of reference!).  And you’re 130 episodes away from meeting Law, so I hope you stay unspoiled for him!

So he could have been around when the Buster Call on Ohara was made. I think he might have been involved, after all…

I hope I stay unspoiled too. 130 episodes away is a long time, argh…

blogquantumreality answered: For the record, Luffy kicking the roof off a building would be epic on general principle. :)

I know, right? If he did it casually on his down time for laughs, I would cheer him.

meheartonepiece said: Oooooh, so that’s why Sanji’s a duck XDDD I didn’t even know myself, I just accepted Oda’s decision XDDDDDD

This is beautiful. We are all learning things together. xD

blogquantumreality said: Definitely agree Nami should be Scottish or Irish, heh. If you read SATWComics Sweden is always the mild-mannered glasses-wearing country that gets flustered whenever Denmark gets all rowdy. :P

Agreed. The Swedes are chilled. The only people I’ve met who are more chilled are the Finns. Nami is way too fiery. xD

tempus-nexus said: Pfft. SATW (Scandinavia and the World) is a fucking ridiculous comic and I love it. Now I kind of want to see that done with the Strawhats instead. Anyways, the nationality thing is cool. We should tell you every new member’s once they join.

I have not read SATWComics. I shall look into this…