hoseok in bon voyage

actually shows he’s a very dependable and lovable sunshine

what he did :-
1. worries about jimin when he gotta retrieve his lost bag all by himself
2. makes yoongi laugh, accompanies yoongi
3. indulges jungkook in handholding
4. when tae was climbing, he had his hands ready to prevent tae from falling (sauna epi where jimin peeked at tae’s undies color yeah)
5. joins in the fun hyping and dorking with jungkook
6. also does the same with jin
7. very friendly to the foreigner that found his ticket
8. helps jungkook and jimin to carry his heavy luggage
9. tidies up the camping car and asks the staff to be careful with his head
10. indulges jin when jin is playing, also reminds him to be careful
11. massages jimin when jimin is tired
12. switches seat with jimin in camping car when jimin got carsick
13. immediately calls rapmon in to eat together when rapmon was missing

please love this precious man jung hoseok aka actual sunshine

The signs as things I love

Aries- Winning competitions, games etc.

Taurus- Eating my favourite foods/ meals

Gemini- Reading books you which get lost in

Cancer- When people hug me without permission

Leo- Being complimented (Lets be honest, it feel so good)

Virgo- Cleaning &’ tidy up my room

Libra- Flirting with cute/ hot people

Scorpio- Watching my favourite movie after a long day

Sagittarius- Witty/ funny conversations

Capricorn- Getting a good grade on a test I didn’t studied for

Aquarius- Going on midnight adventures with my friends (especially in summer)

Pisces- Sleeping in a freshly made bed after being freshly showered

Part 1- Things I hate

Fusion Free For All

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a Sardonyx and Smoky fic for a while now, glad I actually powered through and got it done! Spoilers for summer of Steven, like, beta/earthlings

Summary: An attempt at a very one sided tickle attack turns into an all out war among the gems.


Pearl picked up a few cups and put them into their place in the cupboard as she tidied up the kitchen. “What do you think you’re doing, Amethyst?” She scolded without even turning around as Amethyst came slinking up behind her.

“Aww, P, you’re no fun.” Amethyst stopped, sticking out her tongue.

Steven slid in the screen door, an obvious smirk on his face as he failed to look casual. Amethyst winked at him, starting to slowly move forward again.

“What are you two up to?” Pearl spun around, noticing the pair tiptoeing closer.

“Nothin’.” They replied in unison, winking again at each other.

Pearl slowly backed away. “I don’t like that look on your faces..”

Amethyst whooped as she lunged forward, startling Pearl who backpedaled with a shriek only to be knocked over by a flying purple blob.

Steven laughed, running towards the pair.

Pearl tried to scramble away but Amethyst pulled her whip out of her gem and wrapped it around Pearl with ease. Several loops coiled around her chest, clamping her arms uselessly to her sides. She was stuck.

“Steven, watch this. She’s gonna tooootally freak.” Amethyst snickered.

“Let me out of here right n-AHH Amethyst!” Pearl squealed when a hand squeezed her side. “Don’t you dare!”

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I am tired and sore from yesterday’s work out. But I feel good knowing I’m doing the right thing for my health. And as much as I want to do some HIIT, I’m going to take a Rest Day today. 

I’m doing really well with my intake. I know once I get a grip on my eating habits, I will lean out quickly. For the past few days I’ve been eating pretty healthy aside from the cheesecake over the last 2 days from Aaron’s Bday. I can tell though that cleaning up my diet has helped already!

80/20 :)

For the rest of the day I will tidy up the apartment, foam roll my lower half, do some yoga and then head out for date night with Aaron, his sister and her husband.

Hope everyone has a good Friday <3


Aubrey: See how beautiful it is?  We’ve got a view of the water on two sides, and there’s a lovely fishing spot.  I saw a boat on the canal this morning, and I can watch people down by the creek while I cook out here.

I’m glad you like the view.  You’re grilling something for breakfast?

Aubrey: It’s gumbo.  There’s not as much mess to clean up if I cook it out here, and I haven’t got time to do a lot of tidying up just now because I’m going out today.   I’m making this so Zach won’t have to cook lunch for himself.  We don’t want any fires in our new house.

12 Reasons Why #KonMari Method Works Like Magic (And I Investigated)

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Just when you think your spring cleaning was done and over, there is a lady who make you rethink and maybe redo your whole tidying-up process one more time. Her name is Marie Kondo, aka KonMari. She is a tiny Japanese thirty-something who is a #1 New York Times best seller, sold 2 million copies worldwide of her book, the life-changing magic of tidying up. Her book, as it claims, is so magical that transform millions people’s houses and way beyond. If you are the one thinking storage problem-solvers that all the magazines’ telling you to do had never worked for your home, then it’s time to take KonMari method. Be prepare though, KonMari won’t tell you what you want to hear, like “just tidy up whenever you can”, because it is time to take tidying up to the whole new level. Here are 12 bullet points that make you want to storm through her book and tidy up your house this weekend.

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Remember when we were supposed to believe that Eleanor lived in Louis’s public house? I’m cackling at the mere thought of a girl like Eleanor living in  a house like that. Try it. It’s hilarious.

Picture her having breakfast near the spider-man statue. Maybe dusting off the Mario Kart arcade. Perhaps sunbathing near the humongous statue of the Hulk. Tidying up the spray-painted bedroom? Shooting some goals in the professional looking goalposts in the garden? No?