tie yards

porcelainmystery  asked:

I honestly have a small kink for collars, but also feel conflicted because of the whole collars and slave type history with it. Conflicting emotions are conflicted.

Honestly, there isn’t a real life person I can think of that I’d allow to collar me. My boyfriend has asked, of course (and he’s a leather worker so we have some… custom stuff), but while I’ll let him tie me up in yards of rope to his heart’s content… collars are still a hard no. I like being dommed and owned to an extent but I guess even my thot ass has limits, LOL!

I didn’t even think about the implications of slavery and such until you brought it up, but it makes so much sense to me. Thanks for sharing!


@spanishequestrian This was the place I checked out today. Couldn’t get too many pics cos there were people around and I felt self conscious. Plus weather is shitty and it makes everything look bad.

It has:
Olympic size indoor arena
45x45 metre all weather arena
show jumping arena
Cross country fences
Horse wash
Round Yard
Undercover tie up areas and day stalls
Access to 300 acres for pleasure riding
Paddock (shared)
Private paddock
Stabling available
Full care tailored to your requirements

It’s not as fancy as Wallington but a major bonus is there are no crazy English assholes there.