tie not tied right

Do you ever remember that Gansey and Ronan RAN to make it to Adam’s court case in time

Do you ever wonder how that went down. Like, do you think they were sitting in second period, both of them putting together that Adam wasn’t there, and both of them panic for a moment before remembering that Adam has moved away from home and it isn’t for the same reason it used to be

And then Gansey uses his Gansey Charm Power to get the office staff to tell him why Adam called out

And then they look at each other and don’t say a word and just RUSH to the courthouse, Gansey ignoring the speed limit for once in his life and them running up staircases trying to find the right courtroom (holy shit there are so MANY why are there so many)

And Ronan fucking ties his tie right because this is Adam and this is Important

And Adam might think he is unknowable but they know him better than he knows himself

Do you ever cry

Game Night Switch-Liam Dunbar

Valentine’s Collection:#11 

Teen Wolf Imagine:#110

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: Y/N and Liam have a game night with their best friends, Mason and Corey.

A/n: Just a cute and fun imagine that I had a lot of fun writing. Not super romantic but it does feature two of my little dumplings Mason and Corey!

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Last Imagine

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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Irwin R. Schyster/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday ahoy! In honor of April fifteenth (the filing deadline for U.S. federal income tax returns), I give you an incredibly indulgent installment. Because I am a terrible person and I make no excuses for myself. Tagging the usual suspects @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, new tagee @karaboomhower (who uh probably didn’t sign up for this, apologies) and of course the incredibly courageous @hardcorewwetrash (who will probably keelhaul me for this installment…I may in fact deserve it but after all this Wattpad malarkey I figured some levity would not be amiss).


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Never would’ve thought him to be a threat, not really.  Seemed so quiet.  So focused on his work.  Smiled and was civil to everyone, but, for some reason, you just couldn’t get any closer to him.  He was the exact ideal of a model diplomat who just somehow every conversation skipped over him like water droplets teflon bouncing.  Before you could blink, he was somehow just gone, and your question hung in the air where he was.  You were sort of aware that he had answered you and that you were satisfied, but if you tried to remember what it was he had actually said only about thirty seconds ago, your missed words just kind of skip around blank.  And the harder you tried, no matter how determined you were to remember forget exact but said good there were before gone leaving left.  Eventually, it just wasn’t really worth it anymore and everyone just kind of left him alone to do his own thing.

But you, you’re different, you had to push harder than everyone else, you just had to be more curious.  You couldn’t help yourself, you noticed how everyone just sort of avoided him, almost subconsciously, like water flowing around a rock.  He had achieved a sort of invisibility, and you were kind of jealous of that.  You can’t lie that it also sort of turned you on, which inspired both shame and a bit of frustration.  To be invisible like that.  How does it work?  You had to know who this guy was.

In the elevator, the doors are closing, and his hand slips inside to stop them.  He waits until the doors have backwards halted their progress for him and then, once he stood inside, they respectfully whooshed - was it an increment more slowly than they had on you? - shut.  The two of you stood in the silence.  He never seemed to make any noise.  Never coughed, cleared his throat, sneezed.  He had even seemed to mute any sound of breath, his chest beneath the crisp, unlined white shirt and taut. perfectly knotted necktie just simply rose and fell, evenly, naturally. 

You turn to him in your last act of free will and extend your hand.  You speak, too loudly, and it falls acoustically flat in the tiny box, like a flower wilting from abrupt and extreme heat.  You announce your name and you ask his.

He lets the silence in the elevator heal itself, and then words he mouth eyes smile familiar.  Thoughts skip word holes information file dark.  Memory sparks and fizzles, like a TV channel coming in suddenly poorly, broken pixels color fragments.  When you blink, you are alone in the elevator.  A tinge of scent in the air, something clean, but woody, spiked with a citrus undertone.  His cologne, perhaps.  He wore cologne?  Wait, where did he go?

You felt like you’d been gassed, and just now swam up to consciousness.  The lights in the elevator seemed slightly dimmer, colors a little duller.  You coughed into your fist and exited the elevator, feeling slightly embarrassed for no real reason, as though you had been caught doing something naughty.  What had you the minutes of into building door whoosh colors swim back between?  Had you been alone in the elevator?  Or else name person gone suit? 

