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“A Date with Markiplier”, Darkiplier Theory.

After watching “A Date with Markiplier” multiple times, and replaying and replaying the parts where Darkiplier is featured; I have created a theory as to why Dark acts the way he does (In these videos, not as whole). Now, let me first start off by saying, this probably, (definitely) is not the BEST Dark theory out there. And there are probably holes are mistakes in this theory, or repeating themes. But nonetheless, it is a theory that I have created that is interesting.. hopefully. Note: This theory comes with spoilers! If you haven’t watched the whole video, or at least the Dark parts, please do. (The video and Darkiplier parts are linked above.) And even if it may not seem like it, I worked really hard and long on this theory. (Literally about 3 days. And typing all of this up took about 2-4 hours.) So please treat it with respect. (But don’t be afraid to add your own theories or thoughts on this! Feedback is always welcome. Positive or negative. Just don’t be a butt about it.) So, without further ado, let us begin! I hope you have the patience to read it all. Enjoy! 

This theory is mainly based on the parts where you are confronted by Dark while you are watching “The Dark Mark”. What you are going to read below is me basically showing images of Dark, taking direct quotes he has said in the videos, and explaining why he is saying what he does. 

We start off by having Dark glitch and fade into view. He tilts his head to the side, saying he has missed us very much. And that he has been waiting a long time to see us again. 

Then he continues on saying: “I’ve been pushed asideReplacedMocked.” Now this caught my attention even from the beginning. How has Dark been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked? Who has done this to him? Why? I tried to reflect more on what that meant, but Dark kept talking, catching my attention even more…

Who is “He”? And why does Dark think this… “He” is going on an adventure with us? Why and how was Dark not invited to it? 

Dark continues…

Dark mentions “He” again. Saying this person promised he would let him in. Again. Who promised Dark and what promise was made between them? 

This is where the theory begins. The main idea of this theory is based on a small post I made a while ago. If you have already read it, then you’ll understand where I’m going with this. If not, I suggest you read it really quick HERE

And now… we shall truly begin. 

Dark begins our one-sided conversation with: “I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” But what also connects with this statement is what he says later: “ I’ve been waiting patientlyHe promised he would let me in again!” Now, since Dark is basically Mark’s inner demon, I could only assume that the “He” Dark keeps talking about is Mark. But what promise did Mark make with Dark? This is where I start to lean back on my older theory I hope you have read. 

I believe that Dark is in love with us. Or… at least has some sort of feelings for us. Or is at least curious about us. So, I think in the past Dark asked Mark permission to take control over Mark’s body so that he could spend time with us. Get to know the person he has unexplainable feelings for. Mark complied. Promising Dark that one day, Dark would have the opportunity to talk to us. But that day never came. And now Dark feels as if he has been Pushed aside. Replaced. And Mocked. These feelings have been repressed, but now since Mark is on this “adventure”, or “date” with us, Dark’s feelings and anger have come out. Dark feels that he has been pushed aside because he literally has been pushed aside. This date was supposed to be the date Dark was finally allowed to spend time with us. But instead… he got pushed. Pushed into the deepest, darkest, places of Mark’s mind. Mark didn’t want Dark to come out on this date. Because he was planning, later down the road, to propose to us. And he didn’t want Dark to ruin it. So Mark took over Dark, replacing him, even though he promised Dark that he would be allowed to take control. And now, Dark feels angry, hurt, and mocked. Mocked because today was supposed to be his day with us. But now he has to watch us through Mark’s eyes. Unable to do anything. Unable to talk to us and ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask. All he can do is stand back and watch the person he has feelings for go on a date with someone who betrayed him.

“And then he had the gall not to invite me to his little adventure with you.” This connects to what I said above. Mark has pushed Dark aside and didn’t allow him to take over on the date. Quite literally, he wasn’t invited on the date. He was casted away and replaced. But the one word Dark said that caught my attention was: “Adventure”. Why did Dark call it an adventure when he knew it was a date. A proposal, even? I believe the reason to be simple. Dark is angry and jealous right now. He doesn’t even want to call the event we are going on with Mark as a “date”. So, instead, he calls it an adventure. Making it easier on him and his heart. Also hoping in that calling it an adventure, he’ll make Mark look silly and foolish. As if he doesn’t know what a real “date” is. 

This part was very interesting. After saying all he said, spewing out his anger and frustration, Dark fixes his tie and suit, straightening up and saying: “ I’m tired of giving people a choice.” From what we have learned earlier, this sentence can only mean that he is tired of giving Mark the choice on controlling when and where he can allow him to take control.

But then, Dark sighs, saying: “But I suppose I could give you one last option.” Hearing Dark say this was extremely odd to me. Didn’t he just say that he was tired of giving people (Mark) a choice? But yet right after, he turns around to give us options and the ability to choose? I think he does this because no matter how closed off or frustrated he may get, he still wants to give the us the ability to choose. Since he has some sort of feelings for us, he doesn’t want to force us into something we don’t want to do. 

He continues: “Take your pick. Anything of four different choices, more than he could’ve ever given you.” Why did Dark give us so many options. Why did he bitterly say “more than he could have ever given you.”? And why did all options but one actually lead to a place that continues the story? 

I think the bitter remark and the option of more choices go back to Dark’s “adventure” statement. He wants to make Mark look foolish. Make Mark look like he can’t provide for us as much as he can. Even if it’s something simple as being able to go more places. But why, in giving us all these options, did only one actually go somewhere? It’s because, even though Dark does have feelings for us, he still is “dark”. He is still evil, demonic, etc. He purposefully made only one option that actually goes somewhere. He makes us go on a “date” with him (later on) the only way he knows how. Manipulation and Illusion. He gives us the illusion of choice, when really he manipulated it so there is only one right way. And that is to go on a date and spend time with him. 

This makes him sound pretty evil doesn’t it? That he just manipulates and cheats his way through until he gets what he wants. And that may be true, but.. At the same time, it’s actually pretty sad. That is all he knows. To cheat, to steal, and manipulate… Dark was toyed with and replaced. Promised he would be allowed to be with us. But that didn’t happen. And now Dark is forced to make his own path. Struggle to take control over Mark, and find a way to where we will spend time with him. Not Mark.

“So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.” Wait what?! Did Dark look down shyly at the ground… Smile… And say “Date”?! This really blew my mind after I watched it a couple times.

After taunting us on by saying: “Show me what you’ve got.” Dark pauses, his face suddenly seems to soften. “And maybe…” He cracks what looks to be a smile and briefly looks down at the ground, “ We’ll have a good date after all.” He looks back up, but his face and body immediately harden and become cold and static once more. What just happened?! Mark randomly says “Maybe we’ll have a good date after all.” And he shows emotion and smiles? Why does he do this? I think I know why. 

Obviously, Dark has been waiting to spend time with us. And now that he has Mark under control and is alone with us, he finally realizes that his dream of being with us is soon to become reality. He smiles and quickly looks down to hide his emotion that he is excited for this long awaited day. And, instead of calling it an “adventure” like he did when he vaguely defined our outing with Mark, he says “date”. Making it official and saying it more for himself than us. But then, after he realizes he slipped: showing emotion and calling our alone time a “date”, his face hardens and he composes himself back into the stone cold Darkiplier once more. But in trying so hard to compose himself, he lets a small, angry frown dance dance across his face before straightening. Showing that he is angry with himself for showing so much ambition.

(Note: Phew! This is a lot of writing! I hope you guys are doing ok and you like this! Stay in your seat, there’s a lot more to yet come!)

*We choose “Freedom”*

“If dinner is what you want then I can provide…” We are now officially on what Dark described as a date. He glitches and we are suddenly sitting at a table with what looks to be a cup and a bottle of wine to the side. As I watched and rewatched this, I found it interesting that Dark chose to place us in a dinner date situation. The same setting we were at when we were with Mark. And say things like: “I can provide…” Why did he place us in a dinner date setting? Why did he say if we wanted dinner, then he could provide it? The answer is interesting. 

Remember, the whole date you were having with Mark, Dark was also seeing and experiencing. So that means, Dark was there even for when Mark misplaced his wallet, making you have to pay for the meal. This obviously annoyed Dark. Enough to the point where he had to physically point out and show us that if we wanted dinner, he could pay. He could provide us with a meal. This is basically a big slap in the face to Mark. Once again, Dark is trying to make Mark look idiotic and that the outing/ date we were on with Mark, wasn’t a date after all. And that he can do a better job on planning a date and providing.   

The date carries on. “And I can take you wherever you’d like to go…” I found this odd when Dark said this. It’s kind of a random thing to say on a date isn’t it? But it all makes more sense when you look at it this way:

Near the beginning and basically throughout our whole date with Mark, he keeps saying that he has our whole day planned out. And that he can’t wait to take us to certain places. I think Dark said this as yet another jab towards Mark. Mark had our whole day planned, swiftly leading us from one location to another. But Dark said: “ I can take you wherever you’d like to go..” almost as a counteroffer to what Mark was doing for us. There is a sense of freedom when Dark says he can take us wherever we would like to go. A sense of freedom and choice. Dark seems to be using this statement to try and make him look more appealing to us than Mark. Possibly even more fun or risky than Mark.  

After Dark states he can take us anywhere, he then dumps this heavy and scary: “I can especially take you to where you don’t want to go..” on us. 

Honestly, I was a little confused on why he would say this. Is it because he’s “dark” and evil and he would actually enjoy to take us places we would hate? Or is he using some weird, vague form of reverse phycology? Is he saying that “the places where we don’t want to go…” is back to Mark? It would kind of make sense. After saying and telling us of all the things he can do for us and provide for us, the last thing he would want is for us to still choose and go back to Mark. But he says that he can take us to where we don’t want to go, meaning that he would take us back to Mark if we chose that. 

Dark continues to talk, but then he begins to glitch and shake. He is then suddenly screaming: “I can give you anything!” And then as fast as it came, it goes, and he continues talk to us normally saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…” Ok… What just happened here? He was screaming one minute and then normal again the next?

I think Dark glitches and screams “I can give you anything!”, because he momentarily looses his composure. He’s been spending a good portion of this date trying to show us that he can provide for us and comparing himself to Mark. I think he starts to become frustrated in himself and how we aren’t reacting the way he would have hoped. Thus, his inner voice comes out, screaming, frustrated and angry that we can’t understand that he can give and provide everything we want and need.

After his short episode, he continues talking. Saying he’s been waiting a long time to “get some personal time between us…” I think he’s saying this because the only time he has ever been with us, or has “spent time with us”, is when he is being pushed to the back of Mark’s mind and has to watch from the sidelines and listen and hear Mark’s words and thoughts. But now that he has finally taken over Mark, he can truly get the personal alone time he’s always lusted over.      

The date continues, and Dark has one more episode. But what happens next is interesting. Dark says: “So.. Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other…” And then suddenly, it looks like Dark is split in two. One part of him thrashing around and screaming. Why? Because it’s Mark… Trying to escape Dark’s possession of his body. 

Remember, this whole time we have been with Dark, Mark has been there, watching and listening to what Dark is saying. (Which also explains why at times, Dark twitches his head. Its because Mark is there in the back of his mind try to take control once again.) So Mark has been fighting Dark this whole time, and it seems Dark is slowly running out of time and loosing control, hence the episodes he keeps having. But notice where Mark made a big push to take control when he did. He did it right after Dark said we should “get to know each other…” It seems as if Mark didn’t like the idea of Dark getting to know us, and vise versa. Probably thinking Dark is going to take advantage of us at some point on the date. So, he tries and puts all his strength in trying to take back control before Dark can do anything to us. But once again, as quickly as it starts, Dark glitches and the image of Mark is gone, and Dark is back to normal.  

You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as that…

When I first heard this, I thought that Dark meant that we should allow him into our mind or soul. But as I began to create this theory, I began to think… What if Dark didn’t mean our soul or mind… But our heart? I mean, during this whole date he has been trying and trying to show us how much better he is than Mark, and how he can do all these things for us. Basically saying, how he can care and love us, just in a very “Darkiplier” way. What if he just wants to be loved by us. Accepted by us? And the only way he knows how to say that is something off putting like: “You just need to let me in..” Maybe all he wants is just a chance  with us. A chance to show how much he cares and ask us why he is feeling the way he does about us? 

