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good things for today:

  • made a banana, strawberry and kale smoothie for breakfast, so good!
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Operation Green Eyes - Part Two

Disclaimer: Alas, I own nothing

For stupidsexymustang and for all you Royai and Havolina shippers!!

Part Two: Shock and Horror

Breda looked at the clock. Rubbing his belly, he got to his feet. “Time for lunch. I’m starving!”
“You’re always starving,” Falman said, but he stood up from his desk anyway.
Fuery stretched, “Food sounds good right now.”
Hawkeye nodded and started to tidy up the documents on her desk. “I said I’d meet Rebecca today, if you’ll excuse me.”
Havoc took a look at Mustang, still scribbling furiously at his desk.
Breda’s stomach rumbled loudly. “You coming Boss?”
“No – I think I’ve got this almost cracked.”
Hawkeye rolled her eyes, “Sir, you shouldn’t skip lunch.”
He waved his hand dismissively, “I’m not hungry.”
She let out a long suffering sigh. “I’ll bring you back a sandwich and a coffee.”
“There’s no need. I probably won’t eat it anyway.”
“Pardon my insubordination, but you will, sir.”
Havoc stifled a smirk with his hand. These two were like an old married couple. This might be a good opportunity to talk to Mustang alone.
“Hey Riza.” Jean had practiced his most charming smile in his mirror many times, but he pulled out the best smile he could muster. “Would you mind fetching me some lunch too? I really should finish this workload.”
An arched eyebrow was her response. “Not like you to miss a cigarette break.”
Jean shrugged, “I’m trying to give them up.”
“Again?” Mustang’s head popped up. “Wonder how long you’ll last this time?”
“I’m wounded by how little everyone trusts me.” Jean turned back to Hawkeye who was still watching him carefully. “So – lunch? I’ll owe you.”
She looked at him as if trying to read his mind and he ducked his head.
Shit, she knows.
“I suppose so,” she conceded.
But she said nothing else; she simply turned around without a second glance back. The other three officers followed leaving Jean alone with the General.

Mustang was still engrossed in his research notes which were haphazardly strewn around the table. Like most alchemists (or so Jean had heard) it was most likely in such a way that Mustang probably knew where everything was. Jean knew this was his best chance to get the intel he was looking for. Fuck it. If he left it any longer, the rest of the team would be back after lunch.
“So, you’ve known Hawkeye for a long time, huh?”
“You’re still here?”
“Not very observant of you, sir.”
Mustang was holding up a document as he examined it, but Jean caught an eye roll. “I don’t miss the important things.”
Jean laughed. “You can really be a bastard sometimes…sir.”
“To answer your question, we’ve known each other ever since we were kids,” Mustang mused. “So it’s been a long time.”
“What would you do if Hawkeye was seeing somebody.”
Mustang’s forehead creased, his interest instantly piqued. His head popped up from the paperwork, “Do you know something?”
Bingo! He was definitely interested. Jean bit back a smile, he knew he had to play this carefully.
“No, but I was thinking of asking her out.”
Mustang nearly fell out of his chair, “You? You ask Hawkeye out?”
Jean could see the tic in his cheek and the man may not have noticed that his fingers were prepared to snap. Suddenly, Jean wondered if this was the most stupid idea he had ever had.
“Aren’t you stepping out her friend? I would suggest that you break all ties with Catalina before you any attempt to woo Hawkeye. I don’t think either woman would take too kindly to you otherwise. I would hazard a guess that one or the other would murder you.”
The man had pulled his poker face back on and was looking unruffled again, although his eyes had returned to the paperwork on his desk.
“But what do you think, Boss?” Jean pressed. “We’re both your subordinates.”
The tic in his cheek had returned, but all Mustang said was, “I trust you both to be professional in whatever love affairs you have.”
“Ok, but would you be okay with it? I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.“ He paused for effect. "You two are very close.”
“I’m not her father. She does not need my consent.”

