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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; let’s not forget this scent, wherever we are

|a.n.| im so sorry friends for being pathetically lazy, inactive and making yet another series without finishing the others! but this is my love and i must post it. 

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Target aquired, he thought as he took one last swig of his beer. Fixing his crooked tie, the predator eased off his seat with his eyes fixated on his prey, the girl in the black dress by the bar, who had been staring at the door for over twenty minutes now.

“Babe, just face it,” he said after planting himself directly in front of her, blocking her line of sight. “He’s not coming tonight. But you know who’s already here?” Lifting an eyebrow, he looked into the deep brown eyes of the young girl, an aura of lust and bad decisions oozing from his pores. “How about you and I go back to my place, and you can show me what this douche is missing out on,” he told her in a whisper, laced with the deep vibrations of his growl.

The busty brunette got real close to his face, a smirk spreading across her cheeks and alluring eyes squinting. With a curl of her pointer finger, she brought him even closer, and whispered in his ear, sending chills down his spine, “You’re not seeing anything, you jackass.” Quite intriguingly, she propped her elbows back on bar and took another sip of her drink, as if nothing had happened.

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Fic writers appreciation Mondays - #1

Ok. Been wanting to do this for a while.

2 years ago, Christmas time. Jumped back unexpectedly in the fanfic world.

This, thanks to my growing addiction to Arrow and some amazing writers who are now responsible for taking all my free time away!

So I will humbly share with you my top 5 (or top 3 depending on the author) of one of the awesome writers who offer us some wonderful stories.

I will start with @supersillyanddorky06, the Queen of AU, in honor of her truly and long awaited comeback to the Arrow fandom!

1° - The Predator - Oliver Queen is the one anomaly in the Chicago Outfit. He is the only non-blooded member to be a part of the high circle in the family. His reputation precedes him and he is their best hunter.
Felicity Smoak, daughter of the Starling boss, infiltrates his house, intent on killing him.
But a startling encounter tips the scales. He goes on the prowl and she escapes. Hate, heat, and friction. Sparks. But something bigger is happening in their world. And despite their disagreements, only they can fight it down.
Mob AU. Not Bratva. Enemies-lovers. 

She invented the word “weaponosexual” to tag this story and it couldn’t fit better! The tension, the angst, the mob, a secret, it has everything! And was just updated! WIP

2° - The AlbatrossHe rescued her three centuries ago, a notorious pirate with no name but one. He fell in love with her, and her father cursed him for it after killing his own daughter, binding them for eternity with a viscous, inescapable curse.                                                                                             In present day, Oliver Queen remembers- all his lives and hers, all their deaths. And he searches for the one object that can break the curse- the object that is part of a famed, lost treasure. He embarks on a journey aboard a ship towards his destination to find the object, and finds her instead. She’s the daughter of the Captain, the same woman he had fallen in love with lifetimes ago, with whom he fell in love in every lifetime.                                              Dark forces await. Someone in the crew does not want them to find the treasure. Can the old lovers find their way back to each other in the midst of the danger that surrounds them? Reincarnation/Treasure Hunting AU.

This was a close tie with The Predator. I love AU, and this one is as AU as it can get! Cursed soulmates, a lot of mysteries, and UST to die for! WIP

3° - The PhoenixFelicity Smoak fell in love with the broody, intense Oliver Queen, Captain of the Russian Bratva, ages ago but he broke her heart. So, when the sudden marriage between them is arranged, she does not understand it and she does not want it. Except Oliver Queen is not only a harder man to live with than she realized, he also has no intention of letting her go.

Who doesn’t love bratva!Oliver ? I LOOOOVE it, and the (sexual) tension in this fic is just perfect! COMPLETE - Check the sequel The Phoenix Rises! WIP

4° - In My VeinsFelicity Smoak falls in love at her friend’s wedding. With the groom.
She knows it does not have an end. She knows it is pointless. She knows it is unrequited.
Or is it?

This is a bit different from the other fics in this list. I just love the angst and their “unrequited” love! WIP

5° - The FirebirdFelicity Smoak stumbles upon a man dressed in black about to kill someone. The man takes an interest in her and she does not realize who he is. He is Al Sah-Him, the best assassin in The League, the crown jewel of the brotherhood, who is known for his lethal focus and killer instincts, brought up in the League itself.
What happens when he is taken completely with the blonde?
Assassin AU.

Think Oliver Queen is broody ? Al Sah-Him is another level! It’s dark, filled with angst and a sort of slow burn that isn’t so slow. WIP

Bonus - The Door to Opportunities series :

Underwear - Alternate meeting between Oliver and Felicity. In the club. Texting and Tommy and swooping through women’s underwear on a dare involved. ONE SHOT

Alcohol -  Five Times Oliver Called Felicity on Boys Night (Or Stages of their Relationship Through Drunk Talk). ONE SHOT

These fics speak for themselves and I’m sure you will enjoy (or have already) as much as I do!