After asking us to place him in our heart, and give him a chance, Dark then takes us outside. Believing that he has taken full control over Mark and boasting about it by saying: “You’re never, EVER, going to escape me…Not now-” He is confronted by Mark, in physical form. (Now this part can basically just completely eradicate my theory that Dark has taken over Mark, and not that they are two different people with their own bodies. Now that theory, COULD technically work here, but I decided I like the “Mark and Dark are two in one” theory better. Since Dark IS essentially Mark’s inner-demon. So I’m going to say that this part is actually where Mark gains some power within his mind, and now Dark and Mark are fighting for dominance.) 

After they fight for a while, a gun is dropped and you now have to decide to choose whether to shoot the left or right Mark. Later on, we find out the the Right is Dark, and Left is Mark. And this is where I was confused with what they are saying until I put up the captions. And what each of them were saying was interesting. 

Left Mark (the real Mark) starts off by saying: “You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody.” 

While Right Mark (Dark) says: “Shoot him. He needs to die.” 

The thing I found interesting was what they both first said to defend themselves. Left Mark (Mark), immediately starts off by saying that: There isn’t much time, and that Right Mark is going to kill everyone. Mark is trying to warn us. While Right Mark (Dark), just simply says off instinct: “Shoot him. He needs to die.”… Now that’s harsh. Mark just wants to warn us that if we don’t shoot Dark, we will all die. So he’s trying to save both us and himself. But Dark just spurts out that Mark NEEDS to die. No note of concern, or worry. No thought of what might happen afterwards. They keep talking, still trying to convince us: 

 Mark says: “He’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all.” 

While Dark says: “He does bad things to good people.” 

Now, the thing I found extremely interesting was this part right here. Mark says that Dark has weird eyes, which is true. He is known for having completely Dark eyes. But how he said the next part is what caught my attention. Mark said: “DON’T trust him at all.”. He didn’t say “I don’t trust him at all.” But simply, “Don’t trust him…” Therefore, Mark was telling US not to trust Dark. It was a command. Because he knows what Dark is able to do. 

What Dark says also caught my attention. Why would Dark say: “He does bad things to good people.”? Isn’t Dark supposed to be the “bad guy” here? Manipulating and weaving around things to get to what he wants? True, that is what he did to get us to date him. But just because he did those things, do you think he even wanted to? We have already proven that in the past, Dark asked for permission to spend time with us. But since that didn’t happen, Dark had to take control. All because Mark betrayed his promise to Dark. So maybe, Dark is saying “He does bad things to good people.” Because he’s hurt and angry that Mark didn’t fill out his promise. That Mark led him on only to be trapped in the back of his mind again, while he got ready to propose to the person Dark had feelings for without even been given a chance. 

After we shoot Left Mark, Right Mark comes over saying: “You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Assuring us and embracing us. We then continue the date by getting ice cream. We sit down while Right Mark continues to talk, saying: “We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And erm, get to know other. Really, personally…” We then begin to eat our ice cream when the screen flickers and glitches. We look back up and are greeted to see Dark sitting across form us. Dark then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together… forever.”

When I first watched this side of the date, I paid no regard to what Right Mark said. But after rewatching the mini date we had with Dark, and going back to this, I noticed something. Dark always seems to talk about getting to know us, or getting close to us. Spending personal time with with. Before, during our private date with Dark, he said: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…”  So when right Mark said: “Really, personally…” It became obvious that it was Dark sitting in front of us. After Dark transforms into his true self, he then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice.” I believe Dark said this because he knew, that if we knew who the real Mark was back when we had to decide who to shoot, we would have chosen the real Mark hands down. So he kept quiet. Hoping that with luck, he could say the right words and look innocent enough and emulate Mark, that we would shoot the wrong man. Before we are met with “Try Again?”, Dark continues, “But now we’re going to be together..forever.” and smiles. The first time I heard this, it sounded creepy, and some of you might think so as well. But I think Dark said this because he was finally free. Free of Mark’s hold on him. And free to be with the person he is curious about and has unexplained feelings for. He’s finally free to provide and care for us, without Mark battling for control in the back of his mind. Because that part of him is now dead. He can finally get to know us. Get that personal, intimate time he has always yearned for. He’s finally found freedom from being pushed aside. Being replaced and being mocked. He can finally have a true chance with us. A chance… for us to let him into our heart. Because we’ve always been in his.     


Request: Avengers!! Specially Steve, Bucky and Tony, why Tony has always to be reader’s dad?? I’m 20 years less than RDJ and I’ll fuck him like crazy! 😂 😂 theme fluff and of course ‘it always end in a…’ smut. Thanks!! 💜💜 

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2932

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Smut, suggestion of a daddy kink, light spanking, (should I warn an age difference?), unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), A couple of gifs that could be considered NSFW

A/N: So, my first Reader Fic. Thank you so much, @fsp82, for the request. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I listened to Closer by the Chainsmokers a couple of times while writing this so that’s where the title came from along with a few little things within the story.

Tony has always had a thing for pushing people’s buttons, and your buttons were no exception. A little touch here, a sly comment there, and it all drove you nuts.

For how annoying as he was at home, that’s how protective he was in the field. He was always there, literally hovering overhead unless he had something he had to be doing.

The most frustrating part of all of this is that somehow, despite always being there, he had yet to realize your feelings for him.

Now safe in your hotel room, you kick off your combat boots and strip off the layers of your uniform as you head into the bathroom. You start the shower, letting the water heat up as you pull your hair loose from its braid. You go back out into the room, digging your hairbrush from your duffel bag. Just as you’re about to head back into the bathroom, there’s a knock at the door.

As you approach the door, you have every intention to send whoever it is away. Then you look through the peephole to see Tony standing there. You smile to yourself, allowing yourself to hope for something to come out of this.

You open the door without hesitation, not a care in the world even though you’re half naked.

“Can I help you?” you ask, a sly smile playing at your lips when you catch his eyes roaming your body.

He shakes his head, clearing his head, and looks you in the eye, “Y/N, hey, I was wondering… it’s not too late and you know since we’re in Italy… I thought maybe…”

You bite your lip watching him stumble over his words, surprised by how nervous he seems to be.

“Take a deep breath, Tony, and just spit out.”

He chuckles, scratching the back of his neck, “Do you want to get dinner? I know you’re probably tired, but this seemed like too good a chance to pass up.”

“Let me shower and get dressed. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

He smiles, “Right. See you in a bit.”

You watch him as he heads back down the hall to the elevator. You shake your head, closing the door and rushing to the shower you’d nearly forgotten was still running. The mirrors in the bathroom are foggy, but the water’s still hot.

You take what could be considered the fastest shower of your life, though you’re careful to clean every inch of your skin. You dry your hair as best you can before pulling the loose tresses into a somewhat fancy bun.

As you approach your duffel bag, you silently thank Natasha for convincing you to pack something nice. “It could come in handy,” she’d said, “since we’re staying overnight.”

Thinking back on it now, you’re certain she knew something you didn’t. So you pull on the tight, black pencil skirt and the dark red, crop top you’d so carefully packed.

You keep your make-up light, settling for a little bit of eyeshadow and your signature winged liner. A little mascara on your lashes and a pair of black sandals on your feet, and you were ready to go. You find the purse you’d stashed and check to make sure you have everything you’ll need before heading to the lobby.

You search the room for him, your eyes finally settling on his form where he stands at the hotel bar. As you get closer to him, you realize that he’s changed clothes. His t-shirt and jeans now replaced by a sleek, dark blue suit and a black dress shirt, a thin black tie around his neck. He hasn’t seen you yet. You wouldn’t mind skipping dinner… Who needs food when you could just pull him in by his tie and drag him back upstairs…

His eyes settle on you, a growing smile spreading across his face as he scans every inch of you.

Once your close enough, and much to your surprise, he wraps an arm around you waist and pulls you close.

He kisses your cheek, whispering, “you look beautiful,” in your ear before setting his glass on the counter behind him and leading you to the front door.

He keeps you at his side as you walk through the city in a comfortable silence, taking in the darkened sights. There’s not very many people out, but you see a few other couples walking the same way the two of you are. He guides you to a restaurant somewhere in the center of town, the atmosphere of the place much more relaxed than you had expected.

Watching him, you can’t help but feel that right now he is in his element surrounded by the fancy scenery, and something about it is beyond attractive. Honestly, you think it’s downright sexy.

He still hasn’t said a word to you since before you left the hotel. He orders some fancy red wine and a few dishes from the menu for you both to share. His expression as he looks across the table at you is soft; there’s admiration in his eyes, but his gaze is nerve-wracking because you still don’t know what to think of any of this.

The waiter returns with everything all at once. Once each plate is in place, he pours the wine and sets the bottle down before disappearing with little more than a nod of his head.

You reach for your glass, taking a generous sip. Tony smiles again at your reaction to the taste of it.

“That’s amazing.” You say, meeting his eyes.

“Wait until you try the food.”

“You’ve been here, haven’t you?”

“A few times over the years.”

You narrow your eyes at him, but he just laughs it off and starts eating. You join him, eating a little bit of everything, but settling on the tortellini you were lucky to have closest to you.

Three hours and two bottles of wine later, the two of you have completely knocked down any walls between you. The conversation flows easily, the small space between you filled with your voices and laughter. The plates had been cleared long ago so the table is empty aside from your glasses and your hands where they meet in the middle.

“We should probably head back.” Tony mutters, glancing at his watch.

“Right.” You pull your hand back, “We’re supposed to head out early tomorrow.”

He pulls out his wallet, dropping enough cash on the table to cover everything, and stands up. He comes around to you, holding his hand out and guiding you to your feet when you take it. You stifle the urge to gasp when he laces his fingers with yours. So now you’re heading back to the hotel, hand in hand, and over the moon.

Back at your room, you fumble with the keycard. Why are you nervous? It wasn’t anything new for him to be so close, but the sound of his breathing literally inches from you in such a small, quiet space is almost too much. Once the door unlocks, you turn the handle and push it open a bit. You stop in your tracks, turning to face him.

He’s still just inches away.


Just close enough that if you leaned forward a little more…

His kiss is sweet, a hint of chocolate and wine still lingering in it. He puts a hand on your hip, the other cupping your cheek as he deepens the kiss. By the time you pull away, you’re barely standing and your chest is heaving.


You look up at him through your lashes, afraid to look him directly in the eye.

“I’m going to tell you something, and I don’t want you to make any decisions until I’m done. Okay?”

You nod slowly, afraid to speak.

“I’m in love you with you. I don’t when I realized it or why I waited so long to tell you. I just know it’s how I feel. If you’d rather be with someone else, I’ll understand. I know I’m a little unstable and that I can be annoying. Sometimes I spend too much time in my lab, and I don’t always take such good care of myself. Maybe I drink a little too much and have some pretty bad impulse control. Still, you’ve always been there. You make me want to be better. You make me better, and I don’t even think you realize it. So whether or not this goes anywhere, tonight was important to me. You’re important to me.”

You don’t know when it happened, but at some point, you’d tightened your grip on him, a hand wrapped securely around his tie. Slowly, you look up to meet his gaze, smiling when you see how much hope lingers in his brown eyes.

You start moving back, pushing the door open as you pull him into the room. The door slams shut right as his lips collide with yours again.

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You pull his shirt from where it’s tucked away in his pants and get to work on the buttons as he loosens his tie. He kicks off his shoes while you unbuckle his belt. He pulls your shirt away while you undo the button and lower the zipper. You push his pants to the floor; he unzips your skirt and pushes it down as well.

The backs of your legs hit the bed. You pause for a moment before sitting at the edge of the mattress. He’s leaning down to you, his lips still against yours, his tongue still between your parted lips and moving against your own. You pull your feet up one by one to remove your shoes. He puts his knees on either side of you one by one to remove his socks.

You move back on the bed until you reach the top, laying back against the pillows. His hand moves down your side, over your hip and to the back of your knee where his grip tightens before he parts your thighs further. His hips settle over yours, grinding slowly against you. You moan into his kiss, your thighs tightening around his hips in response to his movements.

