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Would you ever consider Draco/Luna as a viable pairing

  • so
  • this is obviously a college au because i’m already weak for uptight straitlaced senator’s son draco malfoy falling for the weird girl who wears tie-dye crop tops to class and leaves out neatly folded paper sacks of water chestnuts for the local squirrel population and petitions the dean of student affairs to allow her to design her own major.
  • and maybe draco’s an RA that year because it’s never too early to lay a good foundation for your political resume.
  • and maybe when he calls his first floor meeting during orientation week, his gaze lingers, somewhat inappropriately, on one of the new freshmen, a slender girl with waist-length dirty blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes and a medium-sized grandfather clock tattooed on the inside of her right forearm.
  • “luna lovegood,” she introduces herself, tilting her head to the side and peering up at the rotating blades of the shitty industrial ceiling fan. her voice is curious, a gently melodic warble, when she asks, “is it true that there’s a ghost haunting the dining hall?”
  • draco barely remembers shaking his head, sneering at her, crossing his arms over his chest and rocking back on his heels and feeling strangely uncomfortable as the too-stiff collar of his ralph lauren polo brushes the underside of his jaw.
  • she’s a fucking menace.
  • he confiscates an easy bake oven and an eighth of weed from her the day after the fall semester officially starts, and he exits the elevator the following weekend to see her leading an impromptu yoga session in the middle of the hallway, directly outside his dorm. she makes her own lemon greek yogurt in the tiny kitchenette across from the fire escape, and she writes nonsensical notes to herself in cherry-red lipstick on the foggy coed bathroom mirrors, and she drapes glittering strands of sunflower-shaped christmas lights over all the furniture in the floor lounge.
  • draco quits writing her up.
  • he just grits his teeth, scowls, and diligently ignores how pervasive the sticky-sweet smell of burning incense is during midterms.
  • it isn’t until she tapes homegrown sprigs of lavender to the stupid fucking whiteboard on his door, scribbling “sleep better, xx” in curlicue green letters and babyproofing the electrical outlets next to his keurig—well, it isn’t until then that he finds himself pounding on her door at fuck-o’clock in the morning, nerves frayed and temper flaring and—
  • “why are you awake?” she asks him, sounding disapproving, jesus, and he’s abruptly so fucking furious that it takes him a moment to register her appearance.
  • to open his mouth. lick his lips. blink, and then blink again, and then…stare.
  • because she’d just showered, obviously. he must’ve missed it. missed her. and she’s studying him from the far side of her room, hair knotted in a bun on top of her head, stray tendrils cascading down the curve of her upper back, slow-burning drops of water winding between her shoulder blades, her collarbones, hovering on the terry-cloth ridge of her towel and the rounded, satin-soft slopes of her breasts.
  • his throat goes dry.
  • and when he doesn’t immediately answer—surely she’d asked him a question—she walks forward, expression uncharacteristically hesitant, and she doesn’t stop until she’s right in front of him, standing far too close, forehead level with the point of his chin. she has a single blood-brown freckle in one of her eyes. she isn’t symmetrical. he doesn’t care.
  • he inhales, exhales, reels at the feather-light scent of soap and sun and fresh gardenias, and then she’s lifting her arm, holding her hand up, pressing the pads of her fingers to the seemingly permanent furrow between his brows. smoothing the lines out.
  • “relax,” she breathes, and then smiles, like it’s really that easy.

Lbr if the Avengers threw a Christmas party, Tommy and Billy would probably just switch costumes and go. Even better; they recruit the rest of the fam too. Pietro shows up in Lorna’s old green outfit, Billy is in Wanda’s, Lorna is wearing Tommy’s suit, Luna is in Billy’s suit, Wanda is wearing Pietro’s suit, Tommy shows up in pink short, a tie dye crop top and hello kitty hair clips- he says he’s Luna but we all know he didn’t have to borrow that outfit.

So I’m not sure about you all, but I always get bored within a couple of weeks of summer break! So I’ve basically compiled a bunch of really awesome videos I found on youtube (not gonna lie, LaurDIY was super helpful with this) and almost all of them are pretty reasonably priced, and you can make a bunch of cool stuff(:

EDIT: If any DIYS have a * on them, it just means that It’s a new thing I added(:

If you do try any of it out, be sure to submit me the pictures so I can see!


DIY Caged Back Bandeau

DIY Lace Crop Top

DIY Choker Necklaces

DIY Body Chain

DIY Hair Bows

DIY Bow Back Tops

DIY Studded Shoes

DIY Wire Rings

DIY Flower Sunglasses

DIY Glitter Wall Art

DIY Chain Headband*

DIY Lace Trim Shorts

DIY Body Butter

DIY Beanies

DIY Tribal Print Shoes

DIY Cut Out Shirts

DIY Ombre Shorts

DIY Chokers

DIY Moleskin Notebook Covers*

DIY Heart Shorts*

DIY Brandy Melville Inspired Sign

DIY Head Chain and Flower Headband

DIY Skater Skirt

DIY Lush Bath Bomb

DIY Makeup Organizer

DIY Scrabble Pillows

DIY Floral Fabric Shorts

DIY “Sparkle Balls”

DIY Light Up Headboard

DIY Tie Dye Sundress

DIY Iridescent Shoes

DIY Solid Perfume

DIY Kimono

DIY Tie Dye Bikini

DIY Strap Back Bra

DIY Crop Tops

DIY Bath Jellies

DIY Crayon Lipstick

DIY Ombre Shoes

DIY Beach Bags

DIY Marble Nails

DIY Vanity Lights

DIY Glue Rings

DIY Peter Pan Collars

DIY Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

DIY Half Bleached Stud Shorts

DIY Lotion Bars

Tony Perry: Sort of Hoping That You'd Stay

Request: Can you write an imagine where you are a normal girl (dont have piercings, tattoos, dyed hair) and you go to warped and catch tony perry’s attention because you are very classy and feminate?

A/N: This is my oldest request in my inbox and you’ve waited long enough, here you go!  ♡

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hi! okay, i have a request, if that is OKAY. i was wondering if you could make a tie dye crop top for the sims 4?

Here you go! I made a set of 3 since I didn’t know if there are different styles of tie dye. Enjoy.x

Download here