A day or so passed and you still noticed him.  It frustrated you to no end that you didn’t even know his name.  You had even asked a coworker, and they had shaken their head and changed the subject, somewhat abruptly.  You were beginning to think that he was a ghost and that only you could see him. 

But every night, in dreams, that smell, bright and sharp, clear, but wrapped in musk, like a glass knife in a dense fog.  Every morning, waking up to that smell, lingering, curling in your nostrils like freshly-baked bread. 

It was when suits started showing up in your closet that things started getting sort of weird.  Suits like the ones he wore at the office.  Not as nice, but similar in cut.  Three-piece suits.  When hair gel showed up suddenly on the sink in your bathroom.  You weren’t the worst dresser, but you had to admit to yourself that you were kind of a slouch.  But you could get away with that, a little.  As long as you wore a nice tie and tied it right.  As long as you shined his shoes to a bright gleam.  As long as you went to work on time and got your work done quickly and efficiently.  Those were the conditions, which you had agreed to.

As it got colder outside, the days seemed to grow so short so fast.  Wake up get dressed.  Office.  Do work.  Almost noon.  Go get lunch and make sure you get it right.  Then you blink and it’s night time, and maybe rush car bright, shiny.  Pulse bright dark beat bodies bump.  Breath, breathing.  Wake up and get dressed.  Same smell, every day.  You came to love it, actually, it woke up you so focused, so sharp.  And the days got shorter and shorter.  Wake up get dressed [Office] night time sleep dream up scent dressed suit gel tie [Office] night club sleep dream up scent suit tie hair office boy for Master [Dream]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Request for @brainwashed-fangirl: (For the Calendar thing you’re doing) a Valentine’s Day lap dance for Josh *i would have said Tyler but he is too precious* 

Word count: 1,500+

Warning: NSFW

I sighed into the phone currently pressed against my ear, “Okay Jen, Valentine’s Day is literally tomorrow and I still have no idea what to do for Josh.”

Jenna laughed, “(Y/N)! Why did you wait this long?”

Throwing my free arm above my head, I groaned, “Ugh I don’t even know, I just have no idea what to do. Like, does he want dinner and a movie? Or a watch? A tie? Oh, wait, ties are Father’s Day, right? Oh geez, I’m hopeless.”

“Yes (Y/N), ties are Father’s Day,” she chuckled, “Besides, Josh and Tyler aren’t really that into material things. Tyler and I are just going to a nice dinner. I could invite you guys?”

Although she couldn’t see me, I waved my hand dismissively in the air, “No, it’s okay, I don’t want to infringe on your Tyler-time.” I spoke melodramatically.

Jenna chuckled on the other end, “Thank you- but really, Josh would be happy with just a night with you as a V-Day gift. I wouldn’t stress about it too much.”

I laughed, “If only I could slap a bow on my-” realization slapped me in the face, “I gotta go Jen, I think I know what to do for Josh.”

“Uh okay… just be careful where that bow goes, and I want all the details- wait, not those details, like the other details- like… you know what I mean.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes, “Peace out, ho.”

I waited for her to say goodbye before hanging up. Flinging my blanket off my lap, I hopped off the couch and searched for my keys. It was time to make a Victoria Secret run.

“(Y/N)? What’s this?” I heard Josh call from downstairs.

Today was the day and I had decided to go all out. I shut off all the lights and lit candles and sprinkled red rose petals trailing up to my room. Getting josh here was the easy part.

“Jooossshhhh,” I called from my room, trying to be seductive.

“Should these candles be here just, like, out? I don’t want you to burn your house down.” He shouted up to me.

I rolled my eyes, “Josh. Have you ever seen a romantic movie in your life? Just follow the trail-” of course, now I couldn’t stop picturing Josh’s big foot knocking over a candle and igniting my house.

“Um, but, like, if you could blow them out as you go along?” I asked, wringing my hands.

Josh didn’t reply, but I heard him laugh and make his way upstairs.

Finally reaching my bedroom, he peeked his head around the doorframe, “Helloooo?”

I stepped into his view and let the small silky robe I was wearing fall off my shoulders, revealing the white lace bralette and g-string set underneath.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Josh smiled, making his eyes crinkle. He stepped forward and rested his calloused hands on my bare hips, “How’d I get so lucky?”

I smirked and stepped out of his grip, leading him to the edge of my bed. Placing a small hand on his chest, I lightly pushed him back onto it.