“Yoo hoo Riza!!” Rebecca waved from a table for two in the far corner of the room. Riza smiled, her friend was overzealous and dramatic in everything that she did.
‘Hi Rebecca.” She sat down and placed her tray on the table.
The boys had gone to their usual table in the front of the room. It was nice to share lunch with her best female friend. There was so much testosterone in the office, she needed a break from time to time.
Rebecca strained her neck checking out the boys’ table.
“Jean stayed behind to do some work.” Riza still hadn’t figured that one out, but her best guess was that he needed to talk to the General privately.
Rebecca’s eyes narrowed and Riza wondered if she knew what it was all about.
“Speaking of General Mustang, you two are practically joined at the hip.” Rebecca leaned in closer and lowered her voice. “When are you going to give in to your urges and just fuck him on his desk.”
“Not this again.” The faintest blush appeared on Riza’s cheek. “The General and I have a professional relationship, a long standing friendship is as far as it goes.”
“You’re no fun, Riza.” Rebecca shook her head and sighed. “What if you turn around someday and somebody else has snapped him up?”
The idea had crossed her mind before and it gave her a gnawing pain in her stomach.
“Then I would be happy for him,” Riza lied. “Can we please stop talking about non existent relationships and talk about actual ones if you must?”
“You’re implying I still have a relationship to think about.”
“What?” Riza dropped her sandwich. “Things are not working out with Jean. We always fight and I’m thinking about dumping him.”
It was true that the pair bickered a lot, but Riza had thought things were going well.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Rebecca replied, “If you’re really not interested in Mustang, I might take a crack at him myself. After all, he’ll on a much higher pay grade than Jean.”
Riza kept her face stoic, “True, but he is very high maintenance and he never settles on one woman. You would have your work cut out for you.”
Rebecca frowned and bit her lip, “What about Elizabeth? There’s a lot of gossip about her. Do you know who she is?”
“I have no idea who she is,” Riza replied stiffly.
She suspected that Rebecca knew exactly who Elizabeth was, but she wasn’t going to humour her friend.

Meanwhile, back in the office, Roy was feeling distracted. Havoc was interested in Riza and the thought of another man with his hands on his Lieutenant was making his blood boil. Staying behind and skipping lunch had been an incredible waste of time. He had gotten no work done between his busy mind and glares in the direction of Havoc.
What was he worried about? While there was a glimmer of possibility that Riza might one day choose to get married and have a family, there was no way she would be interested in Jean Havoc. No way. But then why was he even thinking about it? His head was throbbing and his concentration was shot. Perhaps, he should talk a walk in the fresh air and see if he could clear his head. He was just about to get up and leave the office when Riza and the men walked into the room after their lunch. Riza put his coffee on the table and put her hand into the brown paper bag. She passed him a ham and cheese sandwich and he had to admit he was starting to feel hungry now that he could smell it.
“Thank you, Lieutenant.” She always knew his favourite sandwich.
He watched out of the corner of his eye as Havoc took his lunch from Riza.
“Took you long enough,” Havoc grumbled before biting into his own sandwich.
“Don’t get used to it,” she snapped. “Get your own next time.”
Roy couldn’t help a smirk. Riza Hawkeye was much too good for the likes of Havoc. What was he worried about?

