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Do you think the series is gonna end once Ritsu confesses? That’s what a lot of people think. Me on the other hand I want another 50 chapter of them just being lovey dovy and cutesy together

I personally believe it would make no sense if the series ended then and there. Sure, the amount of time that passes per chapter is probably going to be even slower from now on (going off of only 4 days passing since the last chapter, if I recall correctly that’s the shortest span of time passed over two chapters lmao), but the build up to a confession would be pretty stupid if it ended right after it happened.

My guess is that like JR, even after they’ve both made their feelings clear to each other they’re going to have to go through things that will put a strain on their relationship and tie up other loose ends before things could be considered over. There’s the whole Onodera Publishing situation, Haitani may have poofed away for a bit but he’s still around, Nao still needs to get a better understanding of Takano (he called him Takano-san even tho it wasn’t to his face, that’s a start I guess lmao), Ritsu’s mother still probably could come in with marriage offers similar to Hiroki’s mother, and other things I can’t quite recall right now.

Beyond all that, they need to communicate certain feelings to each other. It’s clearly not something that will be easy considering how things are between them. Knowing Nakamura, they’ll be able to get some form of converstaion out before the Required Once per Chapter Sex Scene. As my friend @koi-janai​ put it, more trust, less thrusts. 

There’s this lack of certainty surrounds their relationship for obvious reasons, and it certainly doesn’t help they’ve had the whole boss-subordinate relationship this entire time. That’s a power dynamic that doesn’t help their situation at all. When you have someone threatening to increase your workload 2 or 3 fold if you don’t do something for/with them; that’s a glaring issue, even if it’s just meant to be teasing. Maybe Ritsu will get to transfer into Literature again before all this is over. 

So I don’t think we should be worried about things ending right when the countdown hits zero. Knowing how Nakamura’s humor is, we’ll get another countdown to obsess over right after. Hell, we’re probably gonna end up being in single digits for over a year with how slow things are becoming.

Anyways, yes, I’m totally behind lovey dovey and mushy things, so come at me full force please Nakamura. I’m counting on you.

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honestly im so dissapointed that Yang and Blake got like nothing

I know how much I really wanted them to talk it out this episode, but Im honestly a little bit relieved? just because they need to tie up the immediate conflict while also giving us a path to the next volume, that would have taken most of the time they had. And I would rather have an actual PROPER talk that takes a good chunk of time in volume 6 rather than a rushed one this volume.

However if this is all we get overall then yeah it fucking sucks but im holding out the hope that theyre gonna talk properly in the next volume

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There’s literally no new SP stuff I have searched the depths of the inter webs and nada I think the Podsquads muse is gone and sooner or later it’s gonna dwindle :(( sad this fandom is one of the only fandoms I’ve genuinely felt good and comfortable about.


FIRST OF ALL; honestly, after the hiatus, there’s a lot of us that are just struggling to tie up loose ends with the last half of the season. some of us are just getting solid muse back, some of us had muse for other characters/pairings (for instance, more of my fangs muse is up and screaming for attention), that sorta thing. I honestly don’t think this fandom is going anywhere, from what I’ve heard from a lot of the other writers and creators on the site, we’re all a lil low on muse. 

personally? The new episode gave me a TON of muse. just not the muse I need to finish the chapter ppl are waiting on, or the muse to do the requests lol. 

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Alright, I dare Lucas to cut his hair. I think it's long enough, if he can tie it up like that. But the catch is, after he cuts it, I dare him to dye it ombre pink!

Lucas: Finally, my hair’s back to the way it should be. Goodbye, long hair, I do not miss you! As for the pink, I kinda like it! It’s only temporary, so it’ll go away soon enough, but I am kinda diggin’ it. I might keep it!

Ness: Ninten, Paula, and I have already started a petition to convince Lucas to keep the pink. Every signature helps. 

OTP imagine #14

Person A and B both come home from a party

Person A: ok, I’m going to take off my makeup, yell if you need anything

Person A: walks in the bathroom,shuts the door, and starts to wash their face.

Person B: person a!

Person A: (walks out half dressed in a bra and skirt) what do you need

Person B: I was removing my tie and I ended up making the knot worse

Person A: ok let me help ( starts to take out the knot in the tie and unbottons the necessary buttons and stands close to person B)

Person B: thank you. kisses a on the cheek

Person A: kisses B on lips

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Kink: You and your partner both guess a number from one to ten. You then flip a coin. Heads, you tie your partner up and make them come the difference between your number guess and theirs; in other words, if one was seven and one was four, you'd make them come three times. Tails, the positions are reversed.

this would be really problematic if i was the one tied up.

first off i’m not really into being tied up so that would take away from the whole experience, but i’ve also had some trouble orgasming the last few times i’ve had sex. if the difference between our numbers was big, i’d be worried that they’d chafe me or we’d be stuck there for 3 hours.

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most to least likely to tie that ass up

• Austin cuz he was a boy scout

• Nick, but just he hands…not as elaborate as my not-nigga Austin

• Edwin, but with Gucci rope and YSL tape

  • friend: hey are you busy tomorrow?
  • me: *thinks* uhm yes
  • friend: lol with what
  • me: uhm
  • me: things?
  • friend: you mean chilling in bed with chips and watching those ugly chinese boys?
  • me:
  • me: this friendship is over

TLJ Unmentioned

After seeing it for the 2nd time, I had the chance to pick up some extra details and notice things I hadn’t before:

• Kylo Ren has fists of iron. He smashed his helmet to b i t s with a total of 6 hits

• Kylo Ren 99% certainly shot down the TIE Fighters that blew up the Resistance ship’s bridge (after he didn’t CLICC the button)

• “I have given everything I have to the dark side” —> Kylo’s voice is weak and crackly, almost sounding as if he was near tears

• ummm can we talk about when Snoke electrocuted Kylo? And he just took it like it was nothing. Like he had grown used to that

• Kylo and Rey’s hands were like 5 inches apart…?? And then she fuckin had to be like MINE and snatch Anakin’s lightsaber?! WTF possessed her to do that?!!

• Finn and Rose (I dub them “Frose”) were like 0.000123 seconds away from a brutal EXECUTION. WHHAAAAT

• Hux’s slap… ok

• that moment when angRY Kylo Ren fuckin SLAMMED Hux into the wall or whatever..LMAO

• that shot where Hux, Kylo, and the other admirals/commanders were on the other side of the red glass… I liked it

• the DEADASS yingyang symbol on the ground on Ach-To

• a moment of silence for Holdo… I hated her the second she came on screen, but she changed my mind later and is a hero

• an underrated moment…but one of the dopest parts of the movie..the SILENCE when Holdo light-speeds into the FO ship, and the the sound after. HAS ME SHOOKETH. What an effective way to demonstrate the power of that particular moment. Wow

• after the dice disappear in Kylo’s hand and Rey leaves, his head stays bowed to the floor and he slumps in a defeated position. If that doesn’t say “sad and disappointed” ….

• at the end when Rey’s getting people on the Falcon and the Force-bond comes back: I noticed she’s ushering people onto the ship, and then when she looks behind her it’s as if she expects someone else. She patted two ppl’s shoulders, urging them inside, and when she turns you can tell she expected another person to board the ship, but she sees Kylo. That stood out to me for sure, idk about the rest of you

• on the Falcon when Rey is sitting, holding the broken lightsaber with Leia, you can see the blue kyber crystal inside

So that’s some random other stuff I noticed and don’t really see people writing about.