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So, someone asked for 75. 

“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

In case you can’t tell from my last few drabbles, I’m feeling the pregstrid right now.

Set after HTTYD 2

“You fainted, straight into my arms.” Hiccup smirked. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Astrid pushed her bangs out of her face. The dizziness that had sent her sprawling still lingered, but at least the world was no longer spinning quite so fast. “I didn’t faint.” She grumbled.

She opened her eyes and was greeted by Stormfly’s worried face. The dragon’s head tilted in question.

“I’m okay girl,” Astrid murmured and reached up to scratch the Nadder’s neck.

Hiccup kneeled down beside Astrid “You did. You totally did.” The grin faded as he gazed at Astrid in concern. “Are you okay?”

Astrid sat up slowly. “I’m fine. And, first of all, I didn’t faint. I passed out.”

“Sure.” Hiccup offered a hand to pull Astrid to her feet. She gripped his arms as another wave of dizziness swept over her.

“Second of all, your noodle arms dropped me!”

“My noodle-? I did not drop you. Besides, I wasn’t exactly given much warning before you went down. Maybe if you’d told me you weren’t feeling well-“ Hiccup held Astrid steady as she swayed. “Look, it doesn’t matter now.”

“Ugh, I don’t feel well.” Astrid’s hand went to her queasy stomach. Stormfly was hopping around the two riders, keeping closer.

“Maybe we should head back to Berk.” Hiccup lead Astrid over to Toothless.

The two Viking’s had taken advantage of an unusually quiet morning and made their escape to the cove where Hiccup had first met Toothless. It was their go-to date spot when they wanted to be undisturbed without venturing too far for the village.

“It’s not a long flight back but you should ride with Toothless and I, just in case you feel dizzy again.” Toothless crouched so that Hiccup could help Astrid up on to the saddle.

The Deadly Nadder was watching them carefully. “I’m fine Stormfly,” Astrid tried to reassure her, though she clutched the handles on Toothless’s saddle with white knuckled.

Hiccup climbed up behind Astrid, wrapping his arms around her.

“Stormfly seems really concerned.” He mumbled into her ear. “You’ve been sick before, but I’ve never seen her quite like this. She was acting weird yesterday too. Maybe we should get you checked out.”

“Maybe you and Stormfly should relax.” Astrid had her eyes closed. Her head was tipped back against Hiccup’s chest as Toothless launched himself into the air. The motion made her stomach flip unpleasantly. “We had dinner with your mom last night, it was probably just something I ate.”

“Mom cooks just as well as you do.”

Astrid cracked an eye open to give her husband an amused looked. “We both know my cooking is bad.”

“Only when you experiment.” Hiccup brushed a hand against Astrid’s forehead. She didn’t feel warm. “And we ate the same food last night. If that was the issue, I’d be sick too.”

They were already gliding into Berk, but the short trip had turned Astrid green. As soon as Toothless touched down, she was slipping from the saddle and bending to retch onto the grass.

Hiccup jumped down to stand behind her, rubbing soothing circles on her back and holding her braid out of the way. Stormfly hovered nearby chirping anxiously.

“That’s it,” he told her when she straightened. “I’m taking you to see Gothi.”

“I don’t want to go see Gothi,” Astrid complained. “I just want to go home.”

“Fine,” Hiccup conceded, “but if you’re still sick like this tomorrow, I’m taking you to see a healer.” He led her up to their house.

Valka was inside, tidying up.

“Mom? I didn’t expect you to be here.” Hiccup left the front door open so that Toothless could follow them in. Stormfly was too wide to fit so she sat with her head poking through the doorway.

“I thought you two would be off on your little date.” Valka walked over to the couple.

“We came back early; Astrid wasn’t feeling well.” Hiccup left Astrid with his mother so he could fetch her a clean shirt.

Valka tutted in sympathy. “Oh no, Astrid dear, sit down.

“Actually, I’m feeling much better,” Astrid admitted. She took a seat by the fire. “I was feeling a bit queasy before, but that’s completely gone now.”

“Really?” Valka took a seat beside her daughter in law.

“Yeah,” Astrid shrugged. “Don’t tell Hiccup, but I was feeling a bit unwell yesterday too, but it passed pretty quickly.”

Valka looked thoughtful. She chose her next words carefully.

“Have you considered dear, that you might be pregnant?”

All the colour drained from Astrid’s face.

“What? That’s not possible, it’s been-“ She counted up on her fingers, trailing off as she added the numbers up.

Hiccup reappeared and handed Astrid her shirt. She took it with numb fingers and balled the fabric up in her fists.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He knelt down in front of her.

“I-I think I’m pregnant.”

Hiccup knelt in stunned silence for a moment.

“Are you sure?”

“No, not completely…but… what if I am?” Astrid could feel her eyes stinging. She swiped at her eyes.

“If you were pregnant?” Hiccup took Astrid’s hands. “That would be amazing!” He leaned forward to kiss her.

Laughing, Astrid pulled away. “We don’t even know for sure! What if it is just food poisoning?”