Later that evening, Roy and Riza were the last two in their office as was their usual habit. Riza looked out the window and could see it was pouring rain. Typical. She had intended on walking. After all, Black Hayate didn’t care if it was raining or dry.
“Would you like a drive home, Lieutenant?” Roy took his coat from the rack.
She thought about it for a moment before deciding she could take a walk when she got home instead. That way she wouldn’t ruin her uniform.
“I’d feel more at ease if I was the one driving, sir.”
“I’m not that bad a driver,” he grumbled as he handed her her coat.
“You drive too fast and you’re reckless.”
“I’ve never crashed a car!”
She raised an eyebrow, “Really?”
“Ok, there was that time..”
“That’s settled then, I’m driving, but we’ve got pick up Black Hayate first..”
The pair left the office walking companionably side by side. Roy was carrying a bunch of folders.
“Are those what you’ve been trying to work on all day?”
Roy nodded, “I need some of my own books for reference.”
“Is everything alright, sir? You seemed a little distracted since lunch.”
“Absolutely fine, Lieutenant,” he said.
She could have sworn he blushed, but he quickly averted his gaze.
“Ah here we are,” he said with a false sounding cheerfulness as they arrived at the enclosure for the dogs.
She wished he would confide in her, but if he didn’t want to talk she wasn’t going to press him. She nodded and walked into the enclosure.
Her Shiba Inu came bounding towards her, tongue lolling out of his mouth.
“Come on, boy.” She bent down to tie the leash and he looked up with begging eyes. The look was something similar to the General’s when he wanted to avoid paperwork.
She sighed. “If you’ll be good, I leave the leash off.”
Hayate’s tail wagged and she opened the enclosure gate.
“Hello, Second Lieutenant Hayate!”
Hayate barked, ran over to Roy and jumped excitedly on the General’s leg.
Riza rolled her eyes, “Don’t encourage him, sir.”
The General ignored her friendly advice and bent down to pet the dog. “Good boy!”
Riza could see the folders were going to fall out of his grip.
“Watch out,” she warned.
It was too late and the papers flew onto the floor.
“I told you so!” She joined him on the floor to gather up all the documents.
Between the pair, they managed to gather all the papers. It wasn’t until she turned to Roy to hand him the papers that she realised how close they were. They were knee to knee. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. He was close enough to touch, to kiss… Her eyes went to his mouth, her own throat dry. Neither of them aware of what was going on around them.
“Riza, I..”
Whatever he was going to say, was lost when Hayate chose that very moment to lick Roy right on the mouth. His face dripped with slobber and he wiped at it with his coat.
Riza started to laugh, at first a low chuckle before developing into hysterical laughter.
“Your face…”
Roy’s lip twitched and soon both soldiers were bent over with laughter.

To be continued…

So there was the unexpected kiss…lol

Next time: Havoc and Rebecca step up their campaign, but face repercussions in their own relationship.

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Idk if you're still doing prompts, but maybe a slightly angsty AU where Harry finds Eggsy by the tailor shop working as a rentboy? And the rest can be up to you? :3

The first time Harry saw him, dressed in slow riding jeans and a bomber jacket, he had thought the young boy was waiting for a ride. When an older man pulled up and the younger man got in, Harry had believed his suspicion had been confirmed. That was until later that night, when Harry saw the young man dropped off by a different car, moving to stand in his previous spot. The lad yanked a lighter from his pocket and lit a cigarette, exhaling the smoke into the damp evening air.

It didn’t take very long for Harry to realize what the boy was really doing as he pulled some wadded bills from his jacket pocket and began to count it before shoving it back away. 

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I went to the doctors, the kids were noisy. Bought strawberries and a new dress on the way home. Back home for a quick tidy up before Martina comes round. Chill out for a few hours with her and the kids. Go to work at 5. Come home at 9, eat curry. Enjoy a week off with my husband.

Pretty good 👌🏻

We are strong

Chapter 32:

“Let’s go, Let’s go,” Miranda said, the moment her husband entered the room. He had spent the night at home last night. He hadn’t wanted too, but his wife insisted. It wasn’t a bad thing. When he got home, he couldn’t sleep, so he spent some time tidying up the house and getting it ready for his wife.

It had been a long and stressful week, but they were on the home stretch. Miranda was coming home and she was in remission. He couldn’t believe it. It was too good to be true, and yet he knew it was true.

Blake laughed. He knew how ready she was to go home. She had missed her dogs and her family. She was going to have to spend a lot of time resting and recovering, but she was going to be at home. She could handle anything, as long as she got to go home.

“You have to wait a minute. The nurse has to bring the papers,” he said and she sighed. “Chill out honey,’ he teased. “You will be on your way home before long,” he said and she huffed out a breath. It seemed like the morning had dragged on. In actuality, it had only been an hour, but still.

“Where is she?” Miranda asked five minutes later. “What’s the rush? You got a hot date or something,” her husband teased and she stuck her tongue out at him. “Do you?” he asked and she laughed. Her husband could be so insecure.

“No, I just want to see the dogs,” she said and Blake nodded his head. He knew she missed those dogs. “And I want to tell them about the baby,” she said and Blake almost rolled his eyes. “Babe, I don’t think they will understand,” he said and Miranda emphatically nodded her head.

“Yes, they will,” she said and Blake decided to drop. He knew better than to argue with his wife when it came to the dogs. He never won anyway. “Can you find the doctor?” she asked impatiently and he smiled.

