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Red is him, blue is me

Dear Tumblr: This was my late-night motivation for that ealier post about tickling.

My friend texted me this a week ago, and after much persuasion I snapped and told him. He then proceeded to take a minute before saying that it was adorable and honestly:

I couldn’t find a reason for it being weird.

I bet you guys can’t either.

Then… yknow… he demanded I come over and show him what its all about so that’s a fucking +1… but seriously guys.

Don’t overthink it. It might not turn out like this for everyone, but maybe this can be some inspiration not to hate your little tickle bug interest. Love the little bug.

Love yourselves.

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BUT THANK YOU! i really loved this, because i love sharing my favourite characters. 

Top 10 characters from 10 different Fandoms. 

1. Kikyo, from InuYasha

2. Vegeta, from Dragon Ball Z

3. Sesshomaru, from InuYasha

4. Gohan, from Dragon Ball Z

5. Van Fanel, from The Vision of Escaflowne

6. Goku, from Dragon Ball Z

7. Sailor Mars/Rei, from Sailormoon

8. Kagome Higurashi, from InuYasha

9. InuYasha from ..well you know

10. the one whom my blog is named after

I tag @57fandom59 @betaruga @deborahslay @dbzebra @gayforgohan @thefourstarball @tenkaichii @crayongohan @protectgohan and the last one idk i tag anyone lol 

anonymous asked:

the other day i was at the mall and i had a really strong urge to do somthing with my hands so i went into the bead shop and stuck my hands in all the beads the employees must have thought i was so weird

ahhhh my gosh a bead shop??!! that sounds like a heavenly shop. and i bet you’re not the only one who has done that!

i was actually just at the mall tonight, i wandered around stores i thought were stimmy – the disney store, teavana, hallmark – for an hour! malls are so great for stimming if you’re okay with the noises and crowds!

so remember when not so long ago stephen said this

and then this happened

coincidence? i don’t think so!!!! 

i bet this whole thing was jensen’s idea :D coughjealous!jensencough

@marauders-fanfilm I donated to your film like three and a half years ago as a young idiot and I still haven’t received the Gryffindor tie I was supposed to get. The original excuse was that you still needed them for reshoots. You’ve been in post for like a year or two. What’s Up

I was tagged by @hickeysandharleyquinn (check that cutie’s blog out) to put my 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people.

1. Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood
2. X-Men: Gambit
3. BBC’s Sherlock: John
4. DC: Zatanna
5. Marvel: Groot
6. Pokemon: Mew
7. Star Trek: KAHNNNNN!!!!!!!
8. Game of Thrones: Tyrion
9. Lord of the Rings: Gandolf
10. Supernatural: Charlie

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Dear ex-friend

You treated me like a girl’s hair-tie. In the beginning we were close by each-others sides at all times, then slowly you began to use me more and more and I loosened on your wrist, until one day you had used me so much that I snapped, and when I was broken apart and at my worst was when you finally threw me away and left me to put myself back together. 

-Chloe (blondiesbooks)