“Any requests?” I asked, looking through the playlist on my phone.

He smirked at me, “Twenty One Pilots?”

I rolled my eyes and put on my go-to song for getting me in the mood. It was slow and never failed to make my skin tingle.

I walked over to Josh, “Do you really think that’d be a good idea?”

He looked at me, “What?”

I leaned into his ear and began tracing light patterns over the crotch of his jeans, “To listen to your best friend sing while I suck you off?”

Pulling away just in time to see Josh’s dumbfounded facial expression, I smirked to myself, proud of the effect I had on him.

I slowly crouched in front of him, trailing my hands down his thighs. Resting my hands on his kneecaps, I pulled Josh’s legs apart. I slowly ran my hands up his thighs again as I got up in beat with the song. As my hands got closer to his pelvis, I made sure my thumbs brushed along his crotch. I looked at Josh, the sexual frustration evident on his face. He sucked in a breath as I slowly traced a finger along his jawline.

Josh leaned in for a kiss and I pulled back, “Nope. You can look, but you can’t touch.”

My lap dancing experience was limited, but I had a pretty good idea of what to do. Of course, most of my ideas came from various youtube videos and wikihow articles. However, that must’ve been enough, because Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. His brown eyes stuck to me with every sway of my hips and flip of my hair.

Goosebumps rose on my skin as I trailed my hands  along the curve of my breasts and down to my hips. One of the dance instructors on a video tutorial I watched said that it’s just as important to get yourself worked up as it is to get your partner turned on. It was hard to tell what exactly Josh was thinking. He kept his eyes on me, but the rest of his face was blank. And except for him occasionally reaching up to rub his chin, Josh did a remarkable job of staying still.

Trying to get a better reaction out of the mute boy, I pressed my hands down inbetween my legs and down my thighs, causing myself to moan. Turning around, I swayed my hips to the melody, knowing full well how much Josh liked my ass. I slowly turned back around and walked up to Josh. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips and guided them downwards towards my butt. He kept his hands there as I swayed and rolled my hips, using my own hands to tug on Josh’s soft, pink hair.

As the song came to a close, I straddled Josh’s lap, keeping my fingers tangled in his hair. I clearly had nothing to worry about, as I felt his arousal through his tight jeans. With a devilish grin, I moved my hips slightly to create friction. Josh bit his bottom lip and looked into my eyes, patiently waiting.

“Okay,” I whispered, “You can touch now.”

By this point I was just as turned on as he was, so I was elated when he pushed his lips to mine. Keeping his hands on my butt and mine in his hair, we pulled each other closer until we were forced to break apart. Even then, I put my forehead against his while I caught my breath.

“I take it you liked your gift?”

“I loved it,” he choked out.

I smiled and connected our lips. My hand moved to the back of his neck to anchor myself as I began to roll my hips on his. He groaned both out of pleasure and the pain of getting a boner in skinny jeans.

Smirking, I climbed off his lap, kneeling in front of him. Running my tongue along my bottom lip, I reached my hands up to Josh’s zipper. Josh leaned back on his hands and watched intently as I slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and palmed him a couple times through his boxers before they joined his jeans.

Sliding my hands slowly up his thighs, I situated myself over his length, mouth wide open. Josh opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off by placing my lips around the head of his cock. Whatever he wanted to say was reduced to a high pitched squeak. I began swirling my tongue around the tip and Josh’s shaky hands gathered my hair into a makeshift ponytail. I took in a deep breath through my nose and began bobbing my head up and down, Josh using my hair to guide me.

Josh wasn’t always the most vocal when it came to sex, which made it hard to tell what he liked and what he didn’t. However, after being with him for several months, I had learned some tricks that would have him on the edge in no time. Slowing down my pace, I laid my tongue flat against his vein. I moaned when Josh pulled my hair tighter. The vibrations from my mouth making him buck his hips up into my mouth. I gagged, but kept going. This time using my hands to pump what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“(Y/N)… I-I’m close.” Josh mumbled from above me.

I wasn’t a fan of the whole cumshot thing and neither was Josh, so I took my cue and removed him from my mouth. Now that his entire length was lubricated, I used my hands to get him to finish. He cummed with a long groan and small pants of my name.