“Please,” she begged, her lower lip pouting out. “Fine,” he said and headed out of the room. He immediately ran into the nurse and smiled. “She’s itching to get out,” he said and the nurse laughed. She had no doubt that Miranda had been giving her husband a hard time.

“Here’s the paperwork. Just sign it and I will go get a wheelchair,” she said and Blake nodded his head. “Well,” Miranda said and he looked up. “I have to finish signing these papers,” he said and she nodded.

‘And then,” she said and he smiled. “And then you get to leave here… in a wheelchair,” he said and she immediately started to protest. “Sorry, hospital policy,” he said and she crossed her arms. “Just do it,” he said as the nurse came in the room.

“I’m fine,’ Miranda immediately said and the nurse grinned. “I know you are. Hospital policy,” she said and Miranda glared at her husband. ‘What?” he asked, wanting desperately to say I told you so, but not saying it.

“Help me up,” she said and the nurse pulled out the cables for the monitor. “Baby, we get to go home,’ she said and Blake smiled. He was about to say something when he realized she was taking to their baby.  

“I’m ready,” she said and Blake smiled. The nurse pushed Miranda while Blake led her to the truck. He lifted her into the truck and thanked the nurse. “Home sweet home,” he said as he started the truck. Miranda smiled as she saw the trees pass. She had never been so thankful to see the outdoors. She saw a little during her morning sunrises, but it wasn’t enough.

She was really going to appreciate nature now.

“Yay,” she said the moment she saw the familiar house. “We are home baby,” she said as the truck roared to a stop. “We are,” Blake said and leaned over to kiss his wife. She smiled as he leaned over and kissed their baby.

“Ready?” he asked as he lifted her into his arms. He carried her into the house and grinned when he saw the sign. He had asked his family and hers to a small get together to celebrate her recovery.

“Yay Miranda,” they cheered as she came into the house. She smiled, the tears rolling down her face. She was thankful for each and every one of her family members.  Her Momma came over and gave her a big hug. “Love you,” she said and smacked a kiss against her daughter’s cheek.

“I’m so proud of you,” Dot said as she hugged her daughter-in-law. She really was the strongest person she had ever meant. “Thanks Momma,” Miranda said and melted into the hug.

“Aunt Miranda, Aunt Miranda,” Ryan and Jace chanted as they ran into the kitchen. ‘Hey guys,” she said and gently hugged the two of them. “We missed you,” Ryan said and Miranda smiled. “I missed you guys too,” she said and smiled. “What’s that?” she asked and they grinned.

‘We made a picture for you and our baby cousin,” Ryan said and Miranda grinned. “Let me see,” she said as Ryan turned the picture so she could look at it. “Wow, Ryan the baby is wearing a pink dress,” she said and smiled.

“So, you want your cousin to be a girl,” she said and Ryan smiled. “Well, Uncle Blake said,” she started to say before Blake cut her off. “Blake said what?” she asked and Blake frowned. “I, umm… one of the nurses accidentally revealed the gender to me,” he said, trying to dig himself out of the hole he was currently in.

“And…” she said and he smiled. “Do you want to know?” he asked and she smiled. ‘Well I wanted to wait, but…” she said and Blake looked at her. ‘Ryan,” he said and Ryan grinned. “It’s a girl Aunt Miranda, a girl,” she said, not able to control her excitement.

She wanted a girl to play with and now she was getting one. Granted it would be a few years before the baby could play, but still.

“A girl,” she said and stared straight into her husband’s eyes. She ignored the excitement in the kitchen as she focused on her husband. He had tears in his eyes. “A girl,” she said and he nodded his head. ‘A little girl, who will be just as strong as her Momma,” he said and Miranda blinked back a few tears.

She had wanted a daughter more than anything in the world. She would have been happy with a son, but she secretly longed for a daughter. And now she was getting one.

“Yes,” she said as she looked around the kitchen. Everyone was hugging and laughing. “This is the best day ever. I’m cancer free. Our daughter is okay. And our family is here,” she said and grinned.

“And there’s cake, chocolate cake,” she said and Blake grinned. “A craving?” he asked and she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, but I want some of that,” she said and Blake laughed.

