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Yakuza!Hanzo with pregnant s/o? During the pregnancy and birth?

((SO I MADE THIS A LIKE TWO PART STORY BECAUSE YAKUZA HANZO IS LIFE….I also do an excessive amount of research on things for this and it FUELED my need))

From a hostess at an upscale bar to the wife of a Yakuza boss. It sounded like the storyline of one of those movies or TV dramas and yet, this was your life. You had drawn the eye of Hanzo Shimada; the sophisticated, suave man of few words who initially frequented the establishment when holding private business meetings. You could feel his eyes on you whenever you had been working and soon found yourself requested as a personal hostess for the sharply dressed man with the hawk-like gaze. Enticing professionality morphed into actual attraction; small gift of affections turning into a request to date you which soon led to marriage.

You counted yourself as lucky. Most of the other hostesses or former yankee girls ended up in loveless, violent marriages with men who wanted a trophy wife and punching bag all in one. Hanzo treated you like a queen; granting your any desire or wish, showering you in gifts and private displays of affection. You wanted for absolutely nothing and lived in the lap of luxury within the Shimada faction walls. Anytime you left, you were flanked by personal female guards and whenever Hanzo had important ‘legitimate’ meetings, you were on his arm as his doting and loving wife. He didn’t involve you with any of his illegal practices, you were an exquisite flower in the garden of his life and he planned to keep you safe. And his child that grew inside of you.


You smiled, Hanzo’s voice was still tinged by sleep, his hands lightly moving over your waist to rest on your growing stomach. You tilted your head to the side as Hanzo placed a gentle kiss against the side of your neck, his chin resting in the crook of your shoulder. You had neither been actively trying to conceive nor working to prevent it, letting fate handle any type of family planning you’d fall under. When he found out you were pregnant, he was ecstatic in his own ways; his eyes lit up, he pulled you to him and kissed you hard and openly in front of the doctor that made the housecall. Hanzo wasted no expense in making sure your pregnancy progressed smoothly; a personal chef on call 24/7, a masseuse that you could visit in person or request on the estate, your own private midwife and weekly spa trips to keep you ridiculously pampered and relaxed. He had even begun accompanying you more after you expressed that you felt lonely with him gone so often.

This is how you found yourself waking with him at least three days out of the week, enjoying a meal or two together as he answered calls and dispatched orders to his secretary who would then pass them onto whomever needed to hear them. You leaned back into your husband, humming contently as his arms wrapped tighter around your body. His lips pressed hard against the side of your neck again, drawing a quiet chuckle from your lips and a pleased sigh from his. Covering his hands with your own smaller ones, you massaged the back of his hands before deciding to speak.

“Good morning dear husband”, you teased playfully, earning a throaty huff of a laugh at the formal nickname. “I hope I didn’t wake you…”

“No dearest”, Hanzo started between another kiss, squeezing you again. He had never made you second guess his attraction to you even through the pregnancy, his level of affection almost growing as you did. “Waking in bed without you however was inspiration enough to rise.”

A wave of nausea had pulled you out of your sleep and forced you out of bed, your hand combing through Hanzo’s hair as you rose as not to wake the man. You had slipped to the down to the kitchen and fixed yourself a cup of peppermint-ginger tea, obnoxiously sweetened to your preference. Turning your head, you gave a soft ‘oh’ when you saw he had already gotten dressed, the white button up covering his once shirtless torso.

Turning yourself around, Hanzo pulled back slightly, your eyes looking him up and down, humming approvingly. Hanzo wore both traditional and modern clothing, both looking dashing on him but the latter edging out with your preference. He wore black slacks, the white button up tucked in but not buttoned all the way up, the navy blue tie hanging undone around his collar and his black hair still down. A warm, thankful smile began to pull at your lips, your eyes connecting with your husband’s dark ones. This was a ritual that the both of you had started from when you had first been brought into the Shimada clan. You initially had been no more than a glorified wallflower; pretty, pleasant and essentially useless. Before meeting Hanzo you had been a working girl your entire adult life, working hard to earn your keep and live your life as comfortably as you could. Doing absolutely nothing left you antsy, restless. So in the morning you would rise with your then boyfriend and assist him with getting ready. You’d pick out his ties and socks, button up his shirts and assist him with putting his shoes on. It made you feel at least somewhat useful before you became the lady of the house.

