A few years ago, I would’ve stayed silent during this month. Fighting myself, being miserable, destroying myself and my body simply because I was afraid. No matter where you are in your journey, we are all right here with you. Being who you were created to be is the most incredible feeling. After 22 years, I have never felt more like me than in these past 2. The only choice I made was to slam the door on the choice society made for me. Happy Pride Month, sweet friends. Stay loud and proud 🌈

My beautiful friend makes these. Use code PRIDE for 20% off! www.etsy.com/shop/pancakeplayhauze

Hump day

I did pancakes from scratch with cinnamon and part cornmeal, and bacon. They were amazing.

I dyed a skirt while I was cooking. Need it for my Burlesque costume but it was chambray and I wanted it purple. So while I have a plant-fiber dyepot, I’m tie-dying a tshirt for Wolf and a tank top for me and 2 pairs of underwear for Betsy.

Des got him a cool T shirt 2 Christmases ago but he’s never worn it bc it’s white. He says the minute he wears it, he’ll get crap on it. But if it’s tie-dyed it won’t matter. LoL

Wolf doesn’t have to go out til Friday. Today we’re going to take the kids to play mini golf, and go to the store.

When we get home I’m gonna make a batch of soap and touch up one of wolf’s tattoos.

At some point, there will be (more) humping