He breaks the kiss after what feels like a lifetime. Your lips feel numb, a slight burn left behind from the friction caused by his beard. His eyes only stay on yours for a moment before moving a little further down to your still covered breasts. His fingertips tease your skin at the top of the cup before down to the clasp that sits between them. He pops it open with ease, pushing both cups aside before taking a breast in each hand.

You sigh, arching your back and pushing into his touch. You free your arms from the straps and then pull the bra away from your body, tossing it to the floor. He glances up at your face before his eyes return to his own hands and he leans down to take the hardened peak of your nipple into his mouth. You gasp at the new sensation, combing your finger through his hair.

His hips roll down again before he begins moving further down your body. His fingertips hook around the waistband of your panties. He watches your face as he pulls them down and away, tossing them to the side. His kiss moves to your inner thigh.

“Is this okay?” he asks, for once seeming unsure in his actions.

Once you provide a breathless affirmation, his head is between your thighs, his tongue laving through your folds and circling your clit.

One of your hands fists in his hair while the other grabs tight to the pillow that rests beneath your head.

“Oh, god, Tony… Fuck…”

In response to the slight bucking of your hips, he grips your thighs and presses you tighter to the mattress. Just as you look down at him, his eyes open to meet yours. His eyes flutter closed again as he moans against you. Your grip on his hair tightens as that sweet tension builds in your lower abdomen. Then as his tongue moves further down and pushes into you, you can’t hold on anymore. He keeps going, swallowing down everything you have to give him.

You hum in pleasure as he pulls away. You hand falls free from his hair and down to the bed.

“You okay?” he chuckles.

“Uh-huh.” You beckon him closer with a wave of your hand, “Come here.”

Once he’s hovering over you again, he lowers his lips to yours. You can taste yourself in his kiss. His lips leaves yours a moment later, moving down to your neck.

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“I need you, Tony.” You whisper, trailing your fingertips up his spine.

“I’m all yours, sweetheart.” He smiles, raising your hand to his lips and placing a kiss to your palm.

“Come on, baby, you know what I mean.”

“You’re sure?”

“I love you, Tony. I would have said it before, but…”

“We got a little caught up.”

You giggle as you nod in agreement.

“God, I love it when you laugh. I can’t wait to hear your scream.”

His words make you gasp. He chuckles and stands up to remove the tight fabric of his briefs. Then he over you again, his generous length just inches from your waiting core. A bit to your surprise, he lays on his back beside you and grabs your hips.

“Like I said,” he whispers, positioning you over him, “I’m all yours.”

His grasps the base of his shaft in his hand, positioning his cockhead at your entrance. Your body opens for him, taking him in inch by inch. Your head falls forward once he’s buried to the hilt.

“Damn, you’re so tight, baby.” He groans, “Feels so good.”

You breath is shaky as you begin to move against him, moaning each time he slides back home. You start slow, watching him come undone beneath you. His eyes are focused on where your bodies join. His bottom lip is held tight between his teeth. His focus shifts, though, when you moan his name. He grins as his hands move over the curve of your ass. You gasp, your movements faltering when his hand strikes the soft flesh.

You recover somewhat quickly, bracing yourself against his chest as you begin to move faster. The way you’re positioned against him delivers much needed friction against your clit. There’s nothing but the sounds of your moans, groans and grunts filling the room. He hits you again, spurring your movements on and making you move just a little faster.

Your hands move from his chest to the mattress on either side of his head. He stills your hips, taking over by thrusting his hips up.

Shit!” you scream, clutching his shoulder and digging your nails in.

His arms wrap securely around your waist, and he flips you to your back, easily keeping up his unrelenting pace. Your moans become screams of pleasure as he drives you hard into the mattress.

He hooks his hand behind your leg and pushes your knee up to your shoulder. The new angle lets him go deeper, edging you closer to your release. He finally eases up, settling into a slow, hard pace. A few more thrusts right against your g-spot and you’re the one coming apart beneath him.

The clenching of your walls around him draws his own release from him, the heat of his come coating your inner walls. You heave several deep breaths as he collapses beside you after a couple of minutes.

“Be right back.” He whispers, kissing your forehead and getting up from the bed.

You hear the water turn on in the bathroom. After a moment, it shuts off again. He comes back out to you, his touch gentle between your thighs as he cleans you up. He goes back to the bathroom, tossing the towel into the sink from the doorway.

He climbs back into bed with you, pulling the blankets up and over you. You rest your head on his shoulder, your hand on his chest. You trail your fingertips over the scar on his chest left behind by his heart surgery.

He takes your hand once again, bringing your hand to his lips and placing kisses on the pads of your fingertips.

“You know,” he says, kissing your forehead, “we’re never going to live this down if the team finds out.”

“Let them find out. I’ve got nothing to hide.”

“So you’re prepared for the jokes about our age difference? I mean, I’m pretty much old enough to be your father.”

“Does that mean I should start calling you ‘daddy’?”

“Only if you don’t want to get any sleep tonight.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you sit up and lean close him, your lips barely an inch from his, “Daddy.”

He spanks you once abruptly, “You asked for it, baby girl.”

You giggle as he moves to hover over you, his kiss rougher than before.

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The next morning, you’re both back on the jet but keeping your distance from one another. It’s not necessarily on purpose. He’s helping with setting the navigation. You’re sitting across from Natasha at the back of the jet, cleaning your weapons.

“Thanks, by the way, for the advice on the outfit.” You say, looking down the barrel of your gun.

“I told you it would be useful, and I was right.”

“Yeah,” you smile, looking in Tony’s direction and catching his eye; he winks at you, a smile on his face when he turns his attention back the screen projection in front of him, “you were.” 

Want some more Tony x Reader? Check out Hold On.


Why I'm a Daddy.

I’m a Dom and there’s no questioning that fact. My earliest remembrance of dreams/fantasies involved domination senarios. It’s in my DNA. So how can I identify as a Daddy? Because it’s in my DNA too.

I’m a nurturer. I’m a caregiver. I’m affectionate. The fact is I like to treat my lady like a princess. I want to feel needed, I want to be clung to and I desire the feeling of calm I have when my princess is with me. I love running my fingers through her hair, softly caressing her skin and just allowing her to throw off the stresses of her day.

Yes, I can be dominant and sadistic. Yes, I can set rules and administer punishment when they are broken. Yes, I can be rough and controlling, I love to tie my Baby up and torture and tease her. But at the end of the day, I just want to hold my Baby close, cuddle her and watch the expressions on her face as she watches her favorite Disney movie. This is where I am most at peace in this world.

Does that take away from me being her MASTER at times? No. Does it make me weak as a DOM? No. All it does is just allows me to be the man I was born to be. I am MASTER. I am Sir. I am Daddy.

Created by Thought-from-Mark

Reylo Song Compilation from the Official SW Spotify Playlists + Their Recurring Themes

(A.K.A. More Reylo Receipts, A.K. A. They Couldn’t Make It Any More Obvious)

The two official spotify playlists being discussed: Rey / Kylo Ren

For ease of access, I decided to compile all of the possible Reylo-centric songs that the Star Wars official Spotify has put in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists. Many are blatantly referencing their dark/light dynamic, while others are only vaguely referencing what could possibly be Reylo, but could also possibly be referring to other relationships - those songs have been pointed out. I wanted to outline the songs that are clearly Reylo-centric, so I also included the best lyrics to give as evidence as to why that song is Reylo-centric. Beneath the lists are the analyses of these love songs and the recurring themes throughout them from both Rey and Kylo Ren. 

Truth be told, after paying attention to all the love songs in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists, I am 98% sure Reylo is now, or will be, A Real Thing. The other 2% is the possibility that it will an unrequited love from Kylo Ren towards Rey, because Kylo Ren’s love songs are so assuredly about Rey (female pronouns, too romantic to be Leia) while there are still a few of Rey’s songs that cannot be 100% proven to be about Kylo Ren. That being said, a large majority of her love songs, as will be discussed, revolve around fighting and conflict - so unless she will have another love interest that is going to be fighting with her in the trilogy, I’d say those ones are at least definitely pointed towards Kylo Ren.

*possibly referring to rey and f.inn, possibly referring to kylo and leia or merely kylo himself
> my personal favourites because they just scream reylo

While looking through these lyrics, remember to keep in mind that these songs were specifically chosen to be put in OFFICIAL Star Wars playlists for these characters for a reason. In the order that they were listed in playlists:

Rey’s Playlist

  • NO ONE - ALICIA KEYS* ( people keep talking they can say what they like // but all i know is everything’s going to be alright // no one can get in the way of what i feel for you )
  • COMPASS - ZELLA DAY*if we make it out alive, from the depths of the seas // compass points you anywhere closer to me // where you are, i will be )
  • COME AND GET IT - SELENA GOMEZ ( can’t stop because i love it, hate the way i love you )
  • LEVELS - NICK JONAS (  so much to discover, please don’t stop me now // all this heat keep rising, make you stop, drop, and roll // i’m bottling up the lightning, supernatural )
  • CAN’T FEEL MY FACE - THE WEEKND* ( and i know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb // and she’ll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come // all the misery was necessary when we’re deep in love )
  • OMEN - DISCLOSURE ( i’m feeling something, something different //  needed you to show me, without you I am lonely // my mind would rule my heart // i didn’t pay attention to the light in the dark, it left me torn apart )
  • WE FOUND LOVE - RIHANNA ( it’s the way I’m feeling i just can’t deny //  shine a light through an open door // turn away ‘cause i need you more //  we found love in a hopeless place )
  • BLUE JEANS - LANA DEL REY ( you fit me better than my favorite sweater, and i know that love is mean, and love hurts )
  • > BATTLEFIELD - JORDIN SPARKS ( i never meant to start a war, you know, i never wanna hurt you // don’t even know we’re fighting for, why does love always feel like a battlefield // baby, we don’t have to fight )
  • A SKY FULL OF STARS - COLDPLAY ( i don’t care, go on and tear me apart //   'cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars i think i saw you //  'cause you’re a sky, 'cause you’re a sky full of stars, i wanna die in your arms )
  • RUNAWAY (U & I) - GALANTIS* ( even if we’re strangers til we die //  anywhere out this place, i wanna run away, just U and I )
  • SMOKE AND FIRE - SABRINA CARPENTER ( oh, oh, our love is running into a burning building // feel the heat, so we started running // you know you saw it coming, but the memories are still in my mind )
  • DIAMONDS - RIHANNA* ( you and i, you and i, we’re like diamonds in the sky // i knew that we’d become one right away // at first sight i felt the energy of sun rays, i saw the life inside your eyes )
  • WILD - TROYE SIVAN ( trying hard not to fall // leave this blue neighbourhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh and it drives me wild // 'cause when you look like that I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad )
  • SHUT UP AND DANCE - WALK THE MOON* ( this woman is my destiny // we were victims of the night // oh we were bound to get together // deep in her eyes, i think I see the future, i realize this is my last chance )
  • OUR OWN HOUSE - MISTERWIVES* ( into my soul you stared and bored down every fear // we built our own house with our hands over our hearts )
  • BLOODSTREAM - TRANSVIOLET ( cruel desire, danger in our consequence // hey, you wanna rule the world? outlaw love, make you lose control // cosmic violence, chills dripping like acid rain, keep coming back cause it’s you i crave )
  • FORCE OF NATURE - BEA MILLER ( i tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows, oh but it’s too late now, i let you get too close // i know i should take cover, hide inside these four walls, but baby i surrender, it all // 'cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done // i can taste the danger, but i don’t wanna run, so pull me to the ground and i won’t put up a fight )