Reaching out, you pulled him closer so his torso rested against your pregnant belly, one of his hands lifting to lightly stroke at your cheek. Your fingers made quick work of the button up, your fingers playfully ghosting under his shirt to lightly stroke the edges of clan’s dragon tattoo on his left shoulder before closing it. You worked your magic, tying his tie into a trinity knot, your hand smoothing over his chest as you looked up at him affectionately. His hand moved from your cheek to your chin, holding it as he dipped his head down and pressed an affectionate kiss to your lips. His free hand tenderly massaged your belly as he pulled away, smiling down at you.

“Remember to tell your doctor this, beloved.”

You nodded your head, understanding he was  referring to your nausea. He’d text you mid-day just to make sure it had been done and would take care of it himself if your pregnancy brain made you forget. Always watching out for you.

“Of course, my love.”

“Boss we can just force our way back in there…she can’t tell you to get out like that ca–”

Hanzo stopped on a dime and snarled at the man that had dared to speak, his eyes pinning the man with a look that could kill. The younger man immediately bowed, stammering an apology as he backed out of the room at the quiet recommendation from a senior member. Hanzo was known for his chilling calmness, his cutting words and icy gaze usually enough to break anyone who would cross him. But now he was on edge, snapping angrily at anyone that would speak to him as he paced. No one could blame him really. Hanzo had been kicked out of the room by your midwife after snapping at her when you went through a particularly rough contraction, the man demanding to know why the pain medication hadn’t kicked in yet.

So now all he could do was pace while several of his guards fidgeted about, thrown off by their boss’ energy. He could hear your cries through the door, his heart tugging every single time it reached his ears. His twin dragons begged to be set free, to protect their master’s mate, Hanzo was barely able to fight the urge himself. But he knew that it would upset you so instead he would wait, his heart in his throat and nervous flitting in his belly. Time trickled by, far slower than Hanzo would have liked, hours feeling like days. Until the strong, loud cry pierced the air.

It felt as if the world around him melted away, the strong, growing cries of the newborn working everyone into an excited frenzy. Someone clapped Hanzo on the back, another on the shoulder and they were all cheering when the door to the room you had been delivering in slid open a crack. The midwife smiled and motioned for Hanzo to come forward, his men pushing him when his feet froze to the ground, excited and intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his child.

“Hanzo…come say hi.”

Your voice drew him the rest of the way into the room, warmth exploding in his chest as he laid eyes on you and the small bundle you held in your arms. Your face was ruddy, hair stuck to your skin by sweat, eyes heavy with exhaustion; but he was sure you had never looked more beautiful. He stopped in front of you, his hand lightly stroking your cheek, his other hand shaking as it came to lay gently upon the head of the newborn. The newborn boy fidgeted at his touch, his mouth opening in a big yawn as Hanzo lightly stroked his face. Emotion made his throat feel tight as he dipped down, pressing his lips hard against your forehead, pulling the both of you into a hug. Haruto gave a whine at being jostled, the newborn fidgeting before settling between his mother and father quietly.

“Haruto Shimada”, you hummed softly as Hanzo pulled back, your head falling to the pillow on your bed, patting the space on the California king sized bed next to you lightly. Your midwife hung around the background, cleaning up the area quickly and quietly, the omnic nurse following right behind her.  Hanzo took the seat, taking your hand gently and kissing your knuckles hard, as he scoot back to lay amongst the pillows with you. Immeasurable pride, love, happiness and need to protect filled his being as he looked between you and Haruto contently. You leaned your head onto his shoulder, peeking up at him through your lashes. “Would you like to hold him love?”

Hanzo barely nodded before you were carefully passing the newborn into his arms, the Yakuza head breathing stopping for several moments. Haruto fidgeted, smacking his lips lightly in a yawn once more as he turned into his father’s touch. Hanzo took this time to study him thoroughly; thick black hair covering his head, face chubby and skin ruddy from being birthed. Later, he would say that Haruto was a peculiar looking little thing when he came out but right now at this moment the child was the image of perfection. Your snort drew Hanzo’s attention up, your finger pointing to the foot of the bed with a humored smile.

Yuuki and Ame sat at the end of the bed, curled into a loose pile on top of one another and rest at your feet. The translucent blue dragons were content to sit and wait, intrigued yet protective, instantly acknowledging the new charge that had been added to the family. Extending a hand to them, you gently pat Ame on the head as he moved forward, chuckling quietly as the dragon purred under your touch.

“Keep him safe”, you ordered softly, knowing there was no real need to tell the dragons what to do.

“The dragons will consume our enemies”, Hanzo reminded you, his voice soft but mirthful as he leaned over and lightly kissed you on the forehead, cradling your sleeping son to his chest lovingly.

((I hope this is okay anon! I know I went on a tangent but it was fun!))