I looked up at Josh, his hair sticking up in every which way and his face slightly red, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Okay first of all… I might of gotten a little carried away with this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

ALSO I’m complete trash because I’ve been inactive af lately (exams are kind of kicking my ass tbh) 

P.S. I have like a whole playlist I listen to when I write smut, but for this one I listened to Yayo by Lana Del Rey and Hands on the Wheel by Schoolboy Q (I didn’t want to add a specific song in there so you could make it personal ya know)

And as always thanks for requesting! Hope you liked it! 

Battle Intro: Well this brings memories, doesn’t it blackie?
Victory: Guess rain was not enough this time…
Half HP: I’m not letting you win this time…
Low HP: Close but not close enough for you.
Defeat: HaaIs that all you got April Showers?
Death: Is that rain I feel? or just blood?
Assist: Need a hand Darling? Don’t worry I’m on duty~
Taunt: My why a gentle shower, are you going soft on me Darling?
Reacting to Taunt: Was I supposed to laugh? Cause your joke was kinda watery…. 
Flee: Well look at the sky falling down, I better go… Don’t miss me too much.
Reacting to Flee:  You’ll be back eventually…
Tie: Well this is awkward… at least we are not tied up right?
Perfect Victory: Aw, do you need me to kiss it better?
Low HP Victory: Well looks like the sky is finally clearing…
Finishing Move: I wont go easy on you. 

Time, Time, Time

Ford sat on the floor, waiting for the sound of massive footsteps to return.

Stan’s clothes felt strange and uncomfortable, but he resisted the urge to adjust them. Stan had already done that for him, positioned the fez at just the right angle, tied the bow tie and made certain everything looked right. Instead of fussing with those little details he was staring down at his hands. Trying to twist or push one of his fingers below the others to hide it. Something he hadn’t done much since he was younger.

“Cut it out.” Stan said. “He’s not gonna notice, not unless you draw attention to it by making a big deal out of hiding it.”

Ford let it go, resting his hands on his knees instead. “You think so? Bill may seem like a lunatic, but he’s older than our universe and frighteningly intelligent.”

“Trust me. You’re the one he’s gonna be paying attention to. Meaning me.” Stan smiled wryly. “Congratulations. You get to be the twin nobody wants this time. It’s the perfect disguise.”

“Sounds nice” Ford said, equally wry. His hand shifted his shirtsleeve a little bit upwards, brushing against one of the dark red marks that Bill had left behind.

Stan’s eyes followed the motion of Ford’s hand. His smile fell away completely when he saw the mark. Ford shifted uncomfortably and pulled the sleeve back down.

“…I’m going to kill him.” Stan said.

“That…is the plan, yes.” Ford agreed. “If we’re successful.”

Stan gripped the cold, blue bars of the cage. His face was impassive, but Ford saw his arms trembling.

“Are you–”

Stan’s face suddenly twisted with emotion, and Ford’s question was cut off.

“Aww, hell.” Stan said, his voice cracking slightly. “I’m just going to forget all this anyway.”

He turned and wrapped Ford in a tight embrace. The first hug between them in forty years. The last one ever, at least from Stan’s point of view.

“Take care of yourself, you dumb nerd.” Stan said quietly. “I can’t bring you back if you get lost again.”

He pulled away quickly, before Ford could command his arms to move and return the embrace. The sound of massive footsteps clattered down the hall. And it was too late to say anything more.

something old

on ao3

ok so last night i was talking about this trope and @oyasumirosie​ was like ‘i’d read that’ so here we are! i wrote most of this at like 3 am so… yeah not my best work

pfffff how do adults date?? how does romance work?? how does writing work??

let’s pretend they could realistically go ten years without talking or seeing each other despite their best friends being together. do it for the trope

Of all the couples to survive college and university, Marinette isn’t surprised that Rose and Juleka are the first to tie the knot. She’s actually surprised it took them this long. They’ve been solid since they first started dating, a relationship goal that the rest of them not so jokingly held. And because this is Rose and Juleka, that means an impromptu class reunion.

Marinette isn’t sure how they’ve kept contact with everyone over the years. With everyone having gone in different directions, it seems nearly impossible. Even with the internet. Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to talk.

Alya’s actually the one to remind Marinette to RSVP. Alya is barely more put together than Marinette is sometimes, so despite Alya’s insistence that she just remembered, Marinette is pretty convinced that Nino was the one to bring it up.