“Whether it’s a baby or if it’s just mom’s bad cooking-“ Hiccup stood, pulling Astrid to her feet with him. “We’ll face it together.” He stepped up closer to Astrid. She tipped her face up to meet him.

Valka took the opportunity to quietly let herself out.

Everything is Blue


tw; suicide, death, abuse

summary; mortal!au // in which Percy is abused by Gabe, Sally dies and there’s a little sister called Blue a.k.a; how many times can shamina use the word ‘blue’

a/n; for pjoweek 2k17 // kind of a song fic? loosely based off ‘colours’ by Halsey

prompt one - blue

everything is blue.

● Percy grinned a he shoved another handful of blue coloured jellybeans into his mouth.

● He and his mom were watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ for approximately the 17th time. They were badly singing along to the songs and having a good time, both secretly watching the clock, minutes ticking until Gabe came back to the apartment.

● They didn’t call it home, because it wasn’t, home didn’t have to be where you lived, it was where you felt the safest, and for Percy that was in Montauk in their little beach house that Gabe didn’t know about, but they hadn’t been there in a while due to Gabe.

● They usually watched animated movies, from Disney to Studio Ghibli, while Gabe was out playing poker with his friends and loosing the rent for that month.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

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Overheard - Simon imagine

Overheard - Simon imagine

Simon and I had just got off of the plane back in America. We were home visiting my family for a week, since we visited his last week.

The drive was quite long since I lived so far away from an airport, but it was manageable with Simon there.

After an excruciatingly long ride, we finally made it back to my home.

I let us in using my key. This was the first time I’d properly been home in over two years.

I was finishing uni in London so I couldn’t take too much time off to come home so it was nice to be back.

My dogs came running and so did my cat, Simon was ecstatic when he saw my big dog. “I love this dog.” He was petting and kissing the dog.

“His name is Fluffy.” I said laughing a bit.

He gave me a “are you kidding me?” Face and I laughed again.

“Y/n? Is that you?” I heard called out.

“Mom?” I called back.

She came down the stairs and we met for a long hug.

Simon stood up from sitting and playing with the dogs and came to meet my mom.

“Hey, I’m Simon, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He said and went to shake her hand.

She pulled him in for a hug.

“You’ve been dating my daughter for a year and a half, you’re practically family. Call me y/m/n” she smiled warmly.

“Simon and I are going to take our things up and be down in a second, when will dad be home?” I asked her.

“Darling you’ve developed an accent, and I think he’ll be home in about half an hour or so.”

I nodded showing I understood and led Simon to my room.

It was exactly how I left it, only it was clean and tidy. I’d assumed mom had came in and kept it up so it wasn’t dusty and smelly.

“You were such a typical girl.” Simon was looking around at all of my things, posters, pictures of me and my friends. He stopped when he got to my trophy case.

“You played football?” He asked shocked.

“I did, although I believe I still called it soccer then.” I began to unpack some of my clothes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more than I do at this second. You, in your natural state, hardly wearing any makeup, sweats, my sweatshirt. You just look so gorgeous.” He wrapped his arms around me tightly, lifting me up and hugging me tightly.

“I love you too Simon.” My arms and legs were wrapped around him.

“Let’s head down to wait for your dad yeah?” He sat me down.

I took his hand and we made it downstairs. My dad had just came in the door.

“Dad!” I called out running to hug him.

“Y/n, it’s been ages. How are you sweetheart. Any love interests?” He asked.

I looked behind me at Simon, and my dad looked up to see him.

“Of course, how are you?” He formally shook Simon’s hand.

“I’m good, Mr. Y/l/n, I’m Simon by the way.” He introduced himself.

“Please, call me David. It’s nice to meet you Simon.”

We all got ready for supper, mom was in the kitchen getting things set up for dinner.

She called me to help her and I left Simon and dad alone to converse.

I helped set the table and pour water for everyone.

“I really like Simon, he seems like a good match for you.” Mom said finishing off cooking dinner.

“So do I, he’s the first boy I’ve ever truly loved.” I said.

“Good, I hope you two are very happy together. Now, call them in for dinner.”

I began to walk into the living room when I heard Simon talking and stopped.

“I’d like to ask for your daughters hand in marriage.” Simon said.

I put my hand over my mouth to muffle my breath.

He wants to propose?

“Well son, you have my blessing. I think you’d make a fine husband for my daughter.” I could practically hear Simon’s smile break out.

“Thank you sir, you won’t regret this.” I decided now was a good time to walk in.

“Hey guys, it’s time for dinner.” I said nonchalantly.

“Alright.” They both replied.

We sat together eating, and conversing. Mainly talking about what Simon and I were doing work wise.

I’m a freelance makeup artist, and of course, Simon has YouTube.

After we finished eating, Simon stood up, grabbing my hand and pulling me with him.

“Y/n, I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. You’re always supporting me and you’ve never once made me doubt my love for you. I seem to only be falling more and more in love with you. I’ve already asked your father and mother and I have each of their blessing. What I’m asking is,” he got down on one knee and pulled a black velvet ring box from his pocket.

He opened it up to reveal a beautiful ring inside.