Kylo Ren’s Playlist

  • ANGELS FALL - BREAKING BENJAMIN* ( grey skies will chase the light away no longer // when angels fall with broken wings, i can’t give up, i can’t give in // when all is lost and daylight ends, i’ll carry you and we will live forever, for ever )
  • DARK SIDE OF ME - COHEED AND CAMBRIA* ( in this cold reality i made, this selfish war machine, oh, this has become hell, how can i share this life with someone else? // i am not equipped to comprehend human rationale, sirius, is this what love is? )
  • ASHES OF EDEN - BREAKING BENJAMIN* ( i am not worthy of this // stay with me, don’t let me go, because there’s nothing left at all // will the light begin to pull me to its everlasting will // heaven above me, take my hand, shine until there’s nothing left but you )
  • NEVER GIVING UP - OF MICE AND MEN ( even though i know you want me to, i’m never giving up on you // you’ll never know just how hard it is for me to see you this way, it tears me up, drags me down )
  • OUT OF TIME - A DAY TO REMEMBER ( i finally found her, and when i did i just couldn’t make things right, is this really happening? oh, god, i think i just ruined my life // don’t think you’ve got to go in alone here // you won’t see it, but believe me, i need to be right where you are // 'cause now i think that everything’s about you )
  • EVIL - INTERPOL ( when your friends they do come crying, tell them now your pleasure’s set up on slow-release // i can take you places, do you need a new man? // you need someone to take you there, sandy, why can’t we look the other way? )
  • THE ANSWER - SAVAGES ( i saw the answer, it was a girl, will you go ask her // love is the answer // to cry about love, to wait for her, to wait for dying, i can’t wait )
  • AT LEAST I’M KNOWN FOR SOMETHING - NEW FOUND GLORY ( i tried so hard to keep you coming back my way, but you don’t know the half and i’m the one to blame // i let my front down and i know i will regret it )
  • DEAD INSIDE - MUSE* ( your lips feel warm to the touch, you can bring me back to life // feel me now, hold me please, i need you to see who i am // open up to me, stop hiding from me // it’s hurting babe, only you can stop the pain // now i’ve become just like you, my lips feel warm to the touch, my words seem so alive )
  • ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS - COLD WAR KIDS ( i have been waiting for you to find that all of this could be yours tonight )
  • BREED - NIRVANA* ( i don’t mean to stare, we don’t have to breed // we could plant a house, we could build a tree // i don’t even care, we could have all three // she said, she said, she said )
  • > INNERVISION - SYSTEM OF A DOWN ( i have to find you, i have to meet you // i need to find you, i need to seek my innervision // it’s never too late to reinvent the bicycle // a smile brings forth energy or life, giving your force, vision )
  • > SATELLITE - RISE AGAINST ( we are the orphans of the American dream, so shine your light on me // she told me that she never could face the world again, so i offered up a plan, we’ll sneak out while they sleep, and sail off in the night )
  • > BORED TO DEATH - BLINK-182 ( there’s a stranger staring at the ceiling, rescuing a tiger from a tree, the pictures in her head are always dreaming, each of them means everything to me // i think i met her at the minute that the rhythm was set down, i said i’m sorry i’m a bit of a letdown )  
  • WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE - POWERMAN 5000 ( are you ready to go? cause i’m ready to go, what you gonna do, baby? are you goin’ with me? cause i’m goin’ with you // now who’s the light and who is the devil? you can’t decide, so i’ll be your guide )
  • > A CROSS AND A GIRL NAMED BLESSED - EVANS BLUE ( there’s a pretty girl somewhere, with a pretty name, but i could never let you know how much this means // i swear we’ll end this war, cause we both know It wasn’t worth fighting for // she said to me i will be driving in the wrong direction, did you ever think that maybe your life is heading in the wrong direction, baby )

Lyric Analyses & Themes

I will now begin to group together recurring themes in Rey and Kylo Ren’s playlists in order to correlate similarities and parallels. This includes well-known themes that may hint towards certain theories, such as Kylo Ren’s redemption, Reylo sharing a force bond, the balancing of the force, and the Gray Jedi becoming canon. To make parallels clearer, Rey and Kylo Ren’s supporting evidence for each theme will be paired side by side.

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anonymous asked:

BTS reaction to finding out you're a freak in the sheets (this isnt the first tome sexing but up until now their s/o just hasn't shown thay sode of her)

Hope you like it anon. Credit to gif owners.

Update: I had to change the gifs for Namjoon and Jungkook because they weren’t working.

Requests are open!

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Chains (Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Bucky walks in on you working out and you both decide to ‘work out’ together / based around the song Chains by Nick Jonas

Warning(s): A lot of sexual tension, swears, sexual themes and acts but no smut but kinda slight smut?

Send requests HERE

A/N: ok its almost 5am (when i finished writing it was around 6am lmao) and I wanted another dirty bucky fic ok dont jUDGE ME this song is so hot idgaf what anyone says it makes you feel like a sexy badass even when you’re a 15 year old lump like myself

With her wine stained lips, yeah she’s nothing but trouble

Bucky watched as he watched his fellow comrade (Y/N) (L/N) in tight gym leggings and nothing but a sports bra to hold your top half in place as you slammed your fists against the punching bag, your heavy fists leaving the punching bag to sway and occasionally you’d swing a kick into the side of the big heavy weight itself. Bucky eyed every movement, watching your (H/C) strands dance along with your body sways. Your feet would step into each punch for extra impact.

“(Y/N).” Bucky called out, eyeing your small heighted frame before meeting your eyes from a distance.

You turned, your hair swinging a bit as you lowered your stance, a knowing smirk on your lips.

“Ah, Buck. Never heard you come in.” You spoke in a low raspy tone, your throat dry from lack of water in your system during your workout.

Oh, what that voice did to Bucky. You could make the Winter Soldier weak at the knees like no other women with no effort of sexiness whatsoever.

“You looked to into doing what you were doing to hear me anyway, I don’t blame you doll.” Bucky hummed, walking further into the gym. “I actually came to ask you something.”

This intrigued you, Bucky coming to ask you something? You smirked, turning to the soldier with a hand on your hip and looking up at him from a distance.

“Go on.”

“May I have the pleasure of sparring with you?” Bucky gave a lop sided grin, “I mean, you’re not scared right?”

A mocking laugh emitted from your wine stained lips and you bite at the side of your mouth to silence yourself.

“Not in the slightest, James.” You purred, stepping forward a bit and pulling up your (H/L) (H/C) strands into a high ponytail, showing off your facial structure beautifully. “I wouldn’t even want you to go easy on me.”

Bucky snorted, teasing you with his smooth words. “But you’re so little, so delicate like a beautiful flower. I don’t want to hurt your little flower.”

A sexual tone seethed his words and you weren’t oblivious to the sexual tension thickening in the air.

“It’d be a pleasure for you to hurt my flower.

Now, it wasn’t usual for you to flirt like this with any random person who offers to spar with you- no. But James Buchanan Barnes was a walking sex god with no flaws whatsoever.

Your response seemed to take the metal armed soldier by shock, leaving him with a stunned expression for a few seconds before the good old flirt smiled charmingly.

Before he could respond, you took control of the conversation and the situation itself.

“Take your shirt off and push your hair back.” You commanded, biting your lower lip.

Bucky didnt waste a second to go over to your gym bag, collecting a hair tie and giving himself a man bun in seconds and with his back to you, he stripped his shirt away.

“Good boy.” You hummed, making Bucky feel heat grow into his groin.

Bucky turned around and walked up to you, “you sure you don’t want me to go easy, doll?

Cold to the touch but she’s warm as the devil

“Well, I’m not going easy on you.” You teased, catching him off guard with your quick actions as you walk up, pulling out your blunt wooden dagger that you used for sparring.

You were the attacker and Bucky was the defender.

Bucky quickly  swings his lower half back as you slash near his face, your feet moving quick incase of an attack your way. Your body moving side to side, your knuckles white on the grip of the wood.

Bucky grunts and reaches out and  grabs your wrist just before you could hit his shoulder with the faux dagger. You quickly swing one of your legs high into his jaw- the thudding sound of your shoe colliding with his jaw gave you savoured satisfaction.

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

But its quickly flipped around once Bucky quickly grabs your ankle too, pulling you off your feet in total in one swipe.

Yet Bucky had no idea for what you had up your sleeve.

You breathed heavily before thrusting your body up, swinging your free leg to wrap around Bucky’s neck. Using your trapped wrist and ankle to your advantage as your sweat allows you to slip in Bucky’s grip to allow your body position to rotate and change as your ass is sitting on one of Bucky’s shoulders.

Even though you were very light compared to the strength of Bucky, Bucky still stumbled in surprise at how quick your tactics were. He was off guard and you used this to your advantage.

You bashed your free hand against Bucky’s head, tightening your grip around his neck with your muscled leg until one of his grips would slip free. That didn’t happen. What happened instead was Bucky moving forward and slamming your frame into the gym wall.

Your bare shoulder rubbed against the rough brick wall, creating friction burns along your perfect skin.

She takes ‘til I break and I can’t get more

A melodic grunt too leaves your lips as  Bucky slams you repeatedly against the wall in order for your grip to ease. You quickly start to reach for your dagger with your free hand in order to win the upperhand, but Bucky then lets go of you completely and thrashes you off his shoulder and onto the marble below.

You hiss, staring up at the super soldier, now gripping the dagger harshly, bringing your feet up as a defence quickly, swinging a harsh kick at Bucky’s thigh- not being your exact target but it’d do.

Bucky shoved your leg away and quickly went down on you, but you attempted to push him back with your legs- now swung over his shoulders and luckily due to your flexible hips you were able to be comfy in this awkward yet sexual position.

A whine left your lips, holding your knife away so Bucky was unable to reach your weapon. Bucky only went more forward, him on his knees with his crotch rubbing against the material of your gym leggings which created an arousing friction between your legs.

Bucky adored this sight with your hair in a messy ponytail, sweat dripping out of every pore and your breasts being pushed up by your thighs pressing against them, your teeth gritted together and pants and other blissful noises leaving your parted lips.

You got me in chains

You got me in chains for your love

You quickly again, see that Bucky was distracted and you quickly arch your body up from the floor with a body ripple, your legs pulling you up as you flip the position. Bucky was quickly brought to the floor, you sitting on his chest and the dagger resting against Bucky’s neck.

Bucky’s eyes widen with both lust and shock.

“Bam, you’re dead…” You pant, slowly sliding the blunt wood across his neck.

But I wouldn’t change

No, I wouldn’t change this love

Your thighs  were at either side of Bucky’s face with your ass located on almost his neck. Oh what a pretty sight.

Your pants filled the empty space of air for a second or so before Bucky spoke up in a dark and sultry voice.

“What a beautiful defeat..” He smirked, his eyes trailing over your figure before meeting your (E/C) orbs, which were too filled with lust. “I think you deserve a reward..”

Your heartbeat increased by the second, giggling a little. “You’re supposed to be dead, Buck.. don’t ruin my fun you bastard.” An obvious teasing tone in your voice.

Bucky chuckled, “how can I with such a pretty sight before me?”

With that, his hands slowly snaked onto your ass, giving you a gentle squeezing massage in circle motions- causing a fluttering gasp to part your lips yet again. Your eyes lulled shut for a few seconds before you slowly grinded on Bucky’s bare chest.

Tryna break the chains but the chains only break me

Both of your pupils were dilated  as Bucky’s metal fingers traced along your spine and messing with the detailing of your sports bra. You got the message and quickly stripped it from your upper half quickly. Both of you seeking pleasure from the other.

“Fuck, we cant do it here..” Bucky grunted, quickly hooking your legs over his arms and standing up with you.  

“Upstairs Buck..” You whispered.

Your bare chest was covered  by Bucky’s form as both of you made your way upstairs- you leaving love bites all long his collarbone with your fingers tugging out the strands of hair- leaving his man bun undone and tangled from your pretty fingertips that were soon to be bound to a bed.


Closer, Pet -- The Mix CD

Here it is, FINALLY! I made a playlist for @chokemedaddyclown‘s amazing one-shot fic “Closer, Pet”!

(Here’s the link to the wonderfully beautiful fic she made!)

Below I’ve included a description of the playlist, the track list (in the order it’s supposed to be played in, since Spotify likes to shuffle songs), and some of the lyrics that I thought were the best for the songs.

I hope you guys like it!

Like any mix cd, the songs tend to be random and from different genres. Mix cds can be thrown together spur of the moment, a random collection of songs that you’ve been meaning to compile until you had enough to fill up a whole disc. They can be tributes: to someone you love, to a time that has past, to nostalgic memories. They can also be well thought out, meticulously so. You’ve arranged the songs in the perfect order with the intent of telling a story, or painting a picture.