Marinette is looking forward to it. She’s excited to see Rose and Juleka again, along with all their other classmates. It’s been, what, fourteen years since they graduated? She’s excited for the chance to catch up with everyone.

Alya drops his name not so subtly when they’re ‘dress shopping’ for fabric. Marinette almost drops the fabric she’s holding up to the light on her face.

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protagonistically  asked:

look i feel kind of bad about that last ask, so here - how often do you think that bruce or jay or alfie roll their eyes and lean over and retie tim's bow tie/tie? and how often do you think that tim just winks and says, 'real bros tie their bros ties' and bruce is like 'WE'RE NOT BROS >:[' and tim is just like 'this bow tie is my bro tie and jason is like why? and how?

Um?? Only all the time??

And Tim’s just… sloppy. And he’s never really learned how to tie his ties properly, like, he would have had a clip-on one for school, and now when he ties a tie it always winds up listing to the right and looking scrunched. 

And he is also very easily distracted. He’d just be standing there and texting, fully absorbed, and suddenly someone is looming at him and touching his tie without permission. I bet Alfred’s the only one who can do it without getting sassed, tbh. Jason and Bruce both get some serious attitude, and, depending on the day, Tim slapping their hands away. And IT SHOULD NOT BE A STRUGGLE TO GET YOU TO LOOK DECENT, TIM.

I BET TIM PICKED UP ‘BRO’ FROM CONNER THOUGH. They make bro puns at each other all day, and Tim probably did it once or twice at the Manor out of habit, but seeing how it annoys Bruce so much, and bewilders Jason (“maybe you’re the wrong generation, Jay?” “I AM YOUNGER THAN YOU, DICK, FFS”) it is something that he will never quit. Like, ever.


Darren looked at himself in the store mirror, a long black tie held in front of his neck. He swapped it for a bowtie and hmmed as he looked.

“Bro, what looks better? I wanna look nice at the party.”

FT and Vince both looked over and smiled, speaking at the same time.

“The bowtie!”

“The tie!”

Their eyes snapped open and they looked at one another. FT chuckled and adjusted the green, flower-print, bowtie around his neck.

“You meant bowties, right Vince?”

Vince laughed and straightened the the tie he had bought earlier.

“No. You meant ties were better, right FT?”

The two men full on glared at one another. Darren looked at them both before setting the neckwear down and backing up.

“Bowties are comfortable and classy! Explain the appeal of a tie!”

“They’re airy and don’t make me like I climb out of a British TV show!”

Vince hopped up on the check-out counter, much yup the cashiers chagrin.


Vince was silenced by FT swinging his leg up and roundhouse kicking him in the side. Vince crashed through several different clothing racks before he stopped at one full on black t-shirts with smiling cats. He shook his head and ran back full speed, ramming FT with his shoulder. The clock man crashed through the glass doors of the mall entrance.

“That’s how it’s gonna be?”

FT stood up and pulled a small stick from his pocket. He began to twirl it between his fingers, humming “Hickory Dickory Dock”. The stick stretched out and FT switched to twirling it like a baton. He soon held his scythe in his hands. Vince looked at FT and sighed.


Vince jumped over the low swing of the weapon.

“Admit it, bowties are the better neckwear!”

FT swung the blade higher and Vince ducked. He took this opportunity to sweepkick FT’s feet from under him. When he fell, Vince kicked the scythe away and stood above FT.

“Ties are better and you know it!”

FT scoffed and rolled his weight onto his hands, throwing his legs forward and nailing Vince in the stomach. The snakeman keeled over and FT slammed his clasped hands down on his back. Vince fell to the ground, groaning in pain.

“Bowties, damn it!”


Vince mumbled out an, “Ah, fuck it.”, and launched forward, sinking his teeth into FT ankle. He yelled a string of swears, causing mothers to cover their children’s ears. Vince yanked his head, causing FT to lose his balance and fall over. He released his hold and they grabbed each other by their neckwear. They pulled their fists back.



They would have broken each other’s noses if Mother Nature had not got FT by the ear and Darren snatched up Vinces ponytail. They dragged their lovers out of the store.

“You’re in a timeout when we get home, Metronome.”

“Same goes for you, Vince.”

Vince and FT were left holding hands on the porch. FT peered behind his shoulder to see MN looking away and he nodded to Vince. They released their hands.