“Right now,” she said when her husband made no move to cut her a piece. “Okay everyone cake time,” he said and the kids cheered. Miranda found herself in a healthy conversation with both their Mom’s. “So, once you are feeling better, we have to go shopping,” Dot said and Miranda grinned.

“Yes, pink. Lots and lots of pink,” she said and Blake grinned. He was going to do everything in his power to get his daughter at least one purple outfit. He knew his wife would freak out, but he had to do it.

“No purple outfits,’ Miranda said to her husband and he shook his head. “How did you know?” he asked and she grinned. “You were smirking. You gave yourself away,” she said and he shook his head.

‘You know me to well,” he said and she laughed. “Yes, I do,” she said, knowing that her husband would get their daughter a purple outfit and yes she would let him. But she was going to give him some grief first.

After all, she could do that now. They could tease each other again. The pressure was off. She was healing nicely and the baby was growing. The smile on her face just continued to grow.

She was finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy and she certainly hoped that it stayed that way. She deserved a smooth pregnancy and so did her family.

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.........I can't wait for You to look back in 20 years and realize how dramatic you're being about literally everything to ever happen

Sorry I couldn’t “tidy up” for you, Vincent. I was a “little busy” producing 4 records. (They ALL come out this year, one comes out today) What’s YOUR excuse for living in “Garbage Bag Tree-House”? Oh shiiiiit!! Also, Rory SHUT THE FUCK UP I’ve seen YOUR apartment and YOU CAN’T SAY SHIT.

!Sometimes it’s just hard for us to focus on studying, etc. because quite frankly you could probably do something else than sitting here and studying for your exams but fret not my friend because I got you!

1. Tidy your workspace first

Just having a clean and (semi) organized workspace can contribute so much to your productivity; just spending about ten minutes of your day to tidy up can help you stay organized, plus you won’t have to spend ages looking for something you really need (unless you know exactly where you put everything, then probably not). Just put away everything that could distract you - you really don’t need it now.

2. Make a To Do list

Pretty obvious but very important so you won’t forget anything. My favourite method to keep myself motivated is to have a white board (or just anything really) labelled with to do, currently doing and done and then putting everything I have to do on sticky notes (there’s a name for this method but I forgot what it was please tell me if you do!!).

3. Stay hydrated and have some snacks

Duh! Don’t forget to drink every now and then and have some snacks because being hungry while trying to study just sucks. You may not feel thirsty while you’re studying but your brain and body will just thank you for having a glass of water every hour.

4. Open your window

Honestly, I forget this a lot but it’s not a bad thing to open your window every now and then because fresh air just helps you clearing your mind and thinking better, just refreshing, really.

5. Take breaks

Let’s be honest, if you’re gonna study for a few hours straight without a break, you’re just most likely to dread it or even doze off - everyone probably knows the pomodoro technique by now (x); taking a small break every twenty minutes and after four “pomodoros”, taking a longer break is advised.

6. Put your phone/ laptop/ etc. away

(Unless you need it of course) All of us are probably guilty of just wanting to google something and then ending up being on tumblr or youtube and spending hours on there. Cold Turkey is a great app (?) for your laptop, it’s just the usual thing - blocks any website you’re not supposed to access for how long you want it to be blocked. For phones (both iphone and android), my favourite app is “Forest”. Not only is it cute and very motivating as you can also see your progress but there is also a so called whitelist that makes it possible to access any important apps that you still want to be able to use while everything else is blocked.

7. Find a study buddy

Having a study buddy is just more motivating than studying alone, not only that but the fact that you can do quizzes together and help each other out is great. However, you should consider that sometimes studying with a friend can just be distracting - we all know how it sometimes ends in telling each other jokes or ending up being hungry and ordering pizza.

8. Study Music

Some people might find silence uncomfortable while studying - I do. 8tracks and Spotify have great playlists for studying filled with classical music or any relaxing and quiet songs. A thing you might like to try are video game or instrumental movie soundtracks - sounds weird but is actually really motivating (I really like the soundtracks of Pirates of the Carribean, Requiem for a Dream and New Mario Bros heh)

9. Lighting

While studying, it’s really important to have a bright workspace; dull lighting can just make you sleepy and is also really uncomfortable after sometime, especially for your eyes. A bright and natural light like workspace can give a positive vibe in contrary.

- perpetual-mornings