That is what this mix cd is. It’s one thing throwing random songs together, knowing that there’s some common theme or element. But, to accurately tell the story, the songs have to be in order. They have to show progression of some kind… leading up to something. And this mix cd does just that.

It tells a story of the reader. While doing such a mundane task as cleaning her room, she throws in one of her dozens upon dozens of mix cds. She has no idea what’s on this cd; it’s not labeled, so she has no idea if this is one she made while still in high school, or just last week. Its sole purpose at the moment: background music to entertain her as she tidy’s up.

But there’s more to the cd than this. The lyrics of all the songs slowly seep into the reader’s mind, stirring up feelings and emotions in her subconscious. Thoughts and memories… seeing the first red balloon, him finding her and realizing it wasn’t her fear that he was sensing, smelling… looking at her body in the mirror and seeing scratches and bite marks all over her skin after their first time… The words he growled to her and she shuddered against him, “You’re mine”.

Just as the songs progress in their intensity and meaning, so does her subconscious arousal.

Something can sense it… someone. And it won’t be long before he’s there.

1. Hands All Over – Maroon 5

Love is a game, you say. Play me and put me away. Put your hands all over me.

2. Desire For Need – Seether

You wear out, and lay claim to my mind. Get out, I’m begging you please. You’re so excited to bleed. You’ve got me on my knees. Betray desire for need, but I’m giving up. Yeah I’m giving up.

3. Mercy – Duffy

My moral’s got me on my knees, I’m begging please stop playing games. I don’t know what this is, but you got me good, just like you knew you would. I don’t know what you do, but you do it well. I’m under your spell. You’ve got me begging you for mercy. Why won’t you release me?

4. Love Addict – Family Force 5

I’m blessed, I must confess. My heart is pounding in my chest, cause this love’s the best. I’m just a love addict.

5. Bad Things (Club Mix) – Jace Everett

When you came in, the air went out. And every shadow filled up with doubt. I don’t know who you think you are, but before this night is through I wanna do bad things with you.

6. Replay – Zendaya

But don’t stop, don’t move. Just keep it there. Keep it right there. I wanna put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go… Beating, beating so loud you can feel it. Beating, beating for you.

7. Paralyzer – Finger Eleven

Well, I am imagining a dark lit place, or your place or my place. Well I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you. I wanna make you move, cause you’re standing still. If your body matches what your eyes can do, you’ll probably move right through me on my way to you.

8. Teeth – Lady Gaga

Tell me something that’ll save me. I need a man who makes me alright. Tell me something that’ll change me. I’m gonna love you with my hands tied. Show me your teeth.

9. Her Kiss – In This Moment

I feel you growing closer. I feel you in the air, and I call. I know you hear the voices. I know you’re drawing near, and I’m waiting.

10. ET – Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil, could you be an angel? Your touch, magnetizing. Feels like I’m floating, leaves my body glowing… Kiss me, kiss me. Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. Take me, take me. Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction.

11. Haunted – Beyonce

It’s where we go. It’s where we’ll be. I know if I’m onto you, I’m onto you. Onto you, you must be onto me. My haunted lungs, ghost in the sheets. I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.

12. System – Chester Bennington

Why won’t you die? Your blood in mine. We’ll be fine. Then your body will be mine.

13. Tag, You’re It – Melanie Martinez

Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn’t stop. Tag, you’re it. Tag, tag, you’re it. Grabbed my hand, pushed me down, took the words right out my mouth, Tag, you’re it. Tag, tag, you’re it.

14. Control – Halsey

I’m bigger than my body, I’m colder than this home. I’m meaner than my demons, I’m bigger than these bones. And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”. I can’t help this awful energy. God damn right, you should be scared of me. Who is in control?

15. Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera

I’m out of character. I’m in rare form. And if you really know me, you know that’s not the norm. Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do… I’m not myself tonight. Tonight I’m not the same girl.

16. Flesh – Simon Curtis

The feelings deep inside of me, this spark of black that I seem to love. We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun. Don’t even try to hold it back. Just let go. Tie me up and take me over till you’re done, till I’m done… Push up to by body, sink your teeth into my flesh.

17. Oh Lord – In This Moment

Oh lord, please forgive me for what I’m about to do. Oh lord, won’t you believe me. I’ll burn in hell for you… Oh God, have mercy on me. Hold me down under holy water. I fear I’ve been lying with the devil.

18. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

You let me violate you. You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you. You let me complicate you… I wanna fuck you like an animal. I wanna feel you from the inside. I wanna fuck you like an animal. My whole existence is flawed. You get me closer to God.

19. Pet – A Perfect Circle

Don’t fret precious, I’m here. Step away from the window. Go back to sleep… Pay mind what other voices say. They don’t care about you, like I do. Like I do. Safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils. See, they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do. Just stay with me, safe and ignorant. Go back to sleep.

sageofsarcasm  asked:

Does Dark feel any remorse for Host's eyes yet?

Dark buries his head in his hands, trying to fend off the emotions welling inside him. “I can’t lose control again,” he mutters to himself through his teeth. “Not again.” His shell cracks a little as Dark tries to calm himself. “Calm down, calm down.”

Bim knocks on the door of the office and slips in. Seeing Dark in such a state, he wanders closer very cautiously. “D-dark? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Dark’s eyes cut upwards to Bim, and a ringing floods the air between them. The shadows lean in like vultures waiting on an animal to die. Dark’s aura wraps around Bim, flooding his mind with memories of it taking control of his body. Bim cries out, and when he does, Dark pulls back, suddenly snapping out of it.


But the young host just shakes his head with a sad smile. “It’s ok.” He looks up at Dark. “Do you want me to grab you a snack or something?”

Dark swallows and straightens his tie. “You don’t have to do that. I was just about to go out anyway.” Dark gets up and heads for the door, but when he passes Bim, the younger Ego reaches out to stop him.

“I know you’re having a hard time, but cut yourself some slack, ok?” They make eye-contact, and Dark nods once. Bim smiles and nods back, and then Dark leaves.

My roommate is A GIRL?!

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WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Genre: College au/ Roomate au/ Romance/fluff/ Smut (sometime soon)/Angst (in this chapter) /Comedy ( tbh there’s way too many dumb moments in this series lol)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11 641 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

CHAPTER 12: Conflicted Coconut head turns into a panty dropper

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Panic suddenly invades his body as he watches your eyes suddenly shut on their own. He would momentarily ask himself, what was he doing so close to you in such an intimate position only lovers usually shared? It was the perfect occasion for him to simply lean in and get rid of all these emotion pilling up on his body and heart for the past year and half, but jungkook knew better than to let his impulsion win over his love for you.

He sure felt these raging emotions and his heart throbbing crazily as if it’d burst any second, but he couldn’t help but soften while looking at your soft facial features. As much as this was his best opportunity to show you that he was a man, he preferred backing up and admire you from afar. You were his biggest fantasy, his weakness, his most loved one and he knew better than to lose all the respect and trust you had for him.

Y/N deserves way better than this, he bites on his bottom lip while brushing his thumb over your soft cheek

“Y/N-ah” his manly tone calls your voice

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Here we go…

I got around to analyzing the Cross x Dream comic, and, well, let’s just say I found some stuff I kinda wanted to bring attention to… whoops… sorry in advance? (I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just being overly observant as usual.)

And no, this actually isn’t another rant about how Nightmare is unloved, thank goodness. This is supposed to be half comedy, so only take it half seriously. My strong reactions to things are for comedic effect, I mean. In fact, most of it is simply my reactions to the comic while I was reading it.

I don’t own any of the images used.

Update: Since the Cross x Dream comic was abruptly discontinued, this post doesn’t have much importance anymore, but I’m still going to leave this here for… historical purposes? Yeah, let’s just go with that.

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Why So Lonely?

Aries: I thought you were my guiding light, but all you did was blind me

Taurus: To me, you were everything, but to you, I was nothing

Gemini: I guess I never grew up and realized that stories don’t end the way they do in the damn books

Cancer: You promised you’d find me, but I guess we both got lost in the maze

Leo: I can’t even say that I love you, and I don’t even care enough to apologize for it

Virgo: You had all your priorities but apparently I wasn’t one of them

Libra: Love is a two-way street, and we both decided to take different paths

Scorpio: Your brown eyes were just brown eyes until I fell in love with them: my heart was just a heart until you left it shattered on the floor

Sagittarius: You promised you’d fly with me, but all you did was tie a chain around my ankle and pin me to the ground

Capricorn: This place seems much quieter now that your noise isn’t here to fill up the space

Aquarius: Being with you it felt like mind control, and it made us out of control

Pisces: Because I still can’t believe I lost my mind over someone who wouldn’t even mind me at all

Foreverblue_navy’s knock your socks off hot n’ heavy fic recs

Anatomy of a Werewolf idyll

Derek as a tactile study guide for Stiles.

Written for a prompt by descendingspiral on Tumblr, who asked for: Stiles needs to focus on studying for his Anatomy class. Derek volunteers his body.

Around the Bend lupinus, urenia

The first time Derek catches sight of the new yoga instructor, Stiles is in the middle of showing a class how to do downward-facing dog. Derek walks into a wall.

Things don’t exactly improve from there.

Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family’s gym. Stiles thinks Derek’s a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

Darts of Pleasure wearing_tearing 

Stiles is naked.

He’s naked in a room that’s not his and in a bed that’s not his and there’s a hand lying flat against his lower stomach that’s most definitely one hundred percent absolutely not his.

Dating Backwards RemainNameless

Pornstars Derek and Stiles work for the same company. Derek only shoots with werewolves and Stiles only shoots with humans. That’s not going to change after they meet. It’s really not.
(It might.)

Derek Hale Walks Into A Bar hepzheba

Stiles is at a bar when suddenly biker Derek Hale walks in.

Doing It Live SleepyStrawberries

In which Derek and Stiles are ex-pornstars in an established relationship who come back to do one last live-show.

Eat, Knot, Love pandabomb

Stiles Stilinski, an omega and teenage nobody, is going into heat very soon.

Alpha Derek Hale takes notice.

flying high thepsychicclam

stiles is a nervous flier, and derek is a grouchy flight attendant.

Highway Unicorn Nanoochka

Stiles is awesome at giving road head. Presumably, he’s good at getting it as well. Derek? Not so much.

Little Blue Dress olavina

Stiles attracts a nighttime visitor when he borrows blue eye shadow from Lydia, and what started as an experiment becomes a multi-act performance. Crossdressing, voyeurism, toys, mild angst, dominant!Derek, PWP

Look At You, Look At Me ittlebitz

Derek hated mirrors. Leave it to Stiles to be the one to change his mind.

looking for it (finding heaven) WIP ittlebitz

Everyone knows from birth if they are a Dom or a sub. Markers in the blood show which one is going to be, and when maturity is reached, a tattoo is put on the left hand that displays which you are and indicates readiness for a claim.

Dominant Derek Hale is determined not to take on a submissive after a deadly mistake in his past. But the Alpha, his uncle Peter, has other ideas. He arranges for Derek to claim Stiles Stilinski, much to Derek’s initial dismay. But as soon as he sets eyes on the sassy submissive, all his Dominant urges flare to life and his wolf demands that he claim what belongs to him.

Magic Potion mysecretashes

After ten years together, Stiles and Derek are happily married and ready to have a baby.

Melt Me Slowly Down the_deep_magic**

The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.

New Direction blacktofade 

Stiles realizes Derek has intimacy issues and tries to find a way to help them both better understand.

No Homo RemainNameless

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

One Round in the Backseat i_am_girlfriday

Stiles looks like he went one round in the backseat of a limo and Derek was a lucky recipient of road head.

Professional Misconduct Habernero

Stiles gets a massage. And then some.

Alternatively: in which Stiles’ mouth gets him into trouble, again and again.

Public Displays of Affection grimm

It starts, like so many things do, with a dare.

Salty Sweet   secondstar

Derek works at a porn store. One day, Stiles comes in asking all sorts of TMI questions about different toys. That’s where it all starts.

Sex and Bombers Nanoochka 

They didn’t normally discuss their games in deference to the sanctity of their respective teams and the ancient Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, but Derek had to admit it was nice to combine shoptalk and pillow talk with someone who understood. Still, Stiles was the enemy, even if Derek did spend an awful lot of time consorting with him. If by consorting you meant fucking him into the mattress.