They turned to see Sasalina, paws on her hips. They typed their nonexistent eyes and groaned, living hands once more.

Olicity Secret Santa: For oliverfel4, from smoakmonster

Close Encounter of the Christmas Kind

For Helen (aka @oliverfel4). Merry Christmas, Helen! We haven’t interacted much, but I hope this season has been filled with joy and fun for you and your loved ones. I’ve written an Olicity Neighbor AU story for you. I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xo - Shelley (aka @smoakmonster)


“Are you hogging my WiFi?”

His apartment door slams shut with a burst of energy, the rapid clicking of heels echoing against wooden floors signaling the whirlwind entrance of one Felicity Smoak, his next door neighbor and truest friend.

Oliver’s lips twitch before she even enters his peripheral vision. “Good to see you too, Felicity.”

When he glances up from the bowl of dough, Oliver instantly stills.

There, standing in his kitchen, is the Vice President of Palmer Tech, dressed in an elaborate Christmas green dress with her golden hair curled and falling in a perfect cascade over her shoulder. Her presence in his apartment is nothing unusual–considering the fact that they spend ample time together almost every weekend. But seeing her like this…adorned for a lavish evening with her hair styled so simply yet elegantly, so very Felicity…Oliver feels all his breath leave his body almost painfully. She looks like she just stepped out of a classic movie. She looks like she belongs anywhere but in his cramped, flour-coated kitchen.

But all Oliver manages is a gulp and a “You look nice.”

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Kaylor: The Timeline - Chapter 16

April 16, 2014

Taylor had given up on falling back to sleep at around 6 AM, when she rolled out of bed and decided to treat herself to an early breakfast. Cooking always cleared her mind, offering a temporary reprieve from whatever worry she was being plagued with for the day. However, this morning it just didn’t seem to be working. She had overcooked her food, something she never did, probably from the severe lack of sleep she was running on.

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~ team building ~ danisnotonfire ~

For the first time in your life, you came into the big city known as London. You were there for a YouTuber workshop, which was a small-ish event where “hidden” YouTubers like you got to meet large YouTubers to get to know each other. It was the only information you were given. That and where to go.

You arrived at the Google building and walked in. There were signs with large arrows that explained which room to go in, and you followed them to a large conference room like area. There were many people in there, few who you’ve recognized and some you haven’t ever seen before. You walk inside and sit on one of the chairs set up, facing the front of the room. There was a person that raised his voice over everyone else’s.

“Alright, we’re going to start this workshop right now so everybody grab a seat.” You assumed it was the host.

While you sat by yourself near the edge, the others sat away from you and with their friends. You saw the Brit crew of Zoella, PointlessBlog, SprinkleofGlitter and others in the middle-ish of the seats. In the very front were minor YouTubers you’ve seen a couple times on the watch page.

“Hey, is anyone sitting here?” A female voice asked from behind.

You turned around and pointed to the seat. “This one? Yeah it’s free.”

“Thanks. Hi, I’m Alex.” She said with a smile.

“(Y/N).” You say and shake her hand.

“I hardly have anybody to talk to over here as I’m considered one of the ‘small YouTubers’. It’s just so overwhelming.” Alex looked around the room with large eyes.

“I’m new here too. It’s good to have someone on the same boat as me.” You smile.

Alex was nice and friendly. You learned much about her, and vice versa. You found out that she lives not too far from you, which means a possible chance for a collaboration.

The host, who introduced himself as Ben, explained that you will be put into pairs, the large YouTubers would go with the small YouTubers. Ben and anther person (possibly co-host?) had two boxes in front of them. They were to pick names from a box, the two separated by subscriber count. One for under 100k, and the other above that. Each person (which you estimated that there were about 40 in the group) was called up by name along with a second person. Alex was called up and was paired with Louise. She got lucky.

One by one, everyone disappeared and it was soon brought down to you and seven other people. Which meant that you had four possibilities.

Tyler Oakley, who would be a fun, peppy person to be partnered with.

Connor Franta, who was talking to Tyler – also a fun partner choice.

Danisnotonfire, someone you had admired for a long time which meant possible shy and awkward moments.

Zoella, a friendly person that you could relate to, as she was the only female YouTube left that needed a partner.

“(Y/N).” Ben read over the microphone.

You slowly got up, heart racing from wondering who you’d get partnered with.

