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  • What Tumblr thinks Classicists are like: Repressed tweed-wearing pearl clutchers (who can afford tweed and pearls), worship Rome, part of a conspiracy to whitewash and hide the diverse aspects of ancient Mediterranean cultures.
  • What Classicists are really like: "Okay, kids, let's crack open a box of wine and look at pornographic Greek pottery while I talk about queer identities and the construction of sexuality in the ancient world."

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wool fiber // roving, spinning by beesybee

wool and blended fibers are an essential in many types of crafting, and beesybee has both undyed and dyed options for anyone on the hunt. don’t these bundles look super-soft? :)


Guys I’m so fucking excited for my first mushroom babies !!! They’re growing so fast, you can almost see it happening 😂🍄

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I got round to publishing the one-shot I wrote based on the Wedding Planner/Florist AU by @ingthing, which I love and can’t get enough of!

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Shi-Shi and Peony Kimono 1930s by Blue Ruin 1

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Maiko (apprentice geisha) Fukiko wearing a fabulous shibori (tie-dyed) kimono decorated with applique and embroidery in the form of shi-shi (lion dogs) playing amid botan (tree peonies). 

Although it is not obvious from this postcard, another image shows that Fukiko has her hair dressed in the sakkou hairstyle, indicating that she is in the final stage of her apprenticeship and will become a geiko (geisha) in the next few weeks.