Shelter five_ht

After the rave, Stiles can’t go home, and Derek doesn’t want him to.

So pull me down now if you want to thepsychicclam

He can’t touch Stiles; Stiles can only touch him. It’s all part of their game.

Such A Sweet Surprise wearing-tearing

Stiles makes a mental note to never trust Scott with these things again because he specifically said no to any form of entertainment that didn’t come straight from a bottle or Isaac’s board games closet.

Not that Stiles plans on ever having a bachelor party again, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that Scott did not listen to him and got Stiles a stripper for his bachelor party.

The Chase saltandbyrne**

Derek’s fourth Chase will be his last if he doesn’t catch an omega this time. He’s starting to doubt this whole soul-mate thing anyway, at least until someone from his past shows up and gives him the run of his life.

This Isn’t Control secondstar

Stiles ends up taking a ‘Sex, Sexuality, and Society’ class with one of his favorite teachers and discovers that his thesis for his term paper means more to him than just the grade.

Tie A Knot In It DeCaStDe

Derek accidentally gets hot and bothered by something surprising. Stiles is happy to go along with it.

Touch My Body bleepObleep

Stiles. Don’t leave the loft no matter what. I’m sorry. We’re tracking down the incubus right now. Don’t leave. Please. Just. I’m sorry it had to be you. Just. Stiles, don’t leave, okay?

It’s Derek’s voice, broken and wretched, pleading in a way Stiles has never heard before. He doesn’t know what has happened, or what the incubus has done, but something in that tone of voice cuts him deep inside— makes him wonder— what happened?

Wednesday Morning 8611

Derek’s going to break, and Stiles is worried he’s going to be the one to do it. (Or, the one where team human are professional doms and Stiles has a new Wednesday morning.)

Yield frek, sova

It’s early in the morning and Derek wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

You Can Call Me What You Want secondstar

Stiles Stilinski specializes in giving his clients exactly what they need.He knows what to say and how to act. It’s easy and he’s good at it. He never breaks.

Your Heart Understood Mine secondstar

The first time they had used the coffee table, but it hadn’t been good on Derek’s knees for that long. The next session had been on the kitchen table, but it had been too wide. Derek went out and bought a sturdy end table, one used for pictures behind couches, that was wide enough for Stiles’ broad shoulders, long enough for his torso. It was perfect for him.


Impromptu Domestic Sexual Karaoke ionsquare

They don’t call it dirty pop for nothing.

Kinks Ahoy blacktofade

Stilinski Custom Cakes wearing_tearing

Tattoos make Stiles think about sex.

 And that’s how he meets Derek Hale.

The Menagerie tanwencooper

 Derek is one of the highest earning escorts at Peter’s Menagerie, where the roster of beautiful men and women are ready and  waiting to give you everything you want. 

** NEW

Richonne One Shots Chapter 36: Election Night 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Part Two of Election Night is a prequel. Rick and Michonne meet from opposite sides...

Originally posted by erinjustyceforall

“Look alive, Grimes. I’m not paying you to stand around looking pretty.” The sardonic southern accent bit at Rick’s ears, immediately rubbing him the wrong way. The man from whom the voice emitted completed the image. Over six feet tall with unnaturally perfect hair, Philip Blake was the picture of conservative family values to his potential constituents. Those who worked with him knew better.

Phillip Blake was an asshole.

Rick swallowed thickly, biting his tongue for presumably the hundredth time this morning. His boss took his silence as compliance, already moving along on his list of people to verbally abuse.

“This Michonne, she’s gaining in the polls,” Philip’s southern accent was far less polished behind the scenes.

“She’s a novelty, sir,” Blake’s assistant, Milton, a mousy man with rectangular glasses, piped up on queue. “They’ll grow tired of her. My numbers—”

“Are bullshit,” Blake finished. “I’m not taking any risks. Find me something I can use against her.”

It took every ounce of self-control for Rick not to roll his eyes. Philip Blake would have made an excellent dictator in another life. His hatred for his opponent burned bright. Rick suspected that the fact that a Black woman had the gall to run against him burned the hell out of Blake’s chaps.

“She’s a problem,” he clipped out, pausing to adjust his hair and tie in the mirror backstage. “She needs to be dealt with.”

Rick’s eye twitched again.

“She’s young. Unseasoned. You have the support of the party—” Milton tried again.

“Find something I can use,” Blake interjected, acting as though his assistant hadn’t spoken at all.

“I will,” Milton was doing the stuttering thing again. Rick almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

“Where the hell is my wife?” Blake turned his attention elsewhere, eyes sweeping for the platinum blonde. Rick hadn’t exchanged a word with her in the month since he took this gig, and he didn’t care to change that. Mrs. Blake was just as unpleasant as her husband.

“I’m here,” she appeared in a click of heels and a cloud of perfume and bad attitude, her waves of hair seemingly glued around her head. She took her husband’s arm. At once, their scowls melted into smiles that could have graced a Colgate ad. Rick watched them sweep onto the stage, happy to retreat to his place with the other bodyguards just behind the curtain.

He spotted Abe, an old colleague, standing up ramrod straight. The redhead caught his eye, grinning.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” Abe started in immediately. Rick felt his mood improve marginally.

“Abe,” he nodded.

“Shane hook you up?” he asked, shaking Rick’s hand.

“That obvious?” Rick took his place beside him, facing the pulpit. His clients had emerged to raucous applause. Rick’s stomach turned.

“Politics ain’t really your scene,” Abe snorted lowly.

“And they’re yours?” Rick scoffed. He couldn’t imagine a more politically incorrect person than the man beside him.

“I at least served old Uncle Sam,” Abe grinned. “You couldn’t cut basic training.”

“It’s good money,” Rick shrugged slightly. This was his daily mantra.

“Better you than me,” Abe’s eyes locked onto the Blakes. “Ain’t never seen a bigger pair of assholes.”

Rick held in his laugh and his agreement. “How’s your girl?” he asked.

Abe’s smile widened. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the arrival of the client in question.

“Excuse me,” a lilting voice drew Rick’s attention. His eyes flickered momentarily to the woman walking out on stage, head high and shoulders back.

Rick dropped his jaw. He’d seen pictures of her, clips on the evening news. None of them did her justice. He hadn’t seen a person look less like a politician. Her dark locs were fixed back from her forehead in a simple but striking updo. Her skin seemed to glow under the stage lights, dark like polished bronze. She swept past him in a swirl of vanilla and sandalwood, her heels clicking as she took her place on the podium. Rick stared in shock.

“Is that her?” Rick whispered under his breath. He wasn’t looking at the Blakes at all anymore.

“That’s her,” Abe smirked knowingly, his eyes never leaving his client. “Michonne Bechet. Atlanta Councilwoman. Might be an Obama in the making.”

“Holy shit,” Rick’s statement came out almost as a gasp. “I’m going to kill Shane.”

Abe chuckled, arms folded in front of him, the hint of amusement playing beneath his facial hair. “Walsh did you a favor.”

“How do you figure?” It damn sure didn’t feel like a favor from where Rick was standing. From where he was standing, it looked like Abe got to guard the gorgeous, progressive candidate while Rick got stuck with Philip Blake.

“He knows you, man. You couldn’t handle her,” Abe’s lips barely moved as they muttered quietly to one another.

Rick didn’t answer. There were plenty of ways he suddenly wanted to handle the woman in front of him, none of them professional. “You might have a point,” he admitted.

Abe grunted his agreement.

Rick wasn’t one for politics, but he paid close attention to the debate that night. He’d heard Blake’s stance a million and a half times, but Michonne’s words stuck with him. She had vision, she had panache, she had charisma, and she was a hell of a looker. Michonne faced the jeering crowd without so much as flinching. If Blake’s sardonic insults affected her, she didn’t show it. She answered the debate questions in a clear, high voice, outlining her point until even the crowd seemed to silence before her.

Blake hated her.

“Find me something on her,” he reiterated that night, taking a break from his hooting and hollering and cursing to address Milton. “Before this gets out of control.”

By debate number two, it was clear that the situation had long since gotten out of control. Michonne was gaining in the polls. Blake couldn’t maintain his polite façade. Their meeting at a charity ball quickly divested into petty remarks. Rick reddened behind his boss while Michonne took the insults on the chin.

“Asshole,” Abe was angrier even than Rick, his eyes burning holes into Blake as he sipped champagne and schmoozed with donors.

“Dick,” Rick agreed, fighting the urge to knock his employer in the back of his head with the butt of his gun.

“Abe,” they were interrupted once more by the dark horse candidate. She looked stunning in her little black dress, her hair pulled up in a bun.

“What do you need, darling?” Abe came to attention at once. Rick resisted the urge to step forwards towards her.

“I’m tired,” she announced this with the air of one discussing the weather. Only the weariness in her eyes betrayed her actual feelings.

“All right,” Abe nodded, mobilizing her people at once. Rick was left standing there, staring at her, anger burning in the pit of his stomach at the way this woman was treated. She glanced back, her expression mildly curious.

“Don’t let him bother you,” Rick’s mouth was moving before he even realized it. “He’s scared of you.”

She looked surprised for a fraction of a second, then her expression changed. Her laugh, clear and melodious, got him through the rest of the night, even as Blake snarked at everyone around him.

“Thank you,” she told him as Abe swept her off, throwing Rick a knowing look from beneath his bushy brow.

Rick and Michonne met again at a community center groundbreaking. She was just as stunning in jeans and a blouse as an evening gown. She smiled at him this time, greeting him kindly as she passed. Rick ignored Blake’s burning glare to smile back.

“Maybe you’re not useless after all,” Blake mused later, unaware of how close he was to getting punched squarely in his face. “She’s likes the working class type. Talk to her next time. See what you can find out.”

Rick seized the opportunity. He found her a week later, sitting at the bar, her ankles crossed, her hair hanging freely down her back. He beelined for her.

“Rick,” his name sounded regal coming from her lips. “Should you be talking to me?” she seemed amused. Her hand cupped her chin as she stared up at him, her confidence burning bright.

“It’s my day off,” he told her. This was true. Both candidates were stationed in the same hotel. He bumped into her at the bar downstairs. He’d come down to meet Abe for a drink, but changed course the moment he spotted her.

“Blake gives you those?” she quipped, sipping prettily from her beer.

Rick laughed. Behind them, Abe watched, amused. Rick caught his eye, silently begging his friend to leave them alone.

“You owe me,” Rick read Abe’s lips from across the bar. Rick happily sent over a drink to keep him occupied.

“How do I know you’re not a spy?” Michonne questioned lightly a few moments later. There was something underlying in her tone that let Rick know she was not joking.

“You can ask Abe what I think of my employer,” Rick didn’t miss a beat. Truth was, he hated Philip Blake. Work had become the hardest thing he’d ever had to do.

“What do you think of me?” she asked, taking another draw. Rick’s eyes flicked to her lips. He swallowed thickly.

“I might vote for you,” he told her, taking a gulp to steady himself.

“Just might?” she sounded so incredulous that for a moment Rick feared she was serious. Then she smiled around the mouth of her bottle. Rick grinned back.

“Learn anything interesting?” Blake asked the next morning.

Rick had learned her favorite drink, her cat’s name, that she loved action movies, and got into politics to fight for the voiceless.

“Nope,” Rick answered. Blake glared. Rick did not flinch. Blake eventually moved off.

“Are you making a move on my client?” Abe asked later, when both of them were stationed behind the scenes of debate number 3.

“I’m thinking about it,” Rick did not hesitate to answer. It was all he seemed to think about.

“You’re going to get fired,” Abe rolled his eyes.

“Might be worth it.” There was no might about it. If Rick had half a chance, he’d take it.

“I’m going to regret this,” Abe sighed, then pulled out his phone. “She asked me for your number.”

Rick punched it into Abe’s phone at lightning speed.

Her first text came the following Saturday afternoon. Phillip and his wife were drunk at the pool and Rick was bored to tears.

“What’s it going to take to get your vote?” the question blinked up at him under the bright light of the afternoon sun.