“Dan Howell.” This was going to be one awkward pairing.

He stood up and looked around the room to see who you were. Once he saw you, you saw him make a movement that read 'oh there you are’. You walked up and shook his hand. The lady by the door gave you an envelope which read 'do not open’ in large letters.

“Don’t open it.” Dan said with a smile.

You laughed. “Hmm, thanks I was thinking about it.

You went to a room full of the paired YouTubers and started introducing yourself.

"Hi, I’m (Y/N), my channel name is (Y/C/N) and I have a little over 90k subscribers.” You recited it just how Ben told everyone to introduce themselves.

“The name’s Dan, aka danisnotonfire and I have 4 million subscribers.” He laughed.

“We’ve got quite a difference here.” You chuckle.

“You’ll get there one day.” He said with a wink.

Ben came back a few minutes later and asked if everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. He then told you to open the envelopes. The sound of ripping paper echoed throughout the room. You pulled a piece of paper out.

“You and your partner are going to do a scavenger hunt today. You will go around this floor, unless otherwise indicated, and find the answers to the trivia questions. The first ten pairs back with all questions correct will get prizes, courtesy of YouTube and Google. The first pair back will get two tickets each for their viewers to go to next year’s VidCon” Voices buzzed around your ears.

“Here are the rules. You must stay with your partner at all times. To ensure that nobody cheats, your wrists will be tied together.” Your jaw dropped along with everyone else’s.

“Questions must be answered correctly or you will be sent back to get the right ones. You are also not allowed to take answers from other people, which means that you will have to take a photo with a phone to show proof that you yourself found the answer.” You turned to Dan who waved his phone in the air.

“The answers can be found in many forms. Some can be on plaques around the building, others might have to be accessed through Google employees. There are specific questions you can ask the employees, which means you cannot get other answers through them.

"Good luck and you will have up to 1 hour to finish the sheet. Anyone coming in after that will not have their answers accepted. We will begin once we have everyone’s wrists tied up.”

You turned to Dan. “Which hand do you write with?”

“Left.” He answered.

“Perfect! We’ll tie my left with your right.”

You got yours and Dan’s wrists tied together with one of those indestructible bracelets you get at an amusement park. Almost everybody was ready to go. Pens (with the Google logo) were handed out to each team.

“And so, it’s my first time meeting you and my wrist is tied to yours within ten minutes.” You smile.

“It’ll be fun, you seem like a nice person from what I’ve been hearing so far.” He laughed.

“Listen up everybody! You can start at any question you want, and use the lift/staircase if you need to.”

You looked at Dan while Ben spoke. 'Lift’ you mouthed to Dan and he nodded. As if you’d use the stairs.

“Get your pens ready, on your mark, get set, go!”

Everybody dashed forwards and into the halls. You looked at the sheet to find out where you were going.

“Alright, maybe we should go to the bottom floor first, that way the lift won’t be as crowded.”


After a long time of searching for the 20 answers, you have finally gotten them along with Dan’s pictures. It was now a race to the finish line. You found an empty lift down the hall and ran for it, dragging Dan by your wrist.

“Hey there’s something I want to tell you in the lift.” Dan said, partially out of breath.

“Specifically in the lift?” You ask, eye on the doors.

“Somewhere private is do-able.” Dan said while slowing down.

Dan came to a complete stop. “How long are you staying in London?”

“Uh, for a few more days, why?”

Dan took a deep breath. “It’s been great knowing you, and I’d like to know more. Would you perhaps like to go for a coffee or something after all of this?”

Did Dan Howell just ask you on a date? “That sounds like a good plan.” You smile.


You and Dan ended up being the third team to come in, which was pretty good. You were greeted at the finish line by Alex and Louise who got second, and by Phil with a person you didn’t recognize who got first. Dan congratulated his flatmate and said something along the lines of 'good thing your subscribers are also my subscribers’ most likely as a joke.

Ben handed out the prizes, which were black YouTube hoodies and google T-shirts. You said bye to Dan, getting his phone number which you could contact him with your UK phone. You met up with Alex and talked about the hunt.

“So, did you and Dan get along?” She asks while walking towards the cafeteria.

“More than you would think.” You smile.

Alex gasped. “Oh my god, no. Tell me everything.”

“Well, lets start from the beginning shall we…”