“Will you marry me?” He asked with the biggest smile on his face.

Tears of joy started to roll down my cheeks.

“Yes” I said and he slipped the ring onto my finger.

He kissed me and my parents were cheering.

“How long have you been planning this?” I asked him.

“Months. I told my parents while we were there, and I just asked your mom and dad today.” He said.

“Truthfully, I overheard you and dad.” I said laughing a bit.

“You little sneak.” He said smirking at me.

Mom was crying a bit and I went to hug her.

“I got the whole thing on camera as well.” Simon went to across from where we were standing and pulled his hidden camera out.

“Now who’s the sneak?” I sassed him.

Mom and dad laughed while Simon just smiled and shook his head.

God do I love this boy.

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The Signs as Moms.
  • Aries : The childish mom, enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toys more than their children.
  • Taurus : The cool mom, cooks like a pro and always makes sure you're okay. You couldn't wish for a better mom.
  • Gemini : The super intelligent mom, she always helps you with your school homework and does your projects and essays for you
  • Cancer : The worrying mom, she always worries about you and just wants to give you all the love she has.
  • Leo : The hot mom, she's the mom that all your friends have a crush on. She looks even better than girls your age.
  • Virgo : The tidy mom, she always freaks out about every little bit of chaos you have in your room and makes you clean it all.
  • Libra : The perfect mom, she is everything you could wish for and you and her get along perfectly because she's an angel.
  • Scorpio : The "best friends" mom, she acts like your best friends which can be cool but annoying at the same time.
  • Sagittarius : The adventurous mom, she always takes you to theme parks and goes to festivals - she enjoys having fun.
  • Capricorn : The strict mom, she is very wise and gives you great advice but is also very strict.
  • Aquarius : The weird mom, she might be a little bit weird but she is still the coolest mom in your clique.
  • Pisces : The super mom, she just enjoys being a mom so much. Suprise parties for your birthday, cooking - she does all of these things just for you because she loves you with all of her heart.
Goodbye Forever, Bro-Bro

Drift, 1/?

Basically the TAU mods are evil and came up with another AU-AU, the Drift AU. And then a sadder variant of the AU. Which I decided to write.

Read on Fanfiction.Net here.

Description: The day Dipper defeats Bill Cipher and saves the world is the day he dies, or so everyone thinks. Years later, his sister Mabel suspects she’s being haunted by her brother’s ghost. She’s only partially right. Will the two ever reconnect, or will Dipper forever be dead to Mabel? 


She’d done the research, on the internet and in the school library’s tiny section on the supernatural. All that she’d seen agreed with her initial suspicions. The straightened room, her hair moving even when there was no breeze, the faint scent of pine in her room—it all pointed towards a haunting.

And there was only one person she could think of that would be haunting her.

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You guys remember Milly?

You remember how I mentioned in the summery of her tidy that mom wanted her shaved but dad didn’t?

She came in today and mom was like, “I can do a haircut on her today because my husband is out of town.” SHE JUMPED AT THE CHANCE TO SHAVE THE DOG WHILE HER HUSBAND WAS GONE, IT MAKES ME LAUGH. 
She mentioned that she was talking with him the previous night and she had told him that she was gonna take Milly in to get a haircut and he was like, “BABE NO BABE DON’T SHAVE HER!” But they came to a compramise. Don’t shave her too short and leave a lot of hair in her face. 

Mom wanted her to be able to see so she said “do what you can please.” I settled on this. 

A comb all over, E comb on head, trim her mouth a little bit more shorter than the E comb would go, and leave a “faux hawk” or a lazy fall on her head! Mom said around her eyes were trimmed up enough to make her happy, but the little faux hawk will make dad happy. 

  • Mom: Tidy your room!
  • Mom: Who's Samandriel??
  • Me: He's an angel of The Lord who was tortured by the king of hell and then was killed by Cas! Well, it wasn't really Cas cos he was under the control of another angel called Naomi.
  • Mom: Who's Cas??
  • Me: He's also an Angel who rebelled against heaven and fell.
  • Mom: Are you high?

anonymous asked:

I'm going to add to your backlog, i'm sorry. Prompt: Younger Eremika - Mikasa talks to Carla about the boy she is 'secretly' in love with.

I am so SO excited to do this prompt oh my god. I’m bumping it up to a modern setting, just because it’s easier to write, I hope that’s okay! (Assume Mikasa was adopted and Eren doesn’t really understand where she’s come from, she’s just there and he’s like okay good yes)

Being nine is hard

There’s a tonne of stuff you gotta do in the day; get out of bed (hard), get dressed (hard), brush your teeth and make your bed and tidy your room (so hard), and that’s all before breakfast. 

Then you gotta eat, which is pretty great, but you’re nine and that means you’re old, and you gotta start helping out around the house. So you gotta wash the dishes (hard) and clean the table, and follow your mom around for a while to make sure she’s doin’ things okay on her own. That’s the most important part of the day. 

And now, we have Mikasa, and I gotta do all that and make sure she’s okay, too. Dad say’s it’s important to look after your women, and now I’ve got two to keep my eye on.


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