“Want to talk about it over dinner?” he text back, waiting with baited breath while the three dots flashed at him.

“It can’t be public.”

Rick’s heart jumped. Trying to contain his excitement, he text back. “I know a place. No one will bother us.”

Her response took a full five minutes, but eventually it pinged in.

“Sounds great.”

Rick read her message, sitting contently and grinning while Blake yelled at Milton from across the pool.

The Truth About Nurses, from an Ungrateful, Selfish, Arrogant Surgeon -

written by William R Blythe, MD (preface by Marta Farb)- Sep 18, 2015

Preface     I have entered the Golden Age of my career.  I call it gold because it is a precious commodity to work with people who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.  I train and support the leading electronic health record application of this country as a trainer and analyst.  But that’s not what I really do.  I encourage.  I dissect, decipher, and translate.  I listen, empathize, sympathize.  I stay in my classroom after training has ended to hold the hand of a nurse who breaks down crying, worried that she will lose her job of 40 years because she is not good with computers.  I’ve listened to the story of a pediatrician who is giving up the one profession he knows and loves because he sees the writing on the wall – he is long past retirement age and he is not interested in learning something new – not at 72.  And I observe the bright faces of the young residents and nursing school graduates staring back at me in the classroom, eager to learn but even more eager to care for patients.

The personalities found on a hospital floor fit the parallel world around us.  Yes, I’ve met and worked with the loving and the kind and the selfless.  I’ve also been elbow-to-elbow with some of the not so loving, not so kind, and not so selfless.  I’ve been the messenger that dozens have people have shot because they just don’t want an electronic health system changing their work life so dramatically.  Yes, I have scars but I wear them next to my badges of success.  One badge was given to me by the very same nurse who cried in my classroom.  I returned to the hospital and visited her on the med-surg unit about seven months later.  I found her busily typing away at her keyboard right outside her patient’s room.  She logged off, quickly retrieved her patient’s meds from the Pyxis.  Walking back I asked her how it was going.  She non-chalantly replied “Oh, it’s easy!  So much better than I ever thought it would be.”  And then she smiled and explained that she had advanced so quickly on the system that she had been chosen to be the unit’s Super User, training floor nurses herself.  I hugged her and saw, for a brief instant, a shimmer of gold.

In honor of those nurses and doctors, I am grateful to share Dr. William R. Blythe’s essay below:

“When a patient comes to our hospital for surgery, these are the people who take care of them:  The Pre-Op Nurses meet the patient, make sure they are ready for surgery, complete mountains of paperwork, reconcile their medications, sign permits, check labs, answer questions, allay fears, and make certain the patient is properly prepared for surgery.  And they put up with me.

The Circulator Nurse is in charge of the OR.  She makes certain the room, equipment, personnel, implants, disposables, medications and every other detail are ready.  She oversees that everything is checked twice, that everything is documented properly and that the proper surgery is performed on the right part and the right patient every time.  Her job is to ensure that we do everything right, every time, with no exceptions.  She makes certain that every sponge, needle, gauze, blade and specimen are properly accounted for.  And she puts up with me.

My CRNA puts the patient to sleep and attends to them through every moment.  She listens to their every breath and heartbeat.  She makes sure they are asleep, safe and comfortable.  She holds children her lap and talks to them like a mother while they go to sleep.  She makes certain every patient goes to sleep and wakes back up as safely as possible every time, no exception.  And she puts up with me.

The people who operate directly with me are Nurses or Techs, not doctors.  They make sure we have the proper instruments and equipment.   My Scrub hands me what I need before I ask for it.  She can anticipate what I am going to need next better than I can many times.  She makes my job easy and she makes me look like I know what I am doing when sometimes I am less certain.  The person across the table from me is often an RNFA or SFA.  They operate directly with me - tie the knots, cut the suture, retract, hold, pull, control the bleeders, close the wounds and a million other things.  I simply could not do what I do without them.  And they put up with me.

The PACU Nurses take the patients from the CRNA and recover them from anesthesia and surgery.  They assess and dress wounds.  They treat pain and anxiety and fear.  They hold screaming babies in their arms until they are awake.  They hold hands of grown men who are disoriented and fearful.  They re-assure and calm the parents, children and spouses of the patients.  They give wound, medication and discharge instructions, and they transfer patients to their room.  They land the plane, and it’s as important a job as any in the world.  And they put up with me.

The Nurses in the ICU and Floor take care of the patients, not me.   The ICU nurses are infinitely more capable of monitoring and assessing sick patients than am I.  I try to stay out of their way and let them do their job, and they let me know when they need me.  The Floor Nurses take care of every detail of every patient:  What and when they eat; medications; wound care; ambulation; checking vitals, labs, weights, sugars, pulse oximetry, I’s & O’s; draw and check labs; start and re-start IV’s; and countless other things that only nurses understand.   They spend time with the patient and family all day.  They educate and answer questions.  They pray with the patient and family.  They cry when their patients die.  And they put up with me.

The truth is that if a patient is in the hospital for 48 hours, they may see me for the smallest fraction of that time.  I say a brief hello before surgery, I operate, I speak to the family, and I make rounds each morning.  I may spend 15 minutes each day at any one patient’s bedside.  The rest of it - every second, every bit, every detail, everything - is performed by the Nurses.  Honestly, the one who probably needs the stethoscope least is me.

And in the end, through it all, they put up with me!”

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Yandere Headcanon // Levi

• They literally could’ve never expected it. It wasn’t until they got into a relationship with him that they found out. It was like a harsh punch to the face.

• He started getting more controlling through out the relationship. Once the person realized what was going on it was too late to leave.

• Everyone who’s friend with the person or Levi has no idea what’s going on. They wouldn’t even speculate it.

• If the person ever tried to escape he would probably tie them up and keep them some where no one would find them. He would bring them food and water everyday and talk to them.

• He doesn’t like to hurt his ’ partner ’ but will slap or hit them if he feels like they’re not under-control, only in private.

• If he notices them taking interest into someone else he will tie them up in a room and interrogate them. “ What? Do you like them or something? Do you think they’re better than me? What makes you so special? ”

• They didn’t find out till later that he had been stalking them from the very beginning. On his crazy tangents he would let things slip out at times. He would try to cover up for them right when they slipped out.

• He always has an eye on them. Has ways of always making sure they are by his side or around him.

• Everything he does is because he loves them and doesn’t want the to get hurt

• Has no problem of getting rid of anyone who comes off as a threat to him. They will kind of slowly disappear from the other persons life.

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#36, if you don't mind?

Prompt: “total control” 

Warnings for rope bondage, light d/s undertones, and explicit sex


Victor hesitates.

Beneath him, Yuuri is breathing hard. His wrists are bound to the padded headboard as comfortably as Victor could manage, and Victor can feel all the tension in his shoulders and lean arms, stretched wide. His head is flung back on the pillow, sweat shining in the hollow of his throat, and his eyes are glassy and dark, like he’s gone somewhere very far away.

Victor can have anything he wants. Yuuri told him as much. I want you to tie me up and just — take me, he said, looking down. I trust you. His cheeks were stained pink and he was playing with the front of Victor’s open shirt, thumb rubbing the curve of a button over and over, but though his voice was low it was steady. Victor could feel how much he wanted this.

He knows what Yuuri likes by now. How to please him, how to make him laugh and make him moan. He knows Yuuri’s body on the ice and in bed, all the sensitive, tender places: the hollow of his knee, the weaker ankle, the softness under his chin. Some things he’s discovered for himself and some Yuuri has shown him, vulnerable and open as a fresh blossom.

This is new, though, the desire to be taken, overcome. Victor, in all honesty, has never suspected it. Their relationship is a fine, complicated dance, performed mostly by instinct and emotion but sometimes requiring real consideration to keep all the separate parts moving. Even where he could most be expected to have the upper hand, as Yuuri’s coach, Yuuri never allows it and truly, Victor never takes it. Never wants to control Yuuri like a puppet on the ice, making him skate the steps the way he would. Yuuri is his own skater and Victor his guide, that’s the /point/.

This is different.

Victor takes in a deep, shuddering breath, lifting his hand to touch Yuuri’s face. He cups his cheek, resting his thumb on Yuuri’s full lower lip, and Yuuri arches under him as much as he can, closing his lips and pressing his soft, warm tongue against the pad of it. Victor lets it happen for a moment, and then slides his hand further down, over Yuuri’s damp neck and tense shoulder. He fights the brief, silly impulse to tickle his fingers in the dark hair underneath, knowing it’s wrong in this moment, and instead caresses the slope of his bicep and soft inner arm with his fingertips.

Yuuri moans, breathing faster.

Victor is kneeled up between his legs, pressed hard against him but not inside. Yuuri rests on his lap, bent in half, knees clasped around his waist. Victor could have tied his ankles down as well but he likes it here, the angles better. The image of driving into Yuuri like this, helpless and anchored under him, flashes into his head with a sudden, intense heat that makes him catch his breath, biting his lip.

He leans in and presses a kiss to Yuuri’s chest, right over his heart. When he bends over he feels Yuuri hard against his belly, as he’s been ever since Victor began to wrap the rope around his wrists, competent but hesitant, glancing over often. Whatever Victor’s reservations, there’s no question that this is what Yuuri wants.

And that, after all, is what makes it easier to draw his nails down Yuuri’s chest, scratching just this side of rough and making Yuuri moan again, harder. To shift, lifting Yuuri’s legs with his hands beneath his thighs, holding him up. To squeeze, tightly.

Still, Victor asks. “Yes?”

Keep it simple, Yuuri murmured with a smile, when Victor asked about words, rules. You’ll know.

Victor does know, can feel it in every yearning part of Yuuri’s body, but he needs to hear it once more. Before he takes over everything, just for tonight.

Yuuri catches a small, quick breath. He blinks, returning from wherever he’s gone, and Victor sees his fingers close over the ropes, like he’s remembering they’re there, or like he needs them to be.

Yes,” Yuuri breathes, and closes his eyes.

For a moment the weight is immense. Victor sees why he’s feared it, distrusted his desire for this. It’s nothing like the control he’s cultivated over himself, this responsibility for another or this power. It changes him too, makes him fallible and vulnerable, so much greater and worse than before. More human.

Victor closes his eyes too, and takes it on. The burden of this love and trust, the knowledge of his own weakness, and the intersection between. Just for tonight.

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PIRATE AU ☠️ !!!

gafou and stanfou prompts are very welcome! 🌺

This ficlet’s also on AO3!


“Well, what have we here?”

Someone pulled the sack off of Gaston’s head, and he blinked in the harsh sunlight.

He almost gasped when he recognized the man standing before him.


His captor pulled on his hair to shut him up, and he winced.

“A damsel in distress, eh?”

The monarch pulled her rapier from her belt and pointed it at the captain. “Do not dare, pirate,” she spat. “This scoundrel” - she tapped the nape of Gaston’s neck with the hilt of her sword, and he grunted - “has already tried and failed to abduct me. My husband would have your hide if he found out something else had happened to me.”

“Oh?” the marauder smirked, his gaze fixed on Gaston. Something strange glinted in his eyes. “And who would your husband be?”

“Prince Adam, protectorate of France.”

LeFou grinned and pushed his hat out of his eyes. “Well, that makes you a princess, then.”

“Yes, I am Belle,” she said; “Princess Belle of Villeneuve. I am sure my husband has sent the armada after me by now, but if you could kindly rid me of this ruffian and point me in the right direction, I would be forever indebted to you.”

“Oh, I will gladly take this man off your hands, your highness. I’d like to know, however, what a French noblewoman such as yourself is doing so far off the coast of Spain?”

Belle sheathed her sword, adjusted her skirts, and said, “My husband and I were on a diplomatic mission - forging a new alliance with Spain - and had just set foot on the docks when this man accosted us and told us that if we didn’t abandon the agreement, he would ensure that the prince would never see me again.”

“Ah, yes, I can guess the rest,” LeFou said. “Adam refused, so you were kidnapped, and now you’re lost.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Yes, well - how did you know?”

“I am well acquainted with the stubbornness of princes, madame.”

“I see. Well, this man picked me up like a doll - he’s extraordinarily strong, by the way, I’d watch out if I were you - tossed me into a nearby rowboat, and took off before my husband had even realized what was happening. About halfway through our little escapade, I decided to take matters into my own hands and regained control of the situation; it was clear from the start that this miscreant had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t tie me up or anything - just let me sit there - so I managed to steal his sword and threatened to kill him. 

“Now this is the strangest part: he didn’t struggle at all. He just let me tie him up and put that sack over his head, and then he sat peacefully until I almost thought he had fallen asleep. I would’ve left him like that had it not been for my dress - it rather constricts my legs and makes it very difficult to swim, and we were already too far from the harbor. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do, but that’s when I spotted your boat from afar and decided I would board it.”

“Hmm,” LeFou hummed. “A very interesting tale, my lady. One I’m sure your husband will be eager to hear once you have returned to the Spanish port.”

“You’ll help me, then?”

“Why, I’ll not only help you, but I’ll pay you, too.”

“In livres?”

LeFou laughed, and Gaston’s heart ached at the sound. “No, of course not,” he chuckled. “We’re in Spanish waters! French coins have no meaning here. I will give you fifty doubloons if you leave my ship and your rogue behind.”

“You are too generous, sir,” Belle said with a curtsy. “I am not sure of what use the man will be, but I am glad you are freeing me of him.”

“Here,” LeFou said with a smile, beckoning one of his men forward. He reached behind Gaston and loosed his bonds, and he fell forward, splaying his hands against the grain of the deck. He still couldn’t believe he was on a pirate ship - and LeFou’s pirate ship, no less.

“Bring the princess some supplies and a compass,” LeFou said to another of his hands, who promptly disappeared below-decks. “You are to head due north, your highness, and that will take you directly to the Spanish harbor you came from. I am sure your husband is still there, or will perhaps meet you on your way back.”

Belle nodded graciously and thanked him again. After a few moments, Gaston stood up and surveyed his surroundings. The captain called a few orders to his men while he waited for Belle’s things to be retrieved. Gaston kept trying to make eye contact with him, but to no avail.

This is all an act, he realized when LeFou’s eyes flicked away from his again. He can’t have forgotten me - not after all this time…

Finally, Belle was on her way, a bag of food and doubloons slung over her shoulder. She thanked the captain profusely and agreed to give her prince his regards before climbing back over the side again.

Gaston moved to the railing and watched her row away. Business on the frigate continued as usual, but LeFou stayed where he was.

“So,” he eventually said, taking a few steps forward and leaning against the balustrade. “Why did you try to abduct her?”

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say to me after twelve years?”

LeFou looked at him - hard - for a few moments, then announced, “Everyone below-decks.” The crew quickly obeyed, and suddenly, the two of them were very, very alone.

“I thought you were dead, LeFou -”

“Well, I wasn’t,” came the bitter reply, and something in LeFou’s voice sounded like it was close to breaking. “I was just… gone. Now will you please tell me how the hell you ended up on my ship?”

Gaston sighed and gripped the railing. “When… you never came to the front like you said you would, I feared the worst. I knew that some places in France had been struck with plague, and I was afraid that our village had fallen. Then it occurred to me that maybe you had been allowed to stay behind - maybe we didn’t need any more troops - but when I talked to my superiors, I was proved wrong.

“So I waited. For seven years, I fought and rose through the ranks to captaincy. And then we lost, and it was over, and I was so eager to go home and see you again - and when I finally reached Villeneuve, you were nowhere to be found. No one knew where you had gone - your mother wouldn’t even speak of it, and your father had apparently died a year after I left. It was like a spell had been cast over everyone; they seemed to have forgotten you had actually ever existed. But I didn’t.”

LeFou rose to his full height and crossed his arms, but didn’t interrupt. Gaston cleared his throat and continued: “So I waited still. I was so sure that you would come back, but you never did. Four years after I returned, Belle - who had come to Villeneuve with her father while I was away - found her way to the prince’s castle and broke the spell that had cursed everyone. She and Adam are married now, and -”

“What was the curse?” LeFou interjected. “What did it do?”

“It made everyone forget about the prince and the castle and all the servants,” Gaston explained. “After it broke, everyone remembered their loved ones at the castle - the prince, who had been transformed into a beast, and his employees, who had been turned into sentient objects - but still, no one remembered you. I felt like I was going crazy, I… I didn’t know what to do with myself. My parents kept telling me to marry, but everyone in town just seemed so… small-minded.”

“You still haven’t answered my question,” the captain said. “How did you find me?”

Gaston smiled bitterly. “I went to the sorceress who had cast the enchantment a few months ago - it was stupid and foolish, but I thought that she could maybe… lessen my sadness, perhaps - and asked if she could tell me the outcome of my fate. She said she wouldn’t, but she could give me a way to… well, ensure my ‘happy ending.’ If I didn’t stop the prince and princess from creating a new treaty with Spain, then my fate would be irretrievably ruined. So I followed them, and, well…”

“And here you are,” LeFou finished.

“And here I am.”

LeFou stared out at the sea, and for the first time in twelve years, Gaston looked at him - really looked at him. His clothes were ridiculous compared to what he had worn in Villeneuve, but pirate garb somehow suited him. The hat was a little silly, but his hair - loose and windswept - was curly and familiar. It was a comforting sight.

“Do you remember when you were sixteen,” he suddenly said, “and you protected the village from Portuguese pirates?”

Gaston nodded, and LeFou exhaled heavily.

“They came back a few months after you left - for the war, I mean. I… well, I tried to be a hero like you were, but…”

That was all he said, but Gaston didn’t need anything else.

They lapsed into silence, which LeFou broke after a few minutes by saying, “You never married, then?”

“Of course not,” Gaston replied, a smile tinging his voice. “How could I?”

LeFou closed his eyes for a moment and said nothing. Gaston placed his hand over his on the balustrade, expecting him to pull away; he didn’t.

“I have missed you,” he said slowly, “and loved you, for so many years.”

The other man opened his eyes, smiled up at him, and said, “And I you.”

Notes: The tidbit about the foreign invaders is canon! Luke himself talked about it in this interview.

Yes, Professor Winchester

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Summary: Reader wants nothing more than to be with her new professor on campus, but knows she’ll never risk it…

Pairing: Professor!Dean x student!reader

Word Count: 2,704

Warnings: language, smut (almost), inappropriate relationship

A/N: This is the first part of a potential new series if you guys want more…

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Based off the au prompt “i’m a rockstar and you’re a fan who snuck in and do you maybe wanna help me ‘blow off some steam’ back stage because ur A) really hot and B) pretty obviously willing“ from this prompt list. Nessian smut, which means @accidental-rambler gets tagged.

The band had been attractive enough, Nesta supposed.

              She leaned against the wall and contemplated the concert she had just watched.  She hadn’t planned on coming – had it been Feyre who had asked, Nesta would have just shot it down.  But she could give credit where it was due, and rather than asking herself, Feyre had set Elain on her, knowing Nesta could never tell her middle sister no.

              So, when Feyre had claimed she could totally sneak them backstage… well, Elain had been so excited, and Nesta had gone along, even though all she really wanted was a cup of tea and her knitting needles.

              (Had Feyre known her thoughts, she would have pointed out that Nesta had never finished a cup of tea and always ended up throwing her knitting across the room in a rage)

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"Your Big Night"

This was requested by an anon who wanted a fun, ticklish, fluff-fest.
Forgive me it’s a bit short… But let’s fluff it up!


“Newt, have you seen my earrings? You know we can’t leave without them”

You were just about ready to leave for the party with your childhood best friend, new bestselling author, and man of the hour, Newt Scamander.
“I’m sure you look perfectly fine without them” Newt appeared in the doorway, dressed in an elegant blue suit.

Man, he sure knew how to dress to impress.
“But I set them on my dresser a half a second ago, and now they’re gone!”

“(Y/N), they’re only earrings. They’re not even the important part of the outfit.”
You turned toward Newt, irritation written all over your face.

“You’re missing the point. I wanted to look perfect tonight! It’s your big night, I should’ve been absolutely stunning for you!”

‘You will always be stunning to me’ he thought.
You were dressed in a floor length, sparkling, silver gown and your normally messy curls were tastefully pinned up into a twist.

A diamond neckless rested effortlessly above your collarbones, and it was needless to say you were trying very hard to impress.

And Newt was completely in awe of your beauty.

He shifted nervously, staring at the floor.
“It’s really not that big of a deal” he sputtered.
“Yes it is! Your book is finally finished! And not only that, it’s becoming one of the fastest best sellers in the history of magic! I can’t be your date looking anything less than a million bucks.” You twirl in your dress, showing off the glittering patterns in the light.

“(Y/N)… you always look like ‘one million bucks’” you blushed suddenly, tucking a stray curl behind your ear.
“Thank you Newt”

He stood straight up and fixed his tie, clearing his throat to rid the air of the tension from that last conversation.

“You can go without them.”
“No I absolutely cannot!”
“We don’t have another choice, we’re suppose to be there in 20 minutes, and I’d rather be on time to my own gala!” He suppressed a chuckle, as you pouted.

But then, a devious idea struck you.
“Fine.” You sauntered closer to him, biting your lip and reaching for his bow tie.
“But it If I can’t wear something I want to…”
Then, you looked him dead in the eye.
“Then neither can you” and with a fluid motion, you yanked his black tie from around his neck, and ran like mad.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), that’s not fair! Give it back!” He called as you ran into the living room.
“If you want it, you’re going to have to take it from me” you teased, and turned to face him, dangling his tie playfully behind your back.
“You really don’t want to try me” he warned, breaking into a grin.

“Oh…and why is that?”
“Because I’ve known you long enough to know that you are incredibly ticklish.” Your cheeky smile instantly dropped.

“No…wait, I-I didn’t mean it! Newt, stay back!” You warned, but he was advancing on you quickly.

“Give me the tie!” His mischievous side taking control.
“Newt stay back IM WARNING YOU”
Then, he rushed at you, effectively tackling you to the floor.

You both landed with a thud on the carpet, and he quickly crawled on top of you, sitting on your waist, effectively pinning you to the ground.
He then started furiously running his hands up and down your sides, ticking you.

“NO NEWT, STOP. PLEASE” you were laughing so hard it brought you near tears. The air was suddenly filled with a mix of natural laughter.
You started to warn him that you couldn’t breathe any longer, and finally, he ceased your giggly torture.

“Do you yield?” He stared down at you.
You smirked, and cheekily twiddled your fingers with the black fabric.

“After that? In your dreams!” You were completely at his mercy, so refusing him the silly article of clothing might not be the wisest option.

“(Y/N)…” he warned, breathing heavier than normal.
“Ok fine” you conceded, and held the bow tie in your open palm.

But he did not take it.
Instead, he seemed to be fixated on your gaze, studying your wild eyes, and how your cheeks were suddenly flushed pink from laughing.

There was also something unreadable behind his expression, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think it was utter admiration.
He was staring down at you with a certain hunger in his eyes.

You coughed, breaking the silence.
“Are you good, or do you need me to put it on for you?”
His hand immediately came down to yours, closing his fist around the stolen tie.

Your eyes locked once more, and there was some sort of understanding between the two of you, some feeling that completely over took you in a matter of seconds, and replaced every logical thought with an intense heat.
He quickly leaned down to capture your lips with his.

You were frozen with shock for an instant, but eventually started to kiss him back.
His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you off of the ground, into a sitting position.
It felt so…right.

So right, that you couldn’t understand why you hadn’t been doing this all along.
You grabbed a hold of his collar, and deepened the kiss.

It was as if someone had set off fireworks in your mind, the sensation was indescribably wild.
Newt then pulled away, completely wide eyes staring back at you.

You immediately felt his absence from your lips.
“I-I don’t know what to say” you laugh nervously as he lifted a hand up to stroke your cheek.
“Then don’t speak” he smiled wildly, but just before he was able to pull you in for another kiss, you recoiled.

“But we’re going to be late for your big celebration” you state, but his eyes were too full of lust to focus on reason.

“I’m sure we can spare just a few moments.” You nodded vigorously and pulled him back into another passionate kiss.

This wasn’t exactly how you thought your night would go.

But you couldn’t say you weren’t pleased as hell with how it really went.

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