Another day, another kick of party for a festival I deeply love and support.

Corset is from Timeless Trends,
Tie knot is a Trinity Knot,
And a Mr. Ghosts’s Significantly Fancy Undead Appreciation Pin makes a return, which you can get from the ever lovely Evil Supply Co. Seriously. Check them out. They have a wonderful array of badges, pins, stickers and stationary.

Dapper posse....yes please

So fine stud Lexa would totally have a dapper posse…dapper Anya, dapper Raven, and hell even dapper Lincoln. All big time corporate power houses sleek and suave in every way possible. With their sultry smirks and cocky attitudes. Their tailored suits, all with their own personal touches. All ripped and tatted. Smelling good. Charming. Making all the girls swoon.

Lexa, Anya, and Lincoln are the strong stoic types. They let their eyes do the talking, with their lingering looks and piercing gazes deep into your soul making you question everything you thought you knew. Drawing you to them like a moth to flame.

Raven is the smooth talker. With every word she carefully and skillfully unravels you. She won’t shut up but you don’t want her to. Telling you everything you want and everything you need. Now the other three can be just as disarming with their words but she leads with it. The big schmoozer can talk you out of your pants in the middle of a high society gala. And you’d thank her for it.

Lexa and Anya being tie knot sluts. Debating the Eldredge knot vs the Trinity knot vs the Rose knot vs the Windsor knot. Like honestly they can go on for hours. Raven and Lincoln just roll their eyes and sip their scotch. Raven perfers bow ties and skinny ties and Lincoln knows he looks good in all of them so what’s to debate.

They smoke cigars and have poker nights. But of course it’s all luxury. The best Cuban cigars and the most magnificent poker set you’ve ever seen. They are so ridiculously elaborate. Everything they do is fancy and over the top. Over the top parties on yachts. Over top helicopter entrances. Over the top shopping sprees. Over the top custom everything. Just so hilariously over the top.

Like can you even imagine…a powerful, wealthy, particular, gorgeous fine stud posse slaying everyone and everything they come in contact with.

A Chaotic Date

Matt pulled his hair up, looked in the mirror and pulled it back down. He then braided it, took a look and pulled it out. He eyed the scissors.

“If you cut your hair, I’m going to shove them up your ass,” Ang threatened when she saw him looking at them. He sighed and pouted.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” Matt whined. “This is my first date with Eris. Well this Eris.” She walked over to him, running her hand through his hair, fixing it for him so that it laid gracefully on his shoulders.

“I’m glad you went back to the blond, you look better.”

“I’m too washed out as a blond. I should have stayed with the black, all the others look better,” he whined.

“Lies and slander, Matthew. You look perfect. Eris will love you. She loves all of us.”

“Yeah but she’s never been with me. She’s been with a version of you, and just knowing one of you is enough to love all of you.” Ang ducked her head as she blushed. He tilted up her face up to his and kissed her gently.

“You dorky charmer,” she said as she gave him another kiss. “You’ll be fine.” He shut his mouth, not bothering to point out how he had all this history with their Eris and none with this one. What if she found him annoying or something? It would be his fault if she didn’t and then it would be his fault for breaking up what the five of them once had. Ang loved Eris just as strongly as she loved him, all of them and if Eris love him, hell, like him, then everything would go to shit.

No pressure.

“Right. I’m off,” he said with an unsure smile. He was probably off to ruin everything.

“You’ll be fine mon chou.” She gave him another kiss as he turned to walk out of the bathroom. “Matthew?” she called after him.


“You might want to put some pants on, at the very least.” She giggled when he realized that he had been playing with his hair so much, he forgot to actually get dressed.

“Quiet witch,” he said as he blushed with his whole body, making her cackle.


Matt had put aside his usual hoodies for a proper suit. He adjusted his tie, done nicely up in a trinity knot, his fingers caressing the folds of cloth. For some reason he always found the design comforting. He shifted the pot in his hands, looking down at the plant again. He was unsure if she’d like it. 

She was Eris, she would like it. She was Eris, the runner of the Circus, a future goddess. She had to like it. 

He stared at it.

She was going to hate it. She’d think that he thought she was a one trick pony. He looked around for a place to stash the plant and hid it behind the dumpster. He needed to make sure she liked him. He had to impress her that he was worth liking and keeping around. That while he was a Matt, he was irreplaceable. That’s why he dyed his hair back to his natural color. He needed to stand out. No matter how much he hated standing out.

He straightened up and dusted himself off. He could do this.


He took a breath and knocked on the door to her warehouse.