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I was visiting my close pal Barack Obama who lived in New York City at the time (he was in between jobs.) We decided to go to the Museum of Natural History. When we arrived we were put into a tour group, and we had to make tie-dye T-shirts to show which group we were in. We were in the blue group, but couldn’t use the blue dye because it was infested with killer bees.

When I was about 12 I won a Bible trivia tournament and received an effectively free trip to a weeklong bible summer camp. I had been to summer bible camp before but it was one of those cheap ones in the country that looking back was probably someone’s farmhouse before they passed away and donated it to the church. This was the real deal, with cabins and attractions that weren’t a hastily constructed jungle gym or a homemade tarp water slide.

Also around this period, the Depression was setting in and I was becoming increasingly aware of my mortality. Like a lot of mentally ill preteens, I had that alienation combined with the sense of having some kind of Power. I could control time through really simple, somewhat meditative techniques.

So I’m at this deluxe bible camp and having an alright time for the most part. You could win credits through doing educational shit that you could turn in for a tie-dye t-shirt (I still own this and it still fits me) or an entire gas station box of Charleston Chews. There was a giant blob over a lake that you could jump on and send people flying.

Being the homebody that I am, I started to get anxious and homesick. I was the only person I knew from my church who went that week. I began using my time powers to make things go faster. I missed my home and mom and bed and air-conditioning and just wanted to get to the end. Things sped up.

On the second to last day, I was walking back from the lake to the big sanctuary where they’d hold the nightly assembly. My swim buddy caught up to me and was asking questions, trying to get to know me better. I end up telling him about the time powers and explained how I do them. He remains the only person to which I ever explained this. He said that he was going to use them to make the last few hours at camp go slower. This filled me with guilt that I had been making this experience go faster. I began to panic, thinking that things were speeding up beyond my control. 

While the pastor was explaining how to exemplify Christ in life, I was visualizing time accelerating to the point where I wouldn’t be able to perceive anything until my death, where things would finally slow down. This anxiety filled me for days, before suddenly stopping.

This is just to say that all of these repressed memories and anxieties came back to me after watching Bee Movie But Every Time They Say Bee It Gets Faster.

  • 15 year old white girl with her hair shaved on one side, wearing a tie dye t-shirt, who recently converted to Buddhism: I bet these preps don't even know what Odd Future is

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i think his hands were grey from fabric dye, at least it looks like it, maybe he way dyeing his jeans or shirts or something, you never know with this boy

I think you’re right.  How fun would it be to tie dye